Monday, March 15, 2010

Did You Know That Pro-White Lawyer Edgar Steele Nearly Died Of A Ruptured Aorta On November 21st, 2009?

I sure as hell didn't know this. I found out about it by accident - I was re-verifying the links of my sidebar, clicked on to NickelRant, and found this post entitled "About Those Rumors". Note that this account does NOT appear on his other website, ConspiracyPenPal, which is otherwise identical in every respect.

There are two other reasons why I missed this. First, Steele had decided to take a brief sabbatical from publishing, so I got out of the habit of checking his websites. But second, unlike Hal Turner, who used to beg for money and sympathy every time he so much as got the sniffles, Edgar Steele did NOT beg for money or sympathy. He handled his situation like a real man. Here's the most informative part of Steele's post, which he didn't even publish until January 15th, 2010:

On November 21 I was sitting in my study, reading, when I felt a little "pop" in my chest. I sat there for 15 minutes, fearing that I would pass out if I dared try to stand. Finally, I staggered to my feet, got help and rushed to the local hospital emergency room, where I was quickly diagnosed with a condition serious enough to justify being "choppered" to the nearest cardiac specialty hospital unit. In fact, they told me that I very likely would not live long enough to get there. Fortunately, there just happened to be a helicopter parked on the roof at that very time.

The surgeon's team met me in the elevator at the receiving facility and began work then and there, so far gone was I. My blood pressure had gone to zero - technically, I was dead. Nip and tuck, as they say, but somehow they managed to snatch me back. "Seconds," the surgeon later told me, was all that then separated me from eternity. I spent several hours on a heart-lung machine that day, then 9 days unconscious and on a respirator, then another two weeks in the ICU, barely able to move. It has been a long, slow, painful journey back.

Turns out that the 15 minutes I spent sitting at my desk when this first occurred likely saved my life. My surgeon remarked upon the extensive clotting at the point of rupture that served to direct the blood for a time, clotting that would not have occurred had I been moving around immediately.

I didn't have a heart attack, but what is called an "ascending aortic aneurism." The main artery, the aorta, blew out just where it exited my heart, kind of like a garden hose suddenly failing right at the faucet. The surgeon replaced a large section, together with the main heart valve, and has pronounced me "good as new." The odds of my survival were very, very slim - on the order of 3 or 4 per cent. No explanation as to why this happened. Some things just happen.

The key to his survival was the fact that Steele remained absolutely still for 15 minutes after he felt the "pop" in his chest. This allowed a temporary clot to form, reducing blood loss. Now imagine if Steele had been accepted by the Constitution Party, had launched his run for Governor of Idaho, and this had happened while he was giving a campaign speech. We would have lost him. The Constitution Party might have thought they disposed of Steele when they rejected him, but it turned out Steele had the last laugh.

Edgar Steele's most famous column, "It Wasn't Arabs", was published on November 18th, 2003. Steele has posted nothing on NickelRant since January 15th. Presumably, he's continuing his recovery. Those who would like to send him good wishes can do so at the following address:

Edgar Steele
PO Box 1255
Sagle, ID 83860


mary sullivan said...

steele has a poor track record of losing cases and being a limp noodle.

he is very fearful of the Jew and
really has no effect on people,because he is so weak.

most people never cared that he evaporated

Anonymous said...

He sent it out via his e-mail list mid January too, but yeah it was a scary read(not just because it would have been a great loss, but as a reminder of our own mortality, like he said some things just happen)

Anonymous said...

After he purposely told the jury to find his client, Richard Butler, "guilty" (which they did) and Butler was forced into bankruptcy, Steele left Butler sitting in the bankruptcy court, all alone, with no lawyer. Steele didn't even appeal Butler's case, which Steele lost.

Mary Sullivan has it on-target. Poor record. No back-bone.

After Butler died, Steele tried to claim that he was somehow Butler's reincarnation. Weird. Too weird. I don't think any of us would really want to be Steele's reincarnation.

jimbo! said...

"Hawthorn berry extract" is, apparently, very good for cardiac-related problems...also: !Google "Rife machine"!