Saturday, January 02, 2010

National Alliance Sacramento Unit Allegedly Recruiting At The Cal Expo Center Gun Show On January 2-3; Rumors Of Organizational Split Persist

A typical National Alliance display from a previous gun show, referenced HERE. Note the professional, business-like appearance of the activists

One of the National Alliance's two most-active units is reportedly bringing the message of White empowerment to the public at the Cal Expo Center Gun Show being held during January 2-3, 2010. The only source of this story is the virulently anti-White Indybay website, so a more balanced version will be replicated here so that the antifas don't completely own the story. There is also a discussion thread on Stormfront.

Indybay cited as its source a National Alliance Membership Bulletin which is not available online. The Sacramento Unit of the National Alliance, under the leadership of longtime member Jim Ring, have reserved several tables at the Cal Expo Show. Their intent is to sell books and to answer inquiries about the National Alliance and its mission for the purpose of promoting White racial consciousness. According to Indybay, Jim Ring has experienced success in reaching out to Whites at gun shows, so this is a continuation of successful, proven activism on their part.

The Indybay article also reveals some more interesting information about the inner workings of the National Alliance. They claim that Jim Ring was once in line to become the Chairman of the organization. He allegedly told his unit members that he was offered the Alliance chairman’s position by then-Chairman Shaun Walker in 2006, after Walker’s arrest on trumped-up federal civil rights charges.

Indybay also claims that Jim Ring has his own reservations about the leadership qualities of the current Chairman, Erich Gliebe. Supposedly Ring claims that Gliebe seized the assets and property of the group and put his close friends on the NA board to protect himself from critics within the organization. Although Gliebe continues to claim that Dr. William Pierce picked him to run the National Alliance before he died, Ring allegedly questions this claim. At a recent Sacramento Unit meeting, members said that Gliebe was running the National Alliance into the ground and Ring complained that Gliebe fails to ship him the racialist books and magazines needed to promote the NA at Sacramento gun shows. Ring also complained to members that the chairman has failed to produce any new magazines or catalogs.

The latter paragraph is completely at variance with the impression Jim Ring sought to publicly convey after a former NA member announced the launch of a reform movement within the Alliance on this Stormfront thread. Ring lashed out at the individual, who posts under the name of EarlTurnerAlliance, claiming that Turner lacked credibility because he had been expelled from the NA for cause.

It should be noted that Indybay, being an anti-racist resource, has no vested interest in the success of the National Alliance. Consequently, anything they report about pro-White activism must be taken with a grain of salt. They are likely to over-exaggerate any reports of disputes within the National Alliance in order to promote dissension and division and undermine morale. I would take much more stock in Jim Ring's own postings on this issue than in any second-hand reports about Ring's attitudes from an anti-racist source. Assume that Ring remains loyal to the present regime until he proves otherwise.

Nevertheless, there appears to be genuine frustration building among some rank-and-file members of the National Alliance over the organization's prolonged "treadmill" status, and Erich Gliebe would be wise to reach out to these people and listen to their concerns rather than question their fidelity to the Cause. The National Alliance has shrunk to only eight units, a mere fraction of its strength during the glory days of Dr. Pierce.


David Hanes said...

Wow eight units. That means maybe 25 members at best. Yes the white race will be saved.

Karen Evans said...

White Reference is getting a reputation of promoting the losers of the pro-White movement.

David Hanes said...

All people that are white power are losers.

Anonymous said...

"Turner Diary" is published/distributed by Lyle Stuart, the New York Jew publisher, whose forte is communist books. The Reds push the book because it makes a mockery of the right. Why do sheeple fill their coffers and tout their line? Yeah, right, Tim McVeigh is their hero?

McVeigh described himself as a "utopian communist." Sound familiar? Bill White, the self-proclaimed "utopian anarchist."

Why not write about the ones really on our side? James L. Hart, who won 83% of the vote for a Congressional nomination running on the slogan, "Whites Have Rights," comes to mind. He's running again, too, in Tennessee.

Karen Evans said...

That's what I can't understand about A.A. There are dozens of intelligent pro-White leaders and pro-White organizations to report about and he chooses to broadcast the misfits of the pro-White movement like the National Socialist Movement, Bill White, Hal Turner, Billy Roper, Alex Linder, David (puke) Duke, National Socialist American Labor Party, etc.

