Friday, March 12, 2010

Holocaust Cartel Extorts Another $77 Million From Germany, But Most Of It Is For Survivors Who Escaped Germany Without Being Incarcerated

The Holocaust Cartel has succeeded in persuading Germany to pony up yet another batch of "reparations" for Holocaust survivors. According to Haaretz, Germany will pay $77 million in subsidies this year to aid needy Holocaust survivors worldwide. The decision is the end result of annual negotiations held in Berlin between the German government and the Claims Conference. According to the terms of the deal, half of the money will be sent to survivors living in Israel who are in need of home nursing, medicine and food. Discussion thread also opened up on Stormfront.

But here's the rub. The bulk of the funds are actually earmarked for those who successfully fled to the Soviet Union to escape Nazi persecution. These individuals, for the most part, never were incarcerated in the German concentration camp system, which is why they were not previously recognized as Holocaust survivors by the German government. Only Holocaust survivors directly under German rule during World War II were officially classified as victims in the past.

By the way, this latest $77 million payment will be IN ADDITION TO 400 million euros allocated annually by Germany to Holocaust survivors worldwide through various aid programs.

Claims Conference Chairman Reuven Merhav says that this is the last chapter in negotiations in which they are engaging with Germany over compensation to the victims of the Nazis and to Holocaust survivors. But the record clearly shows that there will be other chapters added in the future. This will never end. Don't forget, a group representing the children of Holocaust survivors filed a class action suit against Germany in 2007, demanding that Germany pay for their psychiatric care. The plaintiffs claim they suffer "second-generation Holocaust trauma"; they live with an irrational fear of starvation and incapacitating bouts of depression. In addition, the pro-life children of Holocaust survivors were intending to sue German government separately on behalf of aborted fetuses that would have suffered third-generation Holocaust trauma.

Undoubtedly, there will eventually be fourth and fifth-generation Holocaust trauma as well. Just how much longer will honest German patriots put up with being sucked dry by these parasites? Germans who are really tired of this "dreck" need to consider joining the NPD.

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