Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Aryan Nations Athol Faction Distributes Pro-White Racial Flyers In San Bernardino, But Mistakenly Hit A Majority Non-White Neighborhood

On March 9th, 2010, the San Bernadino Sun reports that pro-White flyers originating from the Aryan Nations Athol Faction were distributed in San Bernardino, California sometime during the early morning hours of March 6th. Unfortunately, one of the targeted neighborhoods on the Westside turned out to be majority non-White.

I use the term "Aryan Nations Athol Faction" to distinguish this group from two other Aryan Nations factions, one led by Pastor Jerald O. Brien based in Coeur d'Alene, ID, and another led by August Kreis based in Lexington, SC. The Athol Faction has been exceptionally active in promoting the pro-White message, conducting repeated flyer drops in northern Idaho and eastern Washington. They have 12 different units scattered throughout the United States.

The packets distributed in San Bernardino included two flyers packed into plastic bags, with small rocks to weigh them down. One flyer, emblazoned with the Aryan Nations logo, declared that White people will be a minority by 2042, and encouraged whoever found it to act now to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. Another flyer contained quotes from Abraham Lincoln in support of a claim that the Great Emancipator opposed racial integration. It is well-known that Abraham Lincoln envisioned the voluntary repatriation of former black slaves back to their African homelands as part of a slavery reparations package. Aryan Nations Athol has a complete flyer library HERE; you can view and download the flyers for your own distribution.

Unfortunately, there's one small fly in the ointment: One of the neighborhoods targeted is a majority non-White neighborhood. Resident Jerry Moya, who received one of the flyer packets, said the neighborhood is predominantly Latino and Black. It is generally not considered productive to distribute pro-White flyers in majority non-White neighborhoods; it's better to restrict targeting to majority White or multi-racial neighborhoods (where Whites are at least one-third of the population). There is a resource available on the Internet to prevent this type of miscue; the Zipskinny website. You find out the zip codes of the targeted neighborhood, enter them in, and the results will show the racial composition of the neighborhood. This map shows the predominant zip code on the Westside is 92410; Zipskinny shows this area to be 62 percent Latino and 15 percent Black. Oops!

Nevertheless, the enthusiasm of the distributors is to be commended, since it also aroused the ire of Brian Levin, the Jewish director of the Center for Hate and Extremism at Cal State San Bernardino. Levin was once the Associate Director of Legal Affairs of the Southern Poverty Law Center's Klanwatch/Militia Task Force. VDARE has an interesting article about Levin HERE, and Levin also "stars" in this Podblanc video.

Which of the three Aryan Nations factions is the true inheritor of Pastor Richard Butler's legacy may still be in dispute, but there is no dispute as to which one is the most active. Paul Mullet has lit a fire under his troops and has made the Athol faction the most active in delivering our message.


National Director Paul Mullet said...

This is National Director Paul Mullet of the Athol Based Aryan Nations. Thank you for posting this and for your kind comment about our being active. Activities is what the Aryan Nations needs and will have under this group.

Gobbles said...

Sometimes you distribute pro-white literature in a non-white neighborhood, not to gain followers but to generate media attention. Media reports should be the goal of any flyer campaign since nobody is ever recruited by simply finding a flyer.

Piss off the muds and you assure media coverage which will reach 1000 time more white people!!!

There is no such thing as bad publicity!