Friday, January 08, 2010

National Socialist Activist Dan Jones May Have Conditional Release Order Revoked By Feds Thanks To Radio Free Mississippi Snitch Jim Giles

Update January 27th 2010: Dan Jones did appear before Judge David Katz in Toledo on January 26th and did have additional conditions of release imposed upon him - but was not jailed. Updated post HERE.

Former American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP) Northwest leader Dan Jones may have his conditional release order revoked by Federal prosecutors - and the move in part may have been triggered by Radio Free Mississippi host Jim Giles, who represented himself as being "pro-White". Media story published by the Toledo Blade.

The Blade is reporting that federal prosecutors filed a motion in U.S. District Court in Toledo on Wednesday January 6th, 2010 to revoke a conditional release order, alleging that Dan Jones violated conditions of release. In October 2009, Jones was indicted and arrested for allegedly mailing a hangman’s noose to the head of the Lima, Ohio, chapter of the NAACP. Jones petitioned for release on his own recognizance; one of the conditions of release was that Jones would not access the Internet. Originally, prosecutors had asked that Jones allow pretrial services to install monitoring software on his computer and that he not access the Internet without approval; instead, Jones voluntarily surrendered his personal computer and agreed not to access the Internet using other computers. Prosecutors agreed to this alternative.

But federal prosecutors allege that Jones has accessed the Internet several times since his release, despite not having permission. Specifically, the motion said that he posted several messages on an unspecified "white supremacist Internet message board" on October 13th and 14th and again on December 10th [Ed. Note: Most likely the Vanguard News Network Forum, using an assumed name].

Jones is also accused of communicating with the host of "a self-described 'white movement' radio talk show," by e-mail and through an Internet-based telephone system. The Blade does not identify the radio talk show.

However, I can identify the talk show. It was Radio Free Mississippi, hosted by Jim Giles. Giles was supposed to interview Jones, but prior to the interview, Jones asked Giles to use Skype, despite the fact that he [Jones] was under a court order not to access the Internet. When Giles confronted him with this fact, Jones allegedly asked Giles not to mention the fact that Skype was being used. Allegedly fearing that Jones was trying to enmesh him in a conspiracy, Giles not only immediately scrubbed the interview, but also took the extraordinary step of sending the following e-mail to the Department of Justice (he discusses it on this broadcast):

From: RFM
Sent: Tuesday, December 15, 2009 8:33 AM
To: ''
Cc: ''; ''; ''; ''
Subject: Daniel Lee Jones

Dear Mr. Bauer,

I have attached the emails that Daniel Lee Jones has sent to me. I bring this to your attention because it appears to me that he is in violation of his pretrial court order. Jones initiated contact with me proposing that I interview him but prior to the interview he told me the court had ordered him to not use the Internet and our interview was to be done via Skype which is Internet based. Jones wanted me to "not mention" the fact that we were using the Internet. I declined to interview him stating that I would not participate in an interview that violated the Court's Order.

This morning Jones has left two telephone messages at my home, calling from 503-807-8706 according to my caller ID, stating that he has listened to my monologue on the cancelled interview with him which I posted on my website last night. Listen hear: Jones goes on in the telephone message threatening to sue me for libel.

And Mr. Hart and Ms. Grill, I request that you advise your client to not contact me again in any way whatsoever. I have nothing to say to him again, ever.

Yours Truly,

Jimmy D. Giles
Radio Free Mississippi
173 Pear Lane
Pearl, Mississippi 39208
(601) 939-2950

So basically, this so-called "pro-White" radio host Jim Giles shopped Dan Jones to the Feds. If that doesn't make Giles a snitch, nothing does. One does not have to have a formal and continuing relationship with a police agency like Hal Turner did to be a snitch; one merely has to unnecessarily volunteer unfavorable information about someone to a law enforcement agency to meet the criteria.

Thus although there is no evidence that Jim Giles has a formal relationship with any police agency, Giles has demonstrated that he is a snitch nonetheless. He is Hal Turner version 2.0, and White activists should have nothing to do with him.


Kyle said...

No, it actually DOESN'T make Jim a snitch, a snitch is somebody who tells on others in betrayal & deceit.

Dan made his own decision to use the internet, then he told Jim he's not allowed to, if Jim kept his mouth shut, he'd be knowingly violating the law. What else would you do, you might not tell on him, but you'd definitely not use the internet to communicate with Dan KNOWING HE'S TOLD NOT TO BY THE COURT.

Jim NEVER claimed he'd work against the government or do anything illegal, he in fact states openly he's STRICTLY LEGAL, reminding all people NOT to do anything stupid.

Let's put it this way, there's no such thing as snitching or infiltration when you do nothing wrong. If you're stupid enough to do something against the law, don't complain when somebody's protecting his ass (how would he know you're not setting HIM UP?)

Anchorage Activist said...

Then Giles shouldn't have publicized his e-mail to the Feds if his motives were above ground.

This is merely the coup de grace. I've had doubts about Giles for quite a while. To wit:

(1). His softball interviews with Mark Potok and Tim Wise. That interview with Potok became a literal lovefest.

(2). His incessant attacks on other White activists such as David Duke and Hunter Wallace. Duke made some legal mistakes, but his two books have awakened racial consciousness and promoted Jew wisdom among countless Whites.

There's a difference between constructive criticism and defamation. Giles has crossed the line too many times, and has forfeited my trust. Hal Turner may have burned us, but once bitten, twice shy.

Kyle said...

No, he SHOULD HAVE, that's the point, being openly legal and not hiding things that may get you in trouble.

