Monday, January 04, 2010

Stormfront Scion Derek Black Prepares To Sue Sid Dinerstein For Refusing To Seat Him On The Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee

It took over a year, but Derek Black is following through on his pledge to seek legal redress against Palm Beach County Republican Chairman Sid Dinerstein for refusing to allow him (Black) to be seated on the Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee after delegates elected him to a position. Media story in the Palm Beach Post.

The history of this case is documented on this multi-page Stormfront thread as well as on my previous posts.

Derek Black has retained attorney Lee Levenson of Boynton Beach, who sent Dinerstein a draft lawsuit in December 2009 claiming the local GOP failed to tell Black and other candidates that the Republican Party of Florida had set an earlier deadline for signing the oath. As justification for the suit, Levenson cites an August 26th ruling by the 3rd District Court of Appeals that the Miami-Dade GOP seat 19 members after the court found the local party hadn't given the candidates adequate notice of a revised deadline. Levenson's December 16th letter says seating Black immediately would avoid further unnecessary expenses and inconveniences of litigation.

But Dinerstein is calling Black's bluff. In response, Dinerstein said, in part, "We've decided to take the position of 'Go ahead and sue us.' … Our position is that we went out of our way for people to know about the new loyalty oath deadline". But Dinerstein, who is Jewish, is overtly biased against Derek Black because Derek's father Don Black is the webmaster for Stormfront, the largest white nationalist venue in the United States, and Derek himself has also engineered radio broadcasts for Stormfront and spoke at the November 2008 EURO Conference in Memphis promoting the rights and heritage of European-Americans. Despite the fact that Derek Black has rejected the white supremacist characterization and describes himself as "a white person who is concerned about discrimination against white people", Dinerstein still accuses Black of "white supremacist associations" and said that even if he had signed his loyalty oath on time, he shouldn't be allowed to hold a GOP post because the party oath forbids activities "likely to injure the name of the Republican Party" (whatever that's supposed to mean).

So in the minds of Jewish supremacists like Sid Dinerstein, merely defending the White community against anti-White racism alone constitutes "white supremacism". It should be obvious to the reader that the objective of Jewish supremacists, their allies, and their lackeys, is to back us into a corner and leave us with no defense - if we allow them to define our values and standards.

We do NOT have to accept their definitions. We do NOT - and should NOT - waste time trying to explain why we are not racist. The fact is, we are racists, because race matters with us, and our task should be to embrace and de-stigmatize racism rather than avoid it. Racism was stigmatized by Marxist sympathizers who seek to do to America from within what the Soviet bloc could not do from without for 45 years - take down America.

The Palm Beach Post article also reveals some information of which I was previously unaware. Before 2008, candidates for the Republican Executive Committee had to sign a loyalty oath before taking office. But the Republican Party of Florida issued a June 12th, 2008, memo saying candidates had to sign the oath by the June 20th deadline for qualifying for the ballot. It appears the real reason was to neutralize the influence of Ron Paul; the change was widely seen as an effort to prevent supporters of Ron Paul's failed presidential bid from winning party posts and then working against GOP nominee John McCain.

After Dinerstein redlined Black's election to the committee, Black exercised the option to apply for a seat and to be voted on by other committee members at a regular party meeting. But Dinerstein said Black's application was rejected because it did not include "sponsor" signatures from two other committee members. Sounds like another Talmudic technicality to me.


David Hanes said...

If Derek does win, does he have plans to make cocaine legal? We all know his father Papa Black was running drugs for David Duke back in the 80's.

Anonymous said...

And what about Levenson, the Talmudic lawyer? First there was the Black-Duke-Chloe 3-way, then the Duke bastard grand-daughter living with the Blacks affair, then Chloe working for the Cubans, now the bastard Jewish lawyer representing the "neo-nazi" Black. A bit too Hal Turnerish.

Keith Myers said...

This is good news for the anti racists. Derek is justdoing this to bring attention to Stormfront. More vistors equal more donations. I wish people like Don Black would hold jobs. Why does Derek dress like Stevie Ray Vaughn?

Anonymous said...

Nothing like sniping at someone who is actually doing something. Who cares if they support and bring attention to Stormfront? I could care less about what goes on in their personal lives too. At the end of the day, I've got to ask the question, what have I done? I don't care for David Duke really nor do I really like Don Black but if they gain an inch of ground rather than yapping on the internet and sniping at others, then good for them.

David Duke said...

The Blacks have no desire to win their fight. They are simply trying to fill their pockets with donations.

apollonian said...

Jew Queers Must Post On Their Own Blogs
(Apollonian, 5 Jan 10)

Hey "David Hanes": how do we know u're Jew-queer?--answer: u make typical Jew-like assertions without giving any citations/references--typical of Jew queers.

CONCLUSION: This blog here is for white people (hence non-Jews), if u notice. Jews are not white, and queers are obvious scum, so stay off the blog, shit-hole. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

David Hanes said...

I will ppost wherever. Why don't you stop me.

Makabit Bat Guriel said...

Hey, appollonian, your blog is spelled incorrectly.
Genitalia isn't spelled gentile...*laughing*

Anonymous said...

Hiring a Jew lawyer ??

Alec Vleck said...

Jews are filthy arabs. An ostentatious low-class people. They have no compassion or morals, which is why they have no problem stealing professionally. Animal scavengers, just like their genetically identical counterparts, the Palestinians.