Monday, February 15, 2010

Veteran White Civil Rights Crusader Frazier Glenn Miller Contemplates Campaign For U.S. Senate In Missouri, Posts Appeal On The Vanguard News Network

Note: All posts on Glenn Miller's 2010 U.S. Senate campaign available HERE, with the most recent post displayed first.

Frazier Glenn Miller during his previous run for Congress

Frazier Glenn Miller, a veteran activist who has crusaded for White rights for over 30 years, is now contemplating a run for the United States Senate in his home state of Missouri, and has posted his intent on this Vanguard News Network Forum thread. Miller's own website is located at

Miller is not looking for campaign contributions just yet. Instead, he wants to first find out just how much baseline support he can count on to launch a credible campaign, since the multicultural corporations that keep Whitey down through affirmative action and quotas are unlikely to beat a path to his door bearing five-figure contributions. So he's asking people to post pledges of financial support on the VNN Forum thread. His financial pump has already been primed with a $250 contribution from a longtime supporter. He states he has until March 3rd, 2010 to file for either U.S. Senate or U.S. House as a write-in candidate. [Ed. Note: March 3rd may be a typo on his part; the official SOS Missouri website indicates a filing deadline of March 30th.]

The initial value of Miller's candidacy will be powerful and persuasive publicity for the White nationalist cause. Running as a write-in candidate for Missouri's U.S. House District 7 in 2006, he purchased air time for about 20 radio campaign ads that were broadcast a total of 518 times on 13 separate radio stations prior to the election. He wants to broadcast even more this time around, and by running for the Senate, his campaign ads will not be restricted merely to the smaller cities of Springfield and Joplin in southwest Missouri, but can also air statewide, including in the big multicultural cesspools of St Louis and Kansas City, both of which are surrounded by majority-White suburbs. A typical campaign radio ad cost Miller only $10-$15 per 60-second spot in 2006.

Furthermore, Miller states that Federal law requires all commercial radio stations to broadcast all campaign ads by all candidates for Federal office, including write-in candidates. And censorship can only be for style, not substance; this means that while profanity can be edited out, content itself cannot be censored or changed merely because a radio station might consider the ad to be "racist" or "anti-Semitic". In addition, VNN webmaster Alex Linder, who has a polished voice, has promised to help out by doing some of the radio audios.

Time is of the essence. indicates there are already seven declared candidates for the U.S. Senate and 14 declared candidates for House District 7. Based upon that disparity, plus the wider reach of a Senate campaign, I would recommend that Miller choose to run for the Senate rather than the House. also indicates that the filing deadline of March 30th applies only to candidates running as Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians, since they must also face primary elections; other candidates have a filing deadline of July 26th. SOS Missouri confirms that independents and write-ins have a filing deadline of July 26th. While write-ins don't need to submit nominating petitions, independents do. If Glenn Miller was to run as an independent instead of as a write-in, it would enable him to not only advance his candidacy, but perhaps to get either the American Third Position Party or the Nationalist Party of America "official" status. However, the independent route is more expensive because of the requirement to deploy petitions.

A possible source of local "grunt" help for Miller's campaign might be the National Socialist Movement's Springfield Unit, a solid group of proven activists. Miller should consider making official contact with them, perhaps even helping them out in their next Adopt-A-Highway cleanup. Then perhaps they might be willing to help Miller with his campaign in return.

It is well-known that Frazier Glenn Miller is a controversial figure within the White nationalist community. Many to this day believe he's a "traitor" and a "snitch" because he made his best deal to shorten his prison time in 1989, so he wouldn't get Zogged for 40 years like Matt Hale. But not only did no one go to jail solely because of Miller's testimony, but there is no proof that Glenn Miller is an informant. Compare him to Hal Turner; while Turner spun outrageous fairy stories about earthquakes and was constantly inciting violence, Miller has done neither. Furthermore, I've dealt with Glenn Miller through the mail under my own name several times to order VNN newspapers for distribution, and I haven't received so much as a phone call from the FBI. It's time to set the negative paradigms aside and support this man who's willing to openly and unapologetically carry our message to the public under his own name. Frazier Glenn Miller may not get elected to the Senate, but his campaign can wise up and empower numerous White folks.


Anonymous said...

Elections are nearly impossible to win beyond the state level. In my town we have 2 elected city councilmen and we are running a city council candidate in the largest city in south dakota. The White Community Alliance has really paved a path for local elections up here.

Anchorage Activist said...

Holy mackerel, that's good news to hear that you're electing such people in South Dakota.

Miller isn't going to win, of course, but he'll get our message out simply by running.

apollonian said...

"White Nationalism" Is Jew Front--Only Christians Are Proper Leaders Of Whites And Gentiles
(Apollonian, 15 Feb 10)

AA, I submit this about Glenn Miller, ally of anti-Christ Alex Linder/VNN (, is just more Jew-sponsored waste of time and money, Jews trying to get patriots and gentiles to waste their money contributions for anti-gentile purposes.

For "white" is an ABSTRACTION which confuses, and by which Jews, along w. mestizos and mulattoes, try to worm themselves in among white folk using white suckers to enforce kikes against the white people themselves--just like BNP in England. Death to "white nationalism"--take heed, AA. And any Jew-friendly msg of urs will NOT be tolerated; rather it will be treated as TREASON, never doubt. Note penalty for treason is serious thing.

Observe present states-rights/nullification movement now well underway against ZOG-Mammon leviathan empire-of-lies--we don't need idiot "nationalism," another brainless source of confusion.

Thus Jews further want to ISOLATE "whites" against the otherwise, potentially anti-semitic non-whites, diverting fm the basic Jew problem.

