Sunday, January 24, 2010

White Camelia Knights Of The Ku Klux Klan Distribute Pro-White Flyers In Seabrook, Texas; Local Diversity Wankers Upset

During this past week, the White Camelia Knights of the Ku Klux Klan distributed pro-White flyers in a neighborhood in Seabrook, Texas, according to a report aired by KRIV Channel 26 in Houston on January 21st, 2010. As you can see on the video embedded below, not only did KRIV task a black reporter to do the story, but they also found a designated black resident of the neighborhood to ritualistically condemn the flyer:

Additional reports were posted by Ultimate Clear Lake and KTRK Channel 13. Seabrook police said they received at least 20 complaints from residents on Sunday January 17th. Police believe that's just a portion of the total letters. The distributors even dropped an envelope containing the letter to a supervisor at the police department who did not see the actual contents until the end of his shift. Police say they do not have any reports of actual threats accompanying the letters and say at this point it may be difficult to charge anyone with a crime.

The White Camelia Knights are strongly pro-Christian, and promote single-seedline Christian Identity. They require prospects to visit their Texas headquarters to be personally interviewed before being considered for membership.

Seabrook, a community of 11,525. is located on the Gulf Coast just southeast of Houston. It is 82 percent White, 11 percent Hispanic, and 2 percent Black.

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