Sometimes it's better to ignore and not respond, but when there's a way to prove you've been made aware of something, paranoid people may run to prove themselves innocent.

What's an underground motive Jim could have by publishing e-mails to the Fed (I assume you're referring to either Dan's e-mails to Jim, or Jim's e-mails to the Fed, shouldn't matter, there's nothing to hide).

One thing you don't need to suspect Jim of, is, he won't be entrapping people to do anything illegal.

I DO agree that Jim may be a rush to judge person, which makes him unfit to be a leader, but I don't see him doing any harm, he's just spreading the message and reminding people not to do anything stupid.

Anchorage Activist said...

Jim may not have started out with the intention of turning Dan Jones in, but he should have warned Jones that if he (Jones) persisted, he would do so merely to protect himself.

If this turns out to be a fluke and proves not to be characteristic of Giles, that would be a good thing. But he's on notice - he's got to earn our trust back now.

Anonymous said...

Giles has a long history as a snitch as well as a kook. He's also an unemployed bum, living off the feds, just like Hal Turner.

He was sued by the Mississippi Attorney General as well as the Confederate Veterans before becoming a fed. It's surprising that more people are not aware of this brazen informant. Maybe they will be now.

larry said...

what about the journalists creed?
never reveal a source?
why would a reporter reveal ths information?
i think legally skype would not be considered using the internet.
skype magic jack and others use the inernet to transmit a phone signal and legally that does not violate the "intent" of the order.
the intent being using a webpage or forum to communicate hate to white supremecists.
a phone call? i don't believe a judge is that ignorant of skype.
as for giles, well just another fed luring innocents to the slaughter.

Anonymous said...

Don't compare Jim to Hal.While Jim too isn't afraid of giving out his address & phone number, there's one major difference.

Jim WARNS people not to break the law and SAYS HE WILL TELL. Jim hasn't ever solicited, suggested, or even opined on breaking the law. That's much different than Hal who always jokes about crime & messing with the law.

Indeed, if you're stupid and intend to break the law, stay away from Jim. If you think you can trust somebody to keep your secrets when you talk about criminal activity, don't act surprised when you're arrested. There's enough people who've been set up, trumped up, no need to join the ranks.

If Dan did nothing against the court order, Jim's snitch would've done nothing. Another major difference between Jim & Hal, Jim OPENLY ADMITS his cooperation with law enforcement.

Anonymous said...

If Jim is so "law-abiding," how come he was fined $25,000.00 for trademark-infringement and how come he brags about hiding his assets to keep from paying it? What's the difference between Giles and that "law-abiding" Al Sharpton, who still refuses to pay the judgment won against him by the NYC cops.

How come his previous website, "Southern Initiative," was ordered shut down by a court for defamation? Doesn't sound too "law-abiding."

Have you seen Jim's rap sheet, by the way? Check it out on the web. Pretty lengthy for somebody so "law-abiding."

As for how "open" he is, yes, he claims he has "the most respect" for Mark Potok. That's all he needed to say! Case closed.

Dan Jones said...

I can't wait to see the next Bill White letter. Maybe Bill will blame Tim Bland or Mike Burks for Jones' legal trouble.

Anonymous said...

Giles seems unstable, which is reason enough to steer clear of him.

Anonymous said...

I agree with AA - Giles is a snitch and is probably in the pay of FBI/SPLC/ADL (take your pick). Where else would he get the money to finance his so called "Radio Free Mississippi". He's clearly unstable, but that fits the snitch profile. AA should remove the link to his site.

Anonymous said...

I perused his site and noticed a lengthy piece (which he claims to be a reprint) bashing David Duke. It was interesting, because, first, it listed no author. Second, it was well-written (obviously by someone with an education). Finally, it was peppered with accusations that "white nationalists" were "homosexuals."

Duke is a screw up, but why would Giles be posting this well-documented, cleverly-worded anonymous barb, which, frankly, sounds a lot like something written by some COINTELPRO operative.

I sum it up that the feds have decided that this particular informant (ala Hal Turner) serves them best by being "out in the open." In other words, admitting he's a Venus Fly Trap and counting that his prey will drop on in, anyhow. Kind of like the "battered white nationalist" counterpart to the "battered wife syndrome."

However, being in "plain sight" makes Giles no less a snitch and no less contemptible.

PC Apostate III said...

Anchorage Activist, Initially I liked Giles [Before the Potok] interview. I even posted the radio free mississippi link at my blog. After the Potok interview I began to grow suspicious of him myself. I listened to the cancelled Daniel Jones interview, in which Giles "outted" Jones, and immediately erased that link and began scrutinizing Giles, who as you appear aware of, was heavily promoited by Alex Linder and Glenn Miller at VNN. I am 100% certain it was Linder that provided the FBI with the info they acquired on Jones internet activities.

PC Apostate III said...

More Pseudo-Nazis exposed

The Reason I removed Jim Giles Radio Free Mississippi Link from my Blog Roll

Bill "I'm an SPLC agent" White

Pseudo-Nazi Bill White is At It Again

Anonymous said...

this is how smart curt maynard really is -

curt also claims to be trying to promote white unity, yet at the very top of his blogroll he has a link designed to reopen tensions between the british and irish.

sadly curt has turned out to be a liability, not an asset.

PC Apostate III said...

LOL, at the above. That link to the helicopter sure proves I'm a liability.

In regards to the link about the Irish famine being the result of British machinations rather than an "accidental/random act of nature," above all else, I'm a revisionist historian devoted to the truth and the truth is, the British intentionally fabricated the famine in order to murder and/or relocate the Irish people. Boo fucking hoo to anyone that doesn't like the truth.