Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Department Of Justice Blatantly Rigging Second Hal Turner Trial In Their Favor, Seek To Preclude Testimony About Turner Being An FBI Informant

Although the White Nationalist community remains deeply disappointed in Hal Turner turning out to be a snitch, it is appropriate to keep informed about the Federal government's blatant oppression of him. After all, a real White activist, Bill White, has already been victimized by similar tactics, and any of us who engage in pro-White advocacy online could be next. Hal Turner has been used as a test bed by the Feds to see how much repression the American people will tolerate. reports that the Department of Justice is openly and flagrantly attempting to rig the upcoming second Hal Turner trial, set to begin March 1st, in favor of the Federal government. Federal prosecutors are seeking to bar Turner from revealing his longtime role as a FBI informant to a jury when he is retried for allegedly threatening three appeals court judges from Chicago. This despite the fact that the FBI itself has publicly admitted to using Turner as an informant and compensating him handsomely for his services. Turner's first trial ended in a mistrial on December 7th after the jury reported it was hopelessly deadlocked.

Prosecutors want U.S. District Judge Donald Walter to preclude Turner’s lawyers from referring to his background as a confidential source for the FBI unless they plan to present evidence, which they contend “can only come from the testimony of the defendant himself.” Otherwise, they say in motion papers, “allowing argument or questioning of the government’s witnesses about [Turner’s] status as an informant is nothing but an irrelevant sideshow designed to distract and confuse the jury.”

When Federal prosecutors tried similar tactics in the first trial, Turner’s lawyers countered by arguing that he was a highly-regarded source who was entrusted to gather information on white supremacist movements at home and abroad, and was not guilty because the FBI taught him what he could and could not say. But when the government attempted to present evidence to rebut the defense’s claims, the judge ruled such evidence was inadmissible because Turner presented no evidence that he was trained to threaten public figures. Thus the government wants to preclude the informant issue from being raised during the trial in the first place.

However, the fact that Turner was an FBI informant is absolutely germane to the case and forms a critical part of Turner's defense strategy. To strip him of the ability to use the informant argument would result in crippling his defense - and facilitate a wrongful conviction based upon incomplete evidence. This is exactly what the government wants - to stack the deck against Turner in the first place.

The Department of Justice is NOT interested in justice.

Even during the interregnum between the two trials, the Department of Justice has sought to censor Hal Turner. The Family Of Hal Turner blog reports that when Hal Turner sought to accept an invitation to appear on 60 Minutes, despite the fact that the terms of Turner's release on bail forbid him from giving media interviews without permission from the court. Turner's lawyers asked Judge Donald Walter for permission to give the interview, and initially, Judge Walter said "Yes" but told defense attorneys to check with the government to see how they feel. But when the U.S. Attorney realized such an interview would disrupt the government's ownership of the story, he objected to allowing the interview to take place; subsequently, Judge Walter refused permission, thus spiking the interview.

The Department of Justice does not merely want to convict Hal Turner; they want to bury him and flush him down the Orwellian memory hole.

I do NOT recommend sending Hal Turner any money to help with his defense. He has earned the contempt and scorn of the White Nationalist community by manipulating us with his fairy stories and begging for money for seven years. But what he has not earned - and does NOT deserve - is to be railroaded into a ZOG pen for 10-20 years just because he was posting provocative information on the Internet. Consequently, expressions of moral support are appropriate, not for the sake of Hal Turner, but for the sake of the First Amendment, which is clearly under attack. If the Feds can get away with burying Hal Turner, it will increase the likelihood of them coming after us next.

If we wait until Don Black, Alex Linder, or Kevin McDonald are sitting in a Federal docket before we stand up for the First Amendment, it will be too late.


Anonymous said...

I have pondered the point about "moral-support" for Turner, the rat, and must respectfully disagree. When the left rallies behind Bill Clinton, saying how Monica doesn't really matter, we feel revulsion and rightfully so. But, we conclude that such bums act in such depraved ways to take care of one of their own.

We, supposedly, do not stoop to their level. Hopefully not.

There have been plenty of "First-Amendment" claimants (pornographers, anarchists, communists, etc.). One named Cohen said that he had a right to wear a four-letter-word T-shirt in a public-building. He won in court, but with no support from us (hopefully).

Same here. Rats, informants, double-agents, agent-provocoteurs, spies, liars, crooks and just plain creeps just have no redeeming value. "By their fruits, ye shall know them."

Anonymous said...

sorry, there's no moral support for deception.

