Monday, February 15, 2010

Jared Taylor Cancels The 2010 American Renaissance Conference After The Four Points Sheraton In Manassas, Virginia Bans Them Under Antifa Pressure

Jared Taylor and the organizers of the proposed American Renaissance Conference fought as long and as hard as they could to ensure the conference would take place, despite a ferocious bout of psychological warfare and terror launched by antifa organizations such as One People's Project and Responsible for Equality and Liberty (R.E.A.L.). But when the Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Manassas, Virginia turned away the AR Conference just four days before the intended start date of February 19th, it became apparent to Taylor that it would be impossible to secure a guaranteed venue in time for the conference. So, with the greatest reluctance, Taylor announced the cancellation of the conference on February 15th, 2010. Three other area hotels, including the Dulles Marriott, the Dulles Westin, and the Starwood had all previously turned away the AR Conference. OPP Supreme Silverback Daryle Lamont Jenkins pictured below:

The cancellation has not yet been formally announced on the American Renaissance website, but via a mass e-mailing sent out to those who had registered to attend, including Occidental Dissent and Nation Of Cowards. Here's the text of the e-mail:

Dear AR conference registrant,

We regret to inform you that today, February 15, the hotel at which we planned to hold the conference canceled its contract with us. Hostile callers phoned the hotel and threatened employees with death. One was specifically warned, “If you hold this conference I will go in there and shoot you.” Hotel management reported these threats to the police but felt it had no choice but to cancel.

We had backup possibilities, but all have fallen through, so we will not be holding the February 19-21 conference.

We are very sorry for the great inconvenience this no doubt causes you.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution to American Renaissance in the amount of your registration that would be welcome. However, we stand ready to refund all registrations and banquet fees. Please let us know by return e-mail how you would like us to proceed.

We understand that many of you have bought non-refundable air tickets. Generally, the amount spent on such tickets can, for a period of a year, be used to buy a different ticket on the same airline. However, most airlines then deduct $150 from the amount that can be spent to buy the new ticket. If you bought a non-refundable ticket, please send us proof of purchase and we will send you a check for $150. We do not want anyone to suffer financial loss because of this cancellation.

Again, please accept our apologies for this very disappointing outcome. We value your continuing support and deeply regret that we will not be seeing you on February 19.

Best regards,
Jared Taylor

I strongly recommend that all prospective attendees transform their registration fee into a tax-deductible contribution to American Renaissance. A meaningful manifestation of White solidarity is absolutely essential in this case. Greg Johnson of TOQ Online spoke to Taylor afterward, and reports that Taylor emphasized that the AR Conference was an entirely legal gathering, protected by the Constitution itself. Taylor also went on to stress that anyone who thinks in terms of principles can see that “If AmRen can be shut down this way, then anyone can be shut down. The meatpackers meeting can be shut down by PETA.” He further stated that this can be prevented only if the establishment takes a strong and decisive stand against terrorism and for freedom of speech and assembly.

As expected, the antifa are bragging about their accomplishment, although they disingenously deny having communicated any threats. Most despicable was the conduct of Jeffrey Imm of R.E.A.L. Imm launched a wholesale campaign to deny the AR Conference a venue anywhere. To quote from this post, R.E.A.L. "contacted the Virginia Hospitality and Travel Association, the Hotel Association of Washington, D.C. (HAWDC), the HSMAI, the Maryland Hotel & Lodging Association, the Hilton hotel chain, the Marriott hotel chain, the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) hotel chain, the Hyatt hotel chain, the Crowne Plaza hotel chain, the Ritz-Carlton hotel chain, the Embassy Suites, the Wyndham hotel chain, and the Starwood Hotels & Resorts, among others". Their expressed intent was to "limit the options for AR/NCF to mislead some businesses as to their identity and their intent". That statement, of course, is a red herring; their real intent was to shut it down. And unfortunately, they succeeded.

A photo of Jeffrey Imm and his Jewish wife, Karen, is posted below. They are reported by The Right Perspective to live in Baltimore, for the sake of any area pro-White activists who would like to hold them accountable through direct action:

And that is the next point. We can either pull in our horns and accept defeat, or we can go into Bill White mode and pre-emptively target anti-racists with direct action. The outcome of the Bill White trial should not deter us from direct action. White's problem was not that he targeted people; he was acquitted in the cases of activists like Leonard Pitts and Richard Warman. His problem was when he targeted peripheral entities like the two Section 8 tenants and the Citibank worker, who had not deliberately placed themselves in the public arena. Activists like Pitts and Warman are expected to tolerate public activism directed against them, since they voluntarily place themselves in the public arena. Jeffrey Imm and Daryle Lamont Jenkins also fit that category. But in the final analysis, direct action must also be LEGAL to be effective.

We also need to hold the four hotels which turned the AR Conference away accountable as well, by encouraging the public not to patronize them. Once again, Greg Johnson weighs in, saying that publicly shaming the hotels may not be sufficient unless they are reasonably sure that the moral stand is also the most practical one. This means that the government must give plausible assurance that the anti-racist terrorists will be punished.

Reaction: Additional reaction has been published by American Indian activist David Yeagley, who was one of the scheduled speakers at the conference. Reaction also posted by TOQ Online, the Vanguard News Network Forum, and Stormfront.


Orion said...

Jared Taylor Said:

It’s a terrible thing, when white men can’t come together to discuss their concerns for the future of their civilization

It's even a more terrible thing when white men cower from physical and moral cowards and allow the cretins to succeed. Nothing will change until WE FIGHT BACK.

Anchorage Activist said...

Correct, Orion, and that's why I'm plugging for some direct action. We need to place the same fears and frustrations in the hearts of the antis as they have in ours. We know from Bill White's experience how far we can go - we can't just sit back and take this.