Monday, March 08, 2010

Frazier Glenn Miller's U.S. Senate Campaign Gets Mainstream Media Publicity In Southwest Missouri; KOLR Channel 10 Interviews Him

Note: All posts on Glenn Miller's 2010 U.S. Senate campaign available HERE, with the most recent post displayed first.

Even though longtime White civil rights activist Frazier Glenn Miller is running a write-in campaign for Missouri's U.S. Senate seat rather than competing under the auspices of one of the official recognized parties, it is of no less interest to the general public, particularly in the southwest portion of the state where he lives. Now that his campaign commercials are airing in the Springfield area, the mainstream media has begun sniffing around.

And KOLR Channel 10 decided to conduct an interview with Miller. The interview aired on March 8th, 2010; the video is embedded below via Podblanc:

Of course, KOLR went out of their way to find two marks who would most likely speak out against Miller's candidacy; a white female and a female "person of color" (an anti-white racist term). Kendra Caudill, the white female, said "It frightens me and horrifies me that that still goes on", while Theresa Armstrong said "As a person of color, I don't see how that kind of mess has any place in our political discourse in this country".

Glenn Miller posts frequent updates about his campaign on this Vanguard News Network Forum thread. Miller has made five different campaign ads; they are being broadcast for seven days on three different radio stations (4 thru 10 March) for a total of 20 spots. The 20 spots cost him $226.00, leaving only $74.00 in his campaign fund. So if you want to help him renew his message at the end of the period, and expand it to the rest of Missouri, send check, cash, or money order to:

Glenn Miller for US Senate
PO Box 3861,
Springfield, MO 65808

Tel: 417-463-7703

Campaign website:

The audios for all five ads are embedded below. Note that Glenn Miller uses a more direct and explicit style of discourse than more contemporary White activists such as Dr. David Duke or John Ubele. It's the style he's used for over 30 years, he's comfortable with it, and it's worked for him. As of March 31st, all 8 of Miller's radio spots are now embedded below:

Spot 1:

Spot 2:

Spot 3:

Spot 4:

Spot 5:

Spot 6:

Spot 7:

Spot 8:


Anonymous said...

I'm laughing at what Bowles had to say about this in his Blog; but he is right!

Anchorage Activist said...

I also saw what J.T. Bowles said about it. But Bowles prefers to run full-dress campaigns and actually attempt to win elections. Nothing wrong with that - except openly pro-White candidates cannot win. So he would be spending much more money than Miller and Roper, but with no chance of success.

In contrast, both Miller and Roper semi-admit in advance that they cannot win, but are using their campaigns primarily to spread their messages. Also no chance of being elected, but it does not require as much money.