Sunday, February 07, 2010

Canadian Human Rights Gadfly Richard Warman And Canadian Jewish Congress Complain About Acquittal Of Bill White On The Warman Charge

Richard Warman and his perfectly egg-shaped head

It's not enough to some of these people that Bill White's conviction on three of seven charges has been reaffirmed by Judge James Turk and that White still faces a possible maximum sentence of 30 years when he faces the judge again on April 14th. Now, both Richard Warman and the Canadian Jewish Congress are complaining about the fact that Judge Turk reversed the guilty finding against White in the Warman case.

In his 32-page ruling, Judge Turk wrote, "Certainly, calling for Richard Warman to be 'dragged out into the street and shot, after appropriate trial by a revolutionary tribunal of Canada's white activists' or expressing hope that someone firebombs his house is offensive and disturbing, and perhaps frightening to Richard Warman." But he also said White's actions were protected free speech and could not be considered threats because he had not indicated he intended to commit violence against Warman.

According to the National Post, in an e-mail response, Warman wrote, "I testified at the trial that I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out that when someone publishes 'Kill Richard Warman' and then gives my home address that they mean it as a true threat...I think it's uncivilized to permit people to issue death threats and counsel murder and firebombing while publishing the desired victim's home address. The First Amendment was passed in 1791 and I doubt that's what the U.S. Founding Fathers had in mind."

Warman's scores of human rights complaints and lawsuits over Internet postings, many of them by white nationalists and paleoconservative bloggers, have resulted in hefty fines and speech bans against his targets. He pursues these cases under the guise of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. Understandably he has become of target for people who cherish free speech and believe the best way to assure their own free speech is to defend the free speech of others. More information on Warman's sordid record can be found HERE.

But Warman wasn't the only one to complain. A representative of the Canadian Jewish Congress also chimed in. "It's breathtaking in its conclusion," Canadian Jewish Congress CEO Bernie Farber, who also testified against White, said of the ruling. "And I really do hope the government will address this in an appeal because it can't be allowed to stand." The Canadian Jewish Congress was instrumental in getting the Canadian Human Rights Act passed in the first place; they do not believe that free speech is absolute.


Reinhard Heydrich said...

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Anonymous said...

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