Saturday, March 20, 2010

Aryan Nations Athol Faction Distributes 3,000 Pro-White "Racist" Flyers In Southern Idaho

On March 19th, 2010, the Idaho Statesman reports that the Aryan Nations Athol Faction has distributed an estimated 3,000 "white supremacist" flyers in southern Idaho as part of an awareness campaign that started March 6th. In a phone interview with the Idaho Falls Post-Register, Aryan Nations Director Paul Mullet said "It's our constitutional right to distribute literature, and we will continue to do it...There will be a lot more." Meanwhile, Idaho Falls Police Department Sgt. Phil Grimes says the flyer Holm received likely didn't violate any laws.

Unfortunately, the Post-Register requires a subscription to access their story.

The media found their designated mark to trot out for the customary ritual denunciation of the flyers. Barbara Holm, a lifelong resident of Idaho Falls, received one of the flyers that said "join the fight to keep America white." It was stuffed with two peppermint candies. Holm said it was first time she had encountered white supremacist material in her hometown, that she was flabbergasted, and was relieved she wasn't specifically targeted with the fliers. "I'm also horrified that they can do this," Holm said. "I think it's a sad day for America." You can visit the Aryan Nations flyer library HERE.

The Aryan Nations Athol Faction continues to be the most active of the three factions, the others being one led by Pastor Jerald O. Brien based in Coeur d'Alene, ID, and another led by August Kreis based in Lexington, SC.


Anonymous said...

Jerrald Obrien and his two members do little in the way of activism other than his regular exercise routine of 12 OZ curls. Most of the membership of August Kreis group have resigned to join Paul Mullet's faction of the Aryan Nations.

Anonymous said...

Paul Mullet's faction are a bunch of jokes and Christmas Nutcrackers. They run around calling themslves Lt. General, or Col, or Major, Mullet gives people titles then charges them monthly "dues". His group is a cult, give me money and I will give you a worthless title.

He is so much of a joke that he is being run out of Idaho and looking to get a new compound in Oregon or Washington. The problem with the so called "Movement" is that it is lead by self serving bottom feeders like Mullet and feeds on people's emotions and ignorance and its membership is famous for cuss words and urinating in public. No decent white people will go near these gang like creatures. I have lived in Idaho all my life, I have no idea where this guy came from.

A true Nationalist Movement is broad based, educated, knows how to run both a Organization and knows how to operate government so when it achieves power, chaos does not set in. A true Movement is not a club for felons, rejects, and white trash, who don't walk the walk and just sit around bitching about their lives and their bad choices.

When it comes to the current White Movement, when all is said and done, more is said than done.

Mullet needs to check spelling, grammer and verb usage on his fliers and materials. He makes true White Nationalists look like fools, we are not all blithering idiots like him and his Toy Story troopers.