Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rush To Judgment: Animal Abuse Charges Against National Socialist Movement's Sam Johnson Dismissed In Austin, Minnesota; Ownership Of Dog Disputed

Recently, Sam Johnson, an activist with the National Socialist Movement (NSM) in Austin, Minnesota who has worked hard to mobilize the local population against non-White immigration, was given a misdemeanor citation of animal mistreatment by the city of Austin because a pit bull at a house where Johnson had just moved out was found allegedly "abandoned". On February 1st, 2010, the dog was found in a locked cage on the home's front porch with no food or water. Officers had to tranquilize the dog to transport it to the city pound because it was acting viciously.

Naturally, because Johnson is a member of the NSM, the local media jumped all over the story, which otherwise would have barely rated a back-page byline. Even some in the White racialist community piled on Johnson, most notably John Taylor Bowles of the rival American Nazi Party, who took Johnson to task HERE. I even thought about posting a story myself, which would have been entitled "Adolf Hitler vs. Michael Vick: Who Is The Better Role Model For National Socialists". But I held back, because something stunk about the media stories. Specifically, the local media failed to specify why the dog was considered "abandoned".

Sure enough, there is a lot more to the story. On February 19th, the Austin Post-Bulletin now reports that Tom Baudler, a prosecutor for the city of Austin, will dismiss the misdemeanor charge of mistreating an animal against Johnson because his office can't prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt in court. At the center of the dispute is the breakdown of the relationship between Sam Johnson and his now ex-girlfriend. Each one claimed the other owned the dog.

Johnson, 29, provided information disputing the allegation that he owned the pit bull involved in the case as well as e-mail correspondence with the Mower County Humane Society showing he tried to find a place for the dog prior to being cited. Johnson, whom police could not locate at the time of the citation, said that he tried to find a place for the dog, which he says was left behind by his ex-girlfriend. On the night of January 30th, Johnson said he found the dog still at the home and gave it food and water. He said he also contacted an Austin police community service officer about the dog.

Nevertheless, John Taylor Bowles has not retracted his criticism of Sam Johnson, reporting on a conversation between himself and Johnson HERE. The problem here is that Bowles, who was once a key member of the NSM and a National Socialist Presidential candidate in 2008, was treated rather shabbily by NSM Commander Jeff Schoep, left the organization, and has an axe to grind. So he criticizes everything the NSM does, even referring to the NSM Springfield Unit who adopted a section of highway for cleanup as "Trashtroopers". That is clearly disrespectful of the NSM Springfield Unit, which has worked hard to represent national socialism in the local area. If he's got a beef with Jeff Schoep, fine - go ahead and make the case. But dragging the rest of the NSM into the dispute is pointless.

The American Nazi Party (ANP) does not have to take a back seat to the NSM. While the NSM focuses on agitprop with their series of rallies, the ANP focuses more on education. Bowles' educational talents are well-established; he received positive acclaim from four different high school classes which he addressed. All were favorably impressed by the fact that Bowles did not cater to the popular stereotypes about "Nazis". The ANP also owns The Original Redneck Shop in Laurens, SC, which has been a base for operations, and enjoys stable leadership. By the way, the ANP publishes a monthly magazine called "White Worker", which is available only by subscription for $20 per year. More information about the magazine in this post. Not many White racialist organizations publish print magazines any more, so this one is worth a look.


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I totally agree there is no point in dragging other people into personal desputes unfourtanatly though this happens alot..

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As to "not many White racialist organizations publish print magazines any more," what about ALL THE WAY?

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Actully Nick Chappell owns the redneck shop not the anp.

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Didn't Chappell abandon the property?

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Perhaps he wouldnt of abandoned it without good reason. Perhaps it was the degenerate scum that was around him or the whole betrayal of those he considered comrades.