Thursday, March 18, 2010

Black Transient Male Arrested For Assault And A Hate Crime After Grabbing White Woman's Buttocks In Seattle

Well, what do you know? A black person who commits a racially-oriented crime against a White person can actually be charged with a hate crime somewhere in America -- at least in Seattle. On March 17th, 2010, the Seattle Times Blotter reports that an unidentified 52-year-old black transient male has been charged with assault after he allegedly groped a woman and uttered racial epithets. The latter has also triggered a hate crime investigation.

On March 9th, the suspect was loitering in the doorway of a woman's apartment in the 500 block of Maynard Avenue South when the woman walked by him. The man allegedly grabbed her buttocks and called her a "big-butted white girl" (many black men like their women with a lot of "junk in the trunk"). The 53-year-old woman felt violated and was frightened by the man's behavior and words, so she told her boyfriend.

She and her boyfriend went back downstairs to confront the man. This time, the man reached toward the woman with both hands and called her a racial epithet. The boyfriend then pushed the suspect to the ground and held him down for several minutes until police arrived. The arresting officer said the suspect smelled strongly of alcohol and tried to fight him when arrested, directing racial epithets towards the cops. As the officer escorted the suspect to the police cruiser to the precinct, his pants fell down (shee-yit, mofo, he be a real O.G., numsayin'?).

According to the Seattle Police Department, the combination of racial slurs and alleged assault qualifies the case as a "bias crime" or malicious harassment, the state's version of a hate crime.

Hat tip to the woman's boyfriend for having the guts to wade in and mix it up with the kaffir. This is one kaffir who might think twice before taking liberties with a White person in the future.

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