Tuesday, February 16, 2010

American Renaissance 2010 Conference Back On, Brilliant Misdirection Play By Jared Taylor Suckers Anti-Racists Into Premature Celebration

Update February 17th: There are some new developments in this story posted on this Stormfront thread, but the message is conflicting at this time.

Twenty-four hours ago, Jared Taylor (pictured at left, struggling against antifa at Dalhousie) had told us that the 2010 American Renaissance Conference was off because the last venue had cancelled them. He even offered to refund registration fees, and, with the presentation of suitable documentation, airline ticket costs to Virginia. We were fired up with righteous wrath, while antis such as Daryle Lamont Jenkins and Jeffrey Imm were jizzing all over themselves on One Primate's Project and R.E.A.L., respectively.

Surprise, surprise. Twenty-four hours later, Jared Taylor announces that the American Renaissance Conference is back on. The Conference Page on the Amren website has been re-enabled, and the announcement has also been posted on Stormfront. Ironically, it is OPP's Chief Chimp who revealed that the Capitol Skyline Hotel will now host the conference.

Update: TOQ Online has posted the entire e-mail from Taylor. Note that there are some changes. The room rate is now $94 per night. In addition, attendees are advised to fly into Reagan Airport rather than Dulles Airport to save a $29 shuttle fee. Those who already registered for the conference need not register again, but are asked to send an e-mail to Taylor confirming their intended attendance.

The question is, had Jared Taylor already engaged the Capitol Skyline Hotel in advance as a backup venue? If so, then he executed one of the most brilliant political misdirection plays I've ever seen for the purpose of suckering the antifa into a premature celebration. DLJ thought he was going to brag about he beat us "racists" on his Coldshot radio program tonight; what's he going to talk about now, how to shine shoes or pick cotton? LOL!

The AR Conference will take place as originally intended from February 19-21. Scheduled to speak are the following personalities:

-- BNP Chairman and MEP deputy Nick Griffin
-- Afrikaner author Dan Roodt, who wrote “The White Man’s Burden: How the Colonial Mentality Brought Down European Civilization.”
-- Filmmaker Craig Bodecker, who produced A Conversation About Race
-- University of Delaware history professor Raymond Wolters, who wrote "Closing the Gaps: Education Reform Since the 1950s.”
-- Jared Taylor, who will speak on “What is at Stake for Our People?”
-- Attorney Hugh Kennedy, “No More ‘Freedom for the Thought We Hate:’ How Censorship Could Come to the US.”
-- Attorney Sam G. Dickson, Esq., “Knowing Who You Are.”
-- American Indian activist David A. Yeagley, "A Comanche View of White America.”
-- Former U.S. Senate Aide Louis T. March, J.D., “Immigration and Identity.”
-- Donald Thomas, “How Are They Getting In? The Refugee Resettlement Racket.”

This is a power-packed lineup which would still be a bargain even at twice the price.

And as for you, Daryle the Baryle, here's a lesson learned: Never, ever, ever try to out-think Whitey. As former L.A. Dodgers General Manager Al Campanis once said, you simply lack the necessities. Stick to shooting hoops, shining shoes, cleaning toilets, waxing cars - that's more your forte. Hewers of wood and drawers of water - that's about your speed. Oh, and one more thing - next time, make sure you actually win BEFORE you start celebrating, boy!

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Daryle Lamont Jenkins said...

Just saw this. I guess the moral of the story is sometimes the best lessons just might be the ones you try to give others!