If it was all about the First Amendment, he could've argued his case all along (even if it was going to fail), but he opened his mouth about being an informant, which makes whether his speech harmed anybody IRRELEVANT.

It's not that he should be imprisoned for yelling fire in a theatre, it's that he KNOWINGLY LIED & TRIED TO CREATE THE FIRE SCARE. I'm in no way advocating restrictions on speech, but I'm every way expressing my condemnation for immoral people, and Turner, if he was indeed a snitch, deserves no sympathy.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous - Yes, you do expose the dilemma of this situation. For me, expressing any support for Turner is almost like asking Gary Christian and Hugh Newsom to send a contribution to the NAACP. It's like opening up a septic tank to pump it out; it stinks, but is also necessary.

If we don't defend the fundamental constitutional rights of the worst amongst us, our own rights can become jeopardized.

apollonian said...

How Could Hal Turner Possibly "Inform" On Anyone?--Unless They Were Stupid Beyond Belief
(Apollonian, 17 Feb 10)

So Hal Turner was "informer"--SO WHAT? My pt. is u NEVER know who might be "informer"--so what u do must always be within the law--which self-defense is.

SELF-DEFENSE is what we're going to have to do soon enough. Meantime we white Christians should PREPARE and ORGANIZE--THESE ARE NOT NOT NOT AGAINST LAW.

So note Turner COULDN'T HAVE "informed" on anyone unless they (a) were doing something illegal (hence stupid) and then (b) were actually STUPID ENOUGH to go blabbing about it to Turner.

Now ask urself: who would do these above two items, (a) and (b)?--ONLY agents-provocateurs themselves, MAINLY JEWS--does it now occur to u who is trying to "get" Hal Turner?

CONCLUSION: This is why "white nationalists" are surely the most INCREDIBLY STUPID SONS-OF-BITCHES imaginable--as they complain about dear old Hal Turner. Death to white nationalists, ignorant scum, suckers for the Jews. White folk and gentiles merely need CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP--Christians the best, most effective anti-semites. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Hooch said...

"""So note Turner COULDN'T HAVE "informed" on anyone unless they (a) were doing something illegal (hence stupid) and then (b) were actually STUPID ENOUGH to go blabbing about it to Turner."""

It's called entrapment asshole! Hal was going around saying someone should kill judges, politicians, etc on a daily basis. Which I personally regard as free speech. However, his statements drew crazy people such as yourself out of the woodwork and when they may have agreed with Hal about killing these people, his statements made these loonies decide to discuss actually doing it.

Entrapment you dipshit.

All of this dick-sucking going on between you and Hal is really leading me to believe that my statements about you being a snitch playing the same but different roll as Hal is actually true.

apollonian said...

"Hoochie" Kike Has IQ Which Is Tooooooo High For Mortals To Grasp
(Apollonian, 18 Feb 10)

"Hooch" the kike: soooooooo someone--who doesn't even know Turner--is going to call up Turner and give him incriminating evidence against himself BECAUSE HE'S INSPIRED by Turner's opinion judges should be killed?

Does patriot movement even need such fools, idiots--a lot like u, I'm sure, "Hoochie," scummy Jew.

And "Hoochie" the kike, do u actually know anything or anyone "entrapped," as u describe?--of course not, stupid kike--if u did, u'd give details, which details would only then confirm my analysis.

Hey "Hoochie" kike: (a) did u ever ck up on Talmud?--as I ordered u to do?

(b) Do u still say kikes don't dominate finances of Democrat party, providing up to 65% of funds, 35% to Republicans?--not to mention kikes TOTALLY controlling all the various queer organizations.

CONCLUSION: So "Hoochie" Jew: u should go and drink a can of Drano, immediately; u're going to be DEAD soon, soon. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

* * * * * *

apollonian said...
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apollonian said...

"Hooch" The Ignorant Jew Is Back Again
(Apollonian, 16 Oct 09)

It's "Hoochie" the Jew, back again to prosecute the Jew strategy of making gentiles fight one another.

"Hoochie" Jew of course doesn't let on he's Jew, but we know he is by his actions and words.

"Hoochie" Jew told us awhile ago he "doesn't know anything" about Jew Talmud, and I told him to get familiar, giving the Jew son-of-a-whore numerous citations.

So "Hoochie" Jew, u piece-of-shit, u still don't know anything about Talmud do u?--u stupid Judaic filth. Get ur ass off this blog which is for white people, not kikes like u, u idiot. Can't u see it says "white reference"?--dumbass. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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