The positives are (my opinion) James L. Hart, Gerhart Lauck of the NSDAP-AO, American Nazi Party, John Taylor Bowles, and New Order.

apollonian said...

Loyalty Or Treason: That's The Question
(Apollonian, 3 Jan 10)

Hey "Dave Hanes"--so u're down on "white power," eh? So now u're either white or non-white urself, right? (Jews are not white.) And if u're non-white, then it's understandable u're anti-white--so there's no news there, right?

But if u're "white," then how could u possibly be anti-white unless u're traitor, right?--which means u're surely a stinking, scummy, little queer, right?

CONCLUSION: So golly gee, but I'm sorry to conclude it's soooooooo sad there aren't more queers who can relate w. u. But correct me if I'm wrong--it's either loyalty to white race, "white" meaning non-Jew, of course, ORRRRRR--loyalty to queers, right? Thanks for all ur guidance. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

apollonian said...

It's Always The Dumbest Dipshits Who Think They Can Fool People
(Apollonian, 3 Jan 10)

"Karen Evans": u got just a slight problem for a "leg to stand upon" when u talk about "intelligent pro-white leaders"--that's called "PRESUMPTION." What are ur definitions and premises for what u advocate?

Didn't u know that's the very hall-mark of Jewiness?--presumption and lack of definitions and premises--assertion without substantiation?

What is it specifically that make Hart, Lauck, and Taylor Bowles so good?--real white people know they need to give reasons--premises for conclusions. Only Jews and queers just make stupid, groundless assertions like u do.

So u see "Karen" and "David Hanes"--that's how u give urselves away so easily as u mimic and imitate Jews--even if u don't have even the basic "intelligence" urselves to understand. U could only be Jews or queer suck-alongs urselves.

For "white" is a largely useless abstraction to which a lot of mestizos and mulattos think they can pretend--and for which numerous Jews imagine they can "pass" (especially among themselves, esp. the dumber ones).

So u see, u two, "Karen" and "Dave," are such obvious, brainless, presumptuous morons who imagine the real white (hence non-Jew) people of present-day are so dumb as to accept the plausibility of superficial, cliche'-spouting punks like urselves, so idiotically ignorant and presumptuous--and who fool only urselves.

For the real conflict is that of culture and mentality--as btwn Christian HONESTY vs. Jew lies, Jews so much defined by means of their scams and lies like defining putrid COUNTERFEIT scam of US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see and for expo/ref.

For the whole pt. really is rebellion and liberation fm Jew-led and master-minded dictatorship of ZOG-Mammon empire-of-lies--IT'S AN ANTI-SEMITIC struggle. And Christians then are logical leaders of the large patriot movement which includes all gentiles and "white" people, all such rational and honest people acknowledging the virtue of racial loyalty in spirit of 5th of original Ten Commandments, "honor thy race" (parentage).

CONCLUSION: But thanks alot anyway, "Karen" and "Dave"--it's always interesting to get stupid punks like urselves who have urselves fooled most of all. U're outstanding examples of "non-racists" with ur "high" intelligence level by which u imagine u can fool people. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

"The positives are (my opinion) James L. Hart, Gerhart Lauck of the NSDAP-AO, American Nazi Party, John Taylor Bowles, and New Order"


David Hanes said...

Please do not compare me to Karen. Taylor Bowles is a loser. He wears make up and hangs around young boys.

Anonymous said...

White preservation is a must! If you think it's okay to preserve other races and not whites, you're very confused and brainwashed. Stop watching TV and listening to rap music and become a part of something real. There is nothing selfish about looking out for your own kind. It's actually quite the opposite. This isn't about gassing Jews and hanging blacks. IT'S ABOUT PRESERVING OUR WHITE EUROPEAN CULTURE!!! You guys should move to where I am and complain about skinheads and neo-Nazis! Illegal immigration is turning my state of California into another Mexico. Last time I checked Mexico was a SLUM! Europe used to be great also but they have massive non-white immigration there as well. If you're against drug use, homosexuality (encouraged to our youth), liberalism, and Communism; become a proud WHITE NATIONALIST! 14/88