Proper distinction/opposition is far more straight-forward CHRISTIAN VS. JEW which renders all gentiles potential allies against Jew enemy--as in example of St. Constantine the Great.

Thus Christian then naturally understands, implies, and includes virtue of honesty in accord w. highest Christian virtue of Truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), hence primacy of racial loyalty and pride in accord w. 5th of original Ten Commandments, "Honor thy race" (parentage).

Only Christians have ever historically succeeded in necessary Jew-Expulsion, once culture-wide (St. Constantine) and for all the other local expulsions.

CONCLUSION: Again and again u are most solemnly warned comrade AA: WE CHRISTIANS RULE; we are the natural and obligatory leaders of white folk and all anti-semitic gentiles--and u will duly follow our lead and instructions. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Miller ran for office, once before, and received 34 votes out of some 800,000. (Statistically zero). He is a "former" FBI-informant, who spent time in the fed witness-protection program. He recently teamed up with Jim Giles, a self-confessed FBI-informant. Why would anyone be interested in such a clown (and that is the mildest description). Isn't it bad enough to have freaks like Bill White and Hal Turner?

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous - After Jim Giles revealed that he had shopped Daniel Jones to the Feds, Glenn Miller re-considered his association with Jim Giles.

And while Hal Turner is clearly a freak, Bill White is NOT a freak. He is a genuine pro-White activist who gave Richard Warman and Leonard Pitts exactly what they deserved. Unfortunately, White was convicted in a Soviet-style show trial. The real reason some White "activists" don't like Bill White is because he had the guts to expose misfits who used white nationalism as nothing more than protective cover for personal hooliganism. Like all these worthless Aryan Brotherhood scum who keep getting arrested for dealing dope, home invasion, assault and murder.

Anonymous said...

Fact check. Elsewhere on this site, there is a quote from Glenn Miller challenging anyone to produce "evidence" that anyone ever went to jail because of him.

First, there is the case of Jack Jackson. According to the Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, "Jackson testified that Glenn Miller had coerced him into writing the letter and into failing to appear at the trial," for which Jackson went to prison. The court report is here:

Then, there is the matter of Miller testifying against Richard Butler and several others at Fort Smith. True, none of the defendants went to prison, because they were all acquitted by a jury. No thanks to Miller, however, who did his best to put them away (as a self-confessed FBI-informant). The jury just didn't believe Miller, then. Why should anybody believe Miller, now?

There is more. About Steve Miller (no relation) who was also convicted in the same case (cited above), in which Glenn was named an "unindicted co-conspirator," meaning that he set Steve up and, yes, Steve went to jail.

apollonian said...

"Like all these worthless Aryan Brotherhood scum who keep getting arrested for dealing dope, home invasion, assault and murder." -AA, 4:57pm

* * * * *

White Liberation Absolutely REQUIRES Religious Styling
(Apollonian, 16 Feb 10)

Yes AA, I agree, esp. in sentiment, w. ur above-quoted observation, but this again is precisely why the anti-semitic (thus Christian) liberation movement requires such a "religious" style--esp. for the top leadership.

Note "religious" doesn't mean MYSTIC--and indeed mystic is really against Christianity properly understood, that reverence for TRUTH as esp. of Gosp. JOHN.

Needless to say, American Renaissance (Amren) is just another Jew front, like BNP, meant to ISOLATE white folk ("white," properly understood--meaning non-Jew, non-mestizo, and non-mulatto, of course) against everyone else, Jews benefitting.

"Religious" then has to do with habit and piety, that consistency and conscientiousness of active expression for inner conviction and mentality (acts being consistent w. thought).

Hence then remember the anti-semitic struggle is in favor of liberation, esp., in my own view, for the dear and native white volk (thus European-derived) which requires their own homeland--but this homeland is precisely what needs be understood in most precise terms fm present circumstances of ZOG-Mammon empire-of-lies.

Thus ZOG-Mammon empire will have to transform, like Roman emp. of old, into the independent provinces ("states rights") consisting of homelands, and Christians of all/any races, allies against the Jews and accomplices, will have to be secured--but remember this (security of non-whites) doesn't mean whites need be threatened or despoiled for their own proper rights.

Thus white folk are natural leaders of the general Christian host, and whites will find their greatest liberation within the general human liberation fm the Jew, led by Christians, Christians led by whites.

Finally, let me end on this note: Remember most of all, race is manifestation of culture--and also vice-versa--they go together. But the actual, practical WAR must be fought on basis of principle and ideal--liberation of white race is excellent, but note this POLITICAL END must logically fall within greater principle, like Christian TRUTH, honesty, loyalty, etc., these being ethical and metaphysical.

That's why "white nationalism" is not merely inadequate, it's actually counter-productive for reasons already given, "nationalism" far too prejudicial, when all is said and done, to LOCAL GOVERNMENT, and then ultimate individual freedom, the real foundation of white people's freedom in general.

Thus white people's freedom then is best understood as a "religious" concept, as I note, but at same time non-mystic and perfectly rational. Thus I suppose the remaining difficulty for "Christian" appellation is removal of that putrid mysticism which it was NEVER meant to have.

For "Christian" was and is meant to idealize TRUTH (as Gosp. JOHN)--against Jew lies and conspiracy. It's always such lies and conspiracy which are enabled by that putrid MYSTICISM, this mystic aura surely the greatest problem for Christianity to solve and transcend.

CONCLUSION: Also I'd note ur blog and site do most excellently for the over-all cause PRECISELY for the sort of info given by above poster at 5:20 pm. I haven't yet ck'd his actual ref. given--but this is precisely what we MOST NEED, definite info in clearest terms, with ref. Keep up the good work. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian