Friday, March 19, 2010

Explosion At Golden Dawn Headquarters In Athens, Greece; Some Property Damage But No One Hurt, Communists Suspected But Golden Dawn Not Intimidated

A strong explosion occurred at 8:46 A.M. Greek time on March 19th, 2010 at the offices of the Chryssi Avghi, or Golden Dawn, located on Socrates Street 48 in downtown Athens. This followed a telephone call to the Eleftherotypia newspaper at 8:25, in which an unidentified caller warned that a bomb would explode in 25 minutes. Media stories from the Google English translation of Eleftherotypia; other brief reports from CNN International, the Athens News Agency, and Yahoo News.

Greek-language report from Eleftherotypia HERE.

The explosive device was reportedly inside a shoe box which was placed in a black garbage bag. It exploded in the communal area of the fifth floor where the offices of the Golden Dawn are located. Although there was considerable damage from the blast and a fire which briefly flared afterwards, there were no injuries reported because the lead time was sufficient for evacuations. Some windows in nearby buildings were also broken.

The perpetrators are unknown at this time, but a previous bomb which exploded at the Athens Stock Exchange in September 2009 was thought to be the work of a Greek Communist extremist group called "Revolutionary Struggle". This same group took credit for two bombs aimed at the American Citibank group earlier in 2009. In all cases, a warning was telephoned in advance to a local newspaper. There has been a series of gas canister and bomb attacks by leftist and anarchist groups in Greece since the fatal police shooting of a teenager sparked the country's worst riots in decades in December 2008.

On the Golden Dawn's own blog (Google English HERE), they said their offices will be open as usual by 7 P.M. Greek time on Saturday March 20th. They also posted the following statement (rendered into imperfect English):

It is well known that the Golden Dawn was the target gangs in the left para-terrorism. They could never bend Greek Nationalists and certainly will not get there either now. The State through the Minister PRO.PO. had taken care of that by expressing his hatred for our movement. All the latest actions of the government towards the fighters of nationalism, one reported a war declared themselves to cause the rise of CHRYSIS AYGIS both political and social level ... Especially the time of the vote the draft law on citizenship of immigrants, we Unnecessary adductor bans mergers until the present investigation prosecutor in the same offices that were target of Marxist RED terrorism.

This is the Greece of 2010, but we do not intend to abandon our political struggle, nor the state terrorism of the arrests or the cowardly terrorist action "antiexousiaston. Faith is stronger and from the fire.

Golden Dawn also has its own Internet radio HERE.

Communists have previously targeted Golden Dawn; on May 9th, 2009, approximately 300 members of Golden Dawn were attacked by 150 Reds during a rally in front of a disused Athens courthouse which is currently used as a flophouse by an estimated 500 illegal immigrant squatters, mostly from Morocco. Read more background about Golden Dawn from Wikipedia HERE

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Balder said...

The commies are getting more and more violent all over Europe these days. Lately there have been issued warnings about the rising level of left wing extremism by the German police, the Dutch homeland security,(AIVD) and the Danish intelligence agency PET. Links to the other police warnings in this article:

The Danish Intelligence Agency (PET) has struck against extreme left wing groups in several locations in the country. A number of people were arrested and there were conducted a series of house searches. One alleged left wing extremist was remanded for 24 days, and charged with amongst other things, support of terrorism. According to the charges, the individual in question is a leading figure in the red fascist Antifa / AFA organization. The criminal activities are supposed to have taken place since 2008. AFA spokesman Anders Lind denies that the organization is involved in the case, but knowing a little bit about [...]"

More: Balder Blog March 1, 2010 - Denmark: AFA-Antifa extremists arrested charged with violence and support of terrorism