Friday, March 12, 2010

Courageous Chicago Homeowner Michael Corrigan Puts Up Sign Warning Prospective Black Buyers Not To Buy The Home Next Door

A courageous White man in Chicagoland is open about his contempt for forced diversity and determined to prevent his neighborhood from becoming a ghetto. He's put up a sign on the outside of his own home warning prospective Black buyers not to buy the home next door. Media stories published by the Chicago Sun-Times and WFLD Channel 32 on March 9th and again on March 10th.

Note: The pro-White media has since jumped on this story, to include The Political Cesspool, Nation Of Cowards, Newsnet14, and Stormfront.

Michael Corrigan, who lives in the 9900 block of South Fairfield in Chicago's South Side Beverly neighborhood, has had problems with Black people in the past, claiming he had been robbed a couple of times. So when the home next door became vacant, he put a sign on his own home stating "Say no to the ghetto. White Power. Mt. Greenwood, the next Englewood”. In addition, he hung up a white noose. WFLD news video embedded below:

When the media confronted Corrigan, he said it was just yard art. But he is not apologizing or backing down. Chicago police, who investigated after receiving a complaint, say there will be no charges, because the message is on Corrigan’s own property, and the words themselves, while offensive, are not a crime. An evidence technician did take photos of the message and the noose for the police report. Some neighbors called Corrigan crazy, and his racist message horrible, but others shrugged if off, and said it’s been there since last summer.

However, according to the WFLD follow-up story on March 10th, the white noose is gone, and the words have been covered up with blue tarp. This is because a bunch of "community organizers" (black activists) came over and started picketing on the street in front of Corrigan's home. In addition, the Chicago Commission on Human Relations is getting involved; their investigators went to Corrigan’s house Wednesday and are looking into whether his racist message may have intimidated Blacks from buying the home next door, in violation of civil fair housing laws.

But the Southtown Star was honest enough to report that the 62-year-old Corrgian was receiving some support from passers-by. Many of them honked their horns and stuck their thumbs up from their car windows. One neighbor even offered to pick up Corrigan something from the liquor store.

National Socialist organizers have been intermittently active in the area. The American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP) and its local successor, the Illinois National Socialist Front (INSF), have held some rallies and dinners in the area during the past two years. A pro-White candidate from the area, Art Jones, ran unsuccessfully for Illinois' Third Congressional District seat in 2008. All this activity may have served to stiffen the spines of some Whites in the area and given them renewed courage to take an active stand against forced diversity and multiculturalism.

The INSF tentatively plans to stage a White Pride World Wide March in Chicago on March 21st, but it's uncertain if this is still on since there've been no recent updates from the organizer on this Stormfront thread, and the INSF website is offline.


Anonymous said...

Good for him,
HE has every right to his opinion and to protect his neighborhood from what he sees as a verry real threat.

Anonymous said...

The Federal Pigs will probably cook up some charges - NSWPP should show support.

Anonymous said...

Phil Anderson is to busy kissing Jeff Schoep's ass to do anything. I guess since Bill White is in jail he can't kiss White's ass anymore. What a dumbass he is and his Nordwave buddies..