Saturday, February 27, 2010

YouTube Video: Occidental Dissent Captures "Massive" Anti-Racist Rally Staged In Washington, D.C. By R.E.A.L. Tool Jeffrey Imm

After helping to derail the American Renaissance Conference, Responsible for Equality and Liberty (R.E.A.L.) tool Jeffrey Imm bragged about his efforts, and promised to stage a massive anti-racist rally in Washington, D.C. to seal the deal.

Well, a couple of the white activists who hang around Occidental Dissent decided to show up at the proposed site of this "rally". They documented their findings in the video embedded below:

Yep, it was "massive", alright. A rally of one. The only thing massive about it was Imm's ego.

During the ensuing discussion on this post, the question came up as to why the white activists did not verbally confront Imm. I would have loved to see him actively confronted in classical Bill White fashion. But one of the activists responded in comment #9, "We were told by others who knew what we were gonna do to keep some distance in order not to give him any ammo about WN attacking him and other such nonsense, so were content to stand back and watch him make a fool of himself.".

A reasonably good answer. The whole purpose of this situation was to allow Jeffrey Imm an unfettered opportunity to be the star of the video and make a complete ass of himself from top to toe, without any help from anyone else. And he did; virtually no one took the orange flyers he was passing out. He was basically talking to the hand throughout the entire scene.

Jeffrey Imm likes to spew his Orwellian mantra, "Choose love, not hate". I have a suggestion for him: Choose liberty, not diversity. Discussion also taking place on Stormfront.


Anonymous said...

It is obviously a "doctored" video, which removes even the few still photographs that Imm had on his web site at:

Imm states that he had asked supporters not to show because of threats and because AmRen was already cancelled.

On the other hand, what exactly are you laughing about if you are right and one single person shut AmRen down and not a single WN was there to debate him?

Anchorage Activist said...

Because he didn't succeed in shutting AmRen down - they still held a rump conference on February 20th.

But what we're really laughing at is that Imm is standing there beating his gums, and most people are ignoring him. They consider him a crank. He exposed himself as a crank. And cranks are not generally worthy of debate.

Anonymous said...

re: Bill White fashion, I'm glad they were encouraged to stay home, but fighting battles the anti types bring needs to be two pronged, by doing for ourselves. Bill himself has/had his own housing business, rebuilding and bettering a community. More white activists need to do this sort of thing for themselves.

The internet is great, as it allows for greater networking, but it needs to translate into more than parties, PAC's, and an endless stream of splinter movements - so that we have our own venues, our own lawyers, etc. and aren't relying on the goodwill(and more importantly, the spine) of others. This, doing for ourselves, building for ourselves, would seem to be the next logical step in this new-ish information/networking age.

Don't know if this belongs under this post specifically but it's been something I've wanted to point out. Bill wasn't just a mouthy mf'er. As for infighting, I recall him once saying(on Overthrow) something to the effect that pettiness is the powerlessness of the weak.

larry said...

Y-A-W-N! Huh? did you say something?