Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Long Beach State Professor Kevin MacDonald Defends Himself In Guest Column Published In The Daily 49er Campus Newspaper

Tired of the relentless persecution campaign waged against him by the left, Long Beach State Professor Kevin MacDonald, most noted for his signature book "Culture of Critique" (541-page PDF version available HERE), has posted a lengthy and eloquent defense of himself and his racialist point of view. The Daily 49er published his column in full HERE on February 22nd, 2010. Visit Professor MacDonald's personal website HERE and his university homepage HERE.

Professor MacDonald leads off by explaining that for nearly four years, the Cal State Long Beach community has seen repeated attacks on him. Powerful activist organizations — the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League — have come to campus to condemn him. Several departments at the university have issued public denunciations, and he has been harassed and condemned by individual professors on faculty e-mail lists. Beginning with the current semester, several students have disrupted his classes; they have campaigned to get him fired and have written inflammatory articles in the Daily 49er. He is attacked because he advocates ideas that fly in the face of the conventional wisdom as seen by the academic left that has come to dominate the university.

Other Highlights:

-- While other departments on this campus are devoted to strengthening the ethnic identity of non-whites and articulating their interests, explicit expressions of white European-American identity and interests are condemned as indicating moral turpitude or even psychiatric impairment.

-- He rejects labels such as “white supremacist” or “racist” that are routinely bestowed on assertions of white identity and interests as a means of muzzling their expression.

-- Israel not held accountable to the same standard; they've erected an apartheid society on the West Bank and has discriminatory policies against its Palestinian minority within Israel. As a matter of fact, ethnostates are the norm throughout the world.

-- Increasing ethnic diversity lowers the willingness to contribute to charity or to public goods such as public health care; it increases social isolation and lowers trust both within and between races; it also lowers political participation and lessens confidence in political leaders.

-- Forced diversity and multiculturalism have triggered a palpable rage among middle-class white Americans who want something like the America they grew up in. These people are being pushed out economically and politically, and are less able to avoid the costs of multiculturalism. They can’t move to gated communities or send their children to all-white private schools. Their unions have been destroyed and their jobs either shipped overseas or performed by recent immigrants, legal and illegal.

-- Above all, Professor MacDonald stresses that he has never advocated violence as a solution to the rapidly diminishing prospects of non-elite white Americans.

This is a superb defense penned by Kevin MacDonald. The Daily 49er solicits public comments; it appears guests can post comments without registering. This is our opportunity to support one of the most eloquent scribes of the white nationalist community. Kevin MacDonald is also the director of the new American Third Position Party, in which capacity he he influences the course of the party and provides guidance to both the Chairman and President.


apollonian said...

[Excellent story by WhiteReference--here, below-copied, is what I myself wrote-up and posted at the Cal-Long Beach Daily 49er. A.]

* * * * *

Great Hegelian Conflict Is Christian Truth Vs. Jew Lies, Conspiracy
(Apollonian, 23 Feb 10)

Prof. MacDonald writes well, forcefully, and to-the-pt. But what really, actually is taking place culturally and historically?--and what can be done about it all?

I submit then that world, no less than USA is being taken over by a plain criminal conspiracy, COUNTERFEITERS of Federal Reserve Bank (Fed--see RealityZone.com and TheMoneyMasters.com for expo/ref.) at the very core.

And these counterfeiters hate Christian TRUTH and honesty in accord w. Gosp. JOHN--that's why/how we see the double standard against white pride and legitimate racial interests--which includes Christian religion. So whites simply have to gird themselves and re-discover their proper culture of truth founded in Aristotelian OBJECTIVITY, necessary premise and criterion to Christian truth.

So who then are these counterfeit conspirators?--observe they're closely tied and associated w. Jews and Israel, Israel advocating and now getting ready to launch another mass-murder and war, this time against Iran. And note Jew Talmud is advocacy of mass-murder of all gentiles, called by Jews, "goyim" (cattle). See RevisionistHistory.org, TruthTellers.org, and Come-and-hear.com for best Talmudic expo.

So just as battle is btwn Christian truth vs. Jew lies and conspiracy, so the philosophic Hegelian-style dichotomy is Aristotelian objectivity and determinism vs. Jew subjectivism and moralism-Pharisaism founded upon fallacious/delusionary perfectly "free" human will featuring hereticalist "good-evil."

The real problem for whites is that "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo/ref.) hereticalism by which Jews have actually bought-up all the present establishment Christian "churches," such as they are, JCs pretending Christ was Jew (hence Talmudist).

CONCLUSION: In large context, what's happened then is the horrific HUBRIS of a degenerate CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, in which whites and gentiles have lost cohesion and sight of truth, esp. regarding mass-murdering Jews, Talmudists, and associated suck-alongs among gentiles. Key, once again, is to dissolving this Fed COUNTERFEITING scam at center of things--and this then requires regaining of highest ethic of Christian HONESTY in face of Jew lies built upon subjectivism and Pharisaist "good-evil" delusion. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anchorage Activist said...

Good job, Apollonian, your comment is still on the site as of this post.

Anonymous said...

Prof McDonald is an exceptional and brave man. Clearly, Racial Marxism seeks to destroy the White race and the insanity will only get worse. There desperately needs to be a legal foundation established to defend and civilly prosecute the Marxist and defamers - maybe his third position will attract enough big contributors to do so.

Kyle said...

American Third Option Party, lol!

Anchorage Activist said...

So Kyle, do you have a better suggestion, or are you just interested in taking cheap shots at White activists.

Drones like you have no place in the Cause.

apollonian said...

[U know AA, u're surely strange--as I'm sure enough people have told u though the yrs. But I notice u, in ur first post at Daily 49er, use the word, "white," as u obviously refer to Jews.

Why can't u figure out such usage/practice is confusing and mis-leading? So I posted below-copied as response.]

* * * * *

Jews Are NOT NOT NOT "White"
(Apollonian, 24 Feb 10)

Hey AA, u say, "Anti-racist progressive whites are the primary source of racial hatred." But what u really should say is JEWS JEWS JEWS JEWS. And Jews are NOT "white"--anymore than mestizos or mulattoes are white.

CONCLUSION: And of course as Jews control the COUNTERFEIT mechanism, the US Federal Reserve Bank (see above-noted ref.s), there are lots of well-paid flunkies among gentiles who willingly suck along w. these Jews. Ur use of confusing word, "white," thus rather ruins ur otherwise informative post. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Kyle said...

I guess you didn't read the article, I was laughing at the fact the school paper MISTAKENLY WROTE "THIRD OPTION PARTY". Not in any way laughing at A3P.

jimbo! said...

Above all, Professor MacDonald stresses that he has never advocated violence as a solution to the rapidly diminishing prospects of non-elite white Americans

uh ... c'mon!

MacDonald clearly proves that white people (especially the white middle-class) have been effectively excluded from the "power-broking, decision-making" areas of society; viz: politics, the media, the academy & the judiciary and, yet, he says he doesn't "support violence as a solution"...uh...well........WTF IS his "solution", then?

holding hands?
singing Kumbaya?

white nationalist-type intellectuals at least as significant as MacDonald (viz: William Gayley Simpson & Revilo P Oliver) have, after years of study & investigation, categorically concluded that violent opposition to ZOG is the ONLY effective solution for white people!