Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Here We Go Again; Capitol Skyline Hotel Wusses Out, American Renaissance Conference Now Cancelled Once Again

I guess this "racist" celebrated our "victory" over the anti-racist terrorists a little too prematurely in my previous post. According to Jared Taylor, the Capitol Skyline Hotel, which agreed to host the 2010 American Renaissance Conference at the last moment, has wussed out and changed its mind. No reason has yet been provided.

Taylor provided this information in the following e-mail sent to registrants:

Dear AR Conference Registrant,

We regret to inform you that at 6:30 pm today, February 17, the Capitol Skyline hotel, which had promised to withstand pressure, canceled the conference.

We informed the hotel of all circumstances surround the previous cancellations, including death threats, and the hotel still agreed to hold the conference. We had every reason to believe it would hold firm. We feel just as betrayed as you do.

We will be in touch later to discuss how to handle refunds of conference registrations and other matters.

Best regards,

Jared Taylor

The Capitol Skyline Hotel had hosted controversial events in the past successfully, so I can only conclude that the hotel had become the recipient of a threat so dramatic and immediate that they believed the safety of their facility, employees, and guests had been placed in grave jeopardy. Hopefully, we will learn the nature and origin of this threat in the near future.

While we have no direct proof that either Daryle Lamont Jenkins or Jeffrey Imm communicated such a threat, their approval, promotion, and participation in the effort to shut down the American Renaissance Conference justifies enhanced measures against them and their families. I will not disclose these measures in advance except to say that they will be legal. I will also state that if these two ever visit Alaska while I remain here, I will make every effort to personally confront them and hold them accountable via direct action after the same manner that Eric Hunt held Elie Wiesel accountable in San Francisco.

It is too bad that Jared Taylor didn't decide to simply have an open-air version of the conference on February 20th on the Washington Mall. He could have invited local media, which in turn would have given him an opportunity to inform the world about anti-racist terrorism in the United States. But Jared Taylor is better qualified than I am to assess the level of risk he can afford to assume; I respect the decision he's made and commend the manner in which he's handled this problem. I would urge those who intended to attend the conference to consider transforming your registration fee into a tax-deductible contribution to American Renaissance rather than ask for the fee to be returned.

Other websites discussing this new development include Occidental Dissent and Stormfront.


Kyle said...

now you can put away the conspiracy theory that Taylor wanted to give enemies a premature cheer, as if it was worth it to him to disappoint his attendees that way.

Anchorage Activist said...

Where do you get that idea? What I was suggesting is that Taylor may have been trying to sucker the antis by not revealing a fallback option until the last moment. That's a completely different message than you obviously got.

And why would attendees be disappointed to find out the conference was still on?

Jared Taylor also made it clear from the beginning that he had backup options, as well.

Kyle said...

I thought you were suggesting he was making the enemies happy at the expense of letting his attendees think it was canceled the first time (or that the first official cancellation wasn't serious)

apollonian said...

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