Sunday, February 14, 2010

British National Party Reluctantly But Overwhelmingly Decide To Open Up Membership To Non-Whites In The Face Of Continued EHCR Judicial Harassment

The British National Party (BNP) announced on February 14th, 2010 its decision to open up party membership to non-White Britons. This decision was reached at an Extraordinary General Meeting where delegates overwhelmingly voted to pass a new party constitution codifying the change. Only five delegates voted against it; four abstained. The affirmative vote was aided by veteran nationalist Richard Edmonds, who stood up and read a piece of writing from party founder John Tyndall which said that if the law was ever changed, the BNP would amend its membership criteria to comply with the law.

Afterwards, BNP Chairman Nick Griffin remarked, “The meeting was dominated by a good spirit of unity, with everyone understanding that the party has to adapt for legal, financial and political necessity...No one is particularly happy about being denied the right of self-association, which is what the court order and law essentially enforces, but it is understood that the party has to put this behind us and get on with the serious business of saving Britain from the ravages of the establishment parties”. Griffin also stated that the new constitution gave added protection to the BNP which would prevent anybody, no matter what their ethnic origin, from entering the party with the aim of causing trouble or subverting it.

British media reaction recorded by the Guardian, the Independent, the Times of London, the Daily Mail, Sky News, and BBC News (with non-embeddable video). The BNP found it necessary to physically remove a Times reporter who could not maintain his objectivity and professionalism while covering the event. Nick Griffin explains the background in greater detail in the video embedded below:

The decision was necessitated by a ruling by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), which issued county court proceedings (under sections 24 and 25(5) of the Equality Act) against the BNP in respect of its constitution and membership criteria in September 2009. They claimed the BNP appeared to restrict membership to those within what the BNP regards as particular “ethnic groups” and those whose skin colour is white. They maintain the exclusion is contrary to Britain's Race Relations Act. On January 28th, 2010, Central London county court told the BNP to amend its constitution to comply with race relations laws or face legal action by the EHRC. After the hearing, the BNP rushed out letters to its 14,000 members in order to allow for the 14 days needed to alert them to the proposed changes.

Mr. Griffin said the next step in the process was that the new constitution will be sent to the EHCR on Tuesday February 16th. That organisation has a week in which to make formal comment, after which the BNP has a week to review their comments and respond. A new court appearance in March should finalise the matter.

Mr. Griffin added that it was clear that the EHCR’s intention was to keep the BNP in the courts in an attempt to financially exhaust the party. To prevent this from happening, the new constitution has also empowered the party leader with the right to revise any clause over which the EHCR might try and make an argument. “In this way we can quickly circumvent any drawn out legal processes and concentrate on fighting the election,” Mr. Griffin said.

Analysis: This decision, of course, completes the BNP's transition from a racial nationalist party to a racial populist party. Racial populism prescribes that "majority White" is just as good as "exclusively White". The transition actually began upon the accession of Nick Griffin to the BNP chairmanship, as Griffin decided he had no significant issues with Jews, considering that it is Muslims and other Third World "wogs" causing the social problems in the United Kingdom. The BNP really had no viable alternative but to make this change if it wanted to remain a force in electoral politics in the United Kingdom. Had they not changed, all the progress made, including the election of over 100 local officials as well as Griffin and Andrew Brons to MEP seats, would have gone up in smoke. There is NO electoral alternative to the BNP for Whites in the United Kingdom; thus it is important for them to remain a viable political party.

Reaction: The National Front decried the BNP decision, characterizing it as a complete sell-out of racial nationalism. The National Front also reports that the Daventry Branch of the BNP has decided to switch over to the NF in response to the BNP decision. This has not been confirmed by the BNP.

Northwest Nationalists, which bills itself as the so-called "home of real patriotic British people", also decried the decision, saying "300 Idiots vote to change BNP forever". However, the strength and relevance of the Northwest Nationalists is in question, as they've waged an online vendetta against Nick Griffin and have sent trolls to pro-White forums like the Vanguard News Network Forum to denigrate the BNP and Griffin.

The British People's Party has refrained from criticizing the BNP decision so far. They remain a resolutely racial nationalist party. Other pro-White reaction is documented on Stormfront Britain and the VNN UK Forum.

The anti-racist Unite Against Fascism is not impressed with the change, saying it would make no difference to the BNP's racist ideology. Weyman Bennett, national secretary of Unite Against Fascism, said: "I think that regardless of the vote, the changes are cosmetic and have only happened because the courts forced them to stop racist practices." Likewise, a spokesman for anti-fascist group Searchlight said: "This is a meaningless gesture by the BNP. No one seriously believes that thousands of black and Asian Britons will now be queuing up to join Nick Griffin's party. The BNP are as racist and extremist as ever." These, of course, are strong indications that anti-racists actually want the BNP to go out of business altogether.


Anonymous said...

The Soviet Marxist racial policies of Britain have destroyed it gene pool forever - but the Jew is the root cause. Oh well, not going to miss the Brits that much - I mean - there are good ones of course, but as a group all they seemed to want to do was destroy Germany. Pip, Cherio and a flush of the toilet. I think they'd be better off Arab/Muslim anyway - where will their precious Kikes move to then, New York ?

h said...

AA good analysis of why the BNP had to change.
What the brain dead and moronic fail to understand is that briatain has new laws that make it a crime to have an "all white party."
In fact just last week the president of an "all black" police organization in Britain was sentenced to 3 years in jail.
I suspect anyone who attacks BNP for the change that was required.

White America has long been lost.All we have are a pathetic bunch of ex-cons, glory hounds, drag queens, misfits and whinners who "claim to be nationalists," but in reality they don't even know what that means.

Where exactly is America's White Nationalists? Do they even have a political party? Please don't even try to present AP3, what a non-entity that is.

All we have are KKK wannabes going around totin guns and ready to kick ass!

Memo to ass kickers: as a student of the General Nathan Bedford Forrest, please allow me to inform you that he detested the violence you propose. In fact he even made a point to attend black churches in the South and PROMISED them if they were ever attacked he would defend them.

NBF also travelled to Washington and testified before Congresson the KKK. he started it though he denied it. After the KKK became infiltrated with spies and Feds, HE CLOSED IT DOWN!

It stayed closed until 1920 when spies and feds again resurrected it to entrapp the stupid with violence and mayhem.

USA needs a BNP but we will NEVER get one. All hope here is lost. Our best hope is that BNP will win and we can ride their success to awaken white America.

jimbo! said...

there's an easy way 'round this crap!

*why hv "VNN" on yr lnx list?.....they're banning too many good people there & even 'censoring' stuff on their main 'blog! they're worse than SF ever was, now! :-x *

Anonymous said...

What ! Ru Paul is a WN ?? Unbelievable !