Saturday, March 20, 2010

Battalion 14 Organizes White Pride World Wide Day March In Jackson, Michigan To Commemorate U.N. Anti-Discrimination Day On March 21st

A pro-White group called Battalion 14 has taken the lead in organizing a march in Jackson, Michigan to commemorate and celebrate White Pride World Wide Day on Sunday March 21st, 2010. Primary media stories from and WLNS Channel 6 (with video). Newsnet14 embedded the news video, but provided no story behind it, so I decided to fill the gap.

The Jackson Police Department got word of the march and contacted an organizer. In an e-mail response, the unidentified organizer confirmed that the march will take place between 1 and 2 P.M. Participants will form up at Loomis Park, between E. Michigan Avenue and E. Ganson Street and east of Gilbert Street, march downtown, then return to the park. They'll be carrying a Confederate flag as well as a black flag with a Celtic cross and the words, "White Pride World Wide." Some may also be armed as a symbolic token of support for the state's open carry law. About 30 to 40 people are expected to show up, although police are planning on as many as 50. A YouTube version of the WLNS news video is embedded below; after a short intro by North East White Pride, the news report begins:

Battalion 14 Michigan is one of at least three Battalion 14 crews nationwide, the others located in Connecticut and Tennessee. Watch this educational video which discusses their activities and values:

Note that they promote what are called the Nine Noble Virtues: Courage, Truth, Honor, Fidelity, Discipline, Hospitality, Self-Reliance, Industriousness, and Perseverance. Directed towards our younger cadre, who, in their 20s are at the peak of their emotions, this persuades them to re-direct those emotions towards more constructive and law-abiding objectives. It is ludicrous to expect our younger cadre to behave like nuns; drinking beer socially is not a crime. Instead, we want to motivate our younger cadre to handle those emotions properly.

White Pride World Wide Day piggybacks on the commemoration of the United Nations-sponsored International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. This actually makes sense, because the last form of acceptable racial discrimination in the United States is against Whites. One of the primary mechanisms of discrimination against Whites is through affirmative action; Dr. David Duke offers a complete explanation in this video. More extensive discussion of White Pride World Wide Day available on this Stormfront thread.

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