Wednesday, February 24, 2010

R.E.A.L. Anti-Racist Activist Jeffrey Imm And His Mousy Wife May Be Running A Psychic Reading Scam And Involved In The Silva Mind Control Cult

As a result of some superb investigative journalism by Jeff Hook, we have learned some information about anti-racist activist Jeffrey Imm (pictured at left) which could have devastating consequences on his credibility and that of his so-called "organization", Responsible for Equality and Liberty (R.E.A.L.). The information has been posted on Western Voices World News, but will also be cross-posted here to get it out faster and farther. Even more information is documented on this Stormfront thread.

It appears that Jeffrey and Karen Imm are running a psychic reading scam out of their home. They also sell hypnosis CDs and take credit cards to give psychic readings over the phone. Karen also appears to go under the name of Ariele Imm.

Photo of Ariele Imm below taken by Jeffrey Imm and posted at his flickr photostream. It is clearly identified as Jeffrey Imm's photo stream:

The photo above matches the photo shown below, which originates on the home page of the Silva Mentalist Mind-Body Healing website, where she gives a testimonial. Silva has been identified as a dangerous cult by the PropheticAlert website:

Ariele Love - Psychic

Ariele Imm - Member of the Mentalist Club

Karen Ariele Imm - 2007 Chocolate Adventure Contest

Ariele Imm Endorses Silva Mind-Body Healing (Scam)

She is operating under four names:

Karen Imm
Ariele Imm
Areile Love
Karen Ariele Love

Ariele Love (note: this info is clearly listed online for all to see)
Sunset River Ct
Olney, MD 20832

(Jeffrey Imm lives in Olney, MD)

Jeffrey Imm
18008 Sunset River Court
Olney, Maryland

Ariele Love offers a custom hypnosis CD and telephone sessions for psychic readings:

Western Voices World News is the official news website of European Americans United, thus my confidence in the accuracy of the information is high.

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Anonymous said...

These hate sheisters sure are predictable, be it the Imm's, bnai brith, or mlk & Sharpton