Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Conditions Of Release Imposed On National Socialist Activist Daniel Jones, But Federal Judge David Katz Does Not Jail Him

On January 27th, 2010, the Toledo Blade is reporting that national socialist activist Dan Jones (pictured at left), once a regional leader for the now-dormant American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP), appeared before Judge David Katz on January 26th to face accusations of having violated his original release order forbidding him to access the Internet to discuss his case. After Jones' lawyer Andrew Hart explained that Jones' use of the Internet was to clear his name of accusations that he was an informer against ANSWP Commander Bill White, Judge Katz declined to send Jones to jail, instead imposing additional conditions of release.

Conditions of Release:

-- (Previous) Have no contact with members of the American National Socialist Workers Party
-- (Previous) Do not access the Internet without prior approval
-- (Previous) Do not publicly disseminate or post online any information about the victim in the case.
-- (New) Home detention.
-- (New) Allow pretrial services officials to conduct warrantless searches on Jones' home, computer, or person if there is reasonable suspicion that he violated conditions of his release.

The accusation stems from Jones' attempt to post information about the case several times on an unspecified "white supremacist forum" as well as attempts to contact an unspecified radio host, previously identified as Jim Giles of Radio Free Mississippi. Jones reportedly wanted Giles to establish the hookup on Skype, which requires Internet access, and Giles, concerned about the possibility of entrapment, not only refused, but reported the attempt to Jones' attorney and the prosecutor in the case. With this taking place so closely on the heels of the FBI-run Hal Turner sting, this generated concerns that Giles might also be another law enforcement sting operation. Defenders of Giles maintain that Giles really had no choice but to notify the prosecutor in case it was an entrapment effort.

Nevertheless, a cloud of suspicion continues to hover around Jim Giles because he has behaved oversolicitously towards anti-racist guests such as Mark Potok and Tim Wise, and verbally abused a White activist, Hunter Wallace. But this also shows how Hal Turner's actions inflicted considerable damage upon the White nationalist community and have resulted in some hypersensitivity. Unfortunately, this also plays directly into the hands of the Department of Justice, which wants to keep us disunited and weak.

Daniel Jones was originally arrested in Oregon back in October 2009 after an indictment. After being transported to Toledo, he was charged with one count each of interfering with civil rights and mailing threatening communications. Jones was accused of mailing a noose to Jason Upthegrove, president of the NAACP chapter in Lima, Ohio, and that he sent "hate flyers" to some Lima residents. Jones will stand trial beginning on June 15th. This trial will represent an attempt by the Feds to expand the definition of a threat beyond the traditional definition of "communicating an imminent written or verbal threat directly" to include the mere deployment of a symbol deemed threatening by a target. It represents a disturbing example of enforcement power.


Anonymous said...

Not trying to defend the Jewdicial system, but he's lucky he's still free to be out of prison, and if he's smart he shouldn't try to violate the terms again.

David Hanes said...

They should give him time for breaking the law. No worry. Come June 15 and Mr. Jones will be lil Leroy cell bitch.

Anonymous said...

One upside is that the incident blew the cover on the fed informant Giles character.

Anonymous said...

Jail for mailing a noose and distributing some flyers ? USSA. And there was a poor young girl in California who was kidnapped, molested for 18 years, living in the perps backyard, the perp was a convicted rapist - yet the FBI or local cops couldn't bust the case. You see where law enforcements priorities are - jailing Whitey for trivia. Hey Hanes(tien) can't wait for the Nurnberg laws to be reestablished for your ilk. Remember "Arbeit Macht Frei"

Anonymous said...

I listened to Giles interview of Wise - softball all the way - supporting the premise that merely being born White makes you privileged for which you, as a White, must pay. Giles is a Rat, just like Turner. Not as talented, but a stinking Rat nonetheless.