Friday, January 01, 2010

Glenn Miller Posts Update On "Neo-Nazi" Political Prisoner Bill White On The Vanguard News Network Forum; Dan Jones NOT An Informant

Longtime pro-White activist Frazier Glenn Miller has posted an update on the situation of national socialist political prisoner Bill White on this Vanguard News Network Forum thread. While he does not post White's actual letter, which is dated December 26th, 2009, Miller posts a summarization of White's latest situation. Bill White appears to be optimistic that he'll be free soon, and urges all White Nationalist activists to avoid even the appearance of illegal activity. Most importantly, White now states that Dan Jones is NOT an informant. The entire post is replicated below:

Above all, Bill urgently asks that no WN even consider any sort of illegal action because of his court conviction. "Be patient".

He's getting plenty to eat now thanks to his commissary privileges, and he's working out regularly with weights to keep fit. He also has considerable phone privileges. Only locked down about 20 hours per day.

He's very optimistic he'll be free soon.

He believes the court and judge were tricked into conducting the trial and believes they now regret doing so. And he believes the FBI is now also regretful, based on information they've subsequently received.

He says he's learned Dan Jones did not cooperate against him. And he even urges everybody who is subpoenaed to feel free to testify because he wants all truths to come out.

He appreciates all letters and would like to receive even more, but to be informed the FBI reads them all. Here's his address:

William (Bill) White #25-7
324 W. Campbell Ave, S.W.
Roanoke, VA 24016

Bill also re-confirmed that donations should be sent to his wife at:

Megan White
PO Box 8631,
Roanoke, VA 24014

He's in debt approximately $175,000.00.

Bill White had been the first to publicly surface allegations of his former ANSWP Northwest Director Dan Jones cooperating with the FBI in a 17-page handwritten letter discussed in this previous post. The allegations gained further traction after they were replicated by Radio Free Mississippi host Jim Giles back in December 2009. Giles was supposed to interview Jones, but prior to the interview, Jones asked Giles to use Skype, despite the fact that he [Jones] was under a court order not to access the Internet. When Giles confronted him with this fact, Jones allegedly asked Giles not to mention the fact that Skype was being used. Fearing the Jones was trying to enmesh him in a conspiracy, Giles immediately scrubbed the interview and sent the following letter to the Department of Justice (he discusses it on this broadcast):

From: RFM
Sent: Tuesday, December 15, 2009 8:33 AM
To: ''
Cc: ''; ''; ''; ''
Subject: Daniel Lee Jones

Dear Mr. Bauer,

I have attached the emails that Daniel Lee Jones has sent to me. I bring this to your attention because it appears to me that he is in violation of his pretrial court order. Jones initiated contact with me proposing that I interview him but prior to the interview he told me the court had ordered him to not use the Internet and our interview was to be done via Skype which is Internet based. Jones wanted me to "not mention" the fact that we were using the Internet. I declined to interview him stating that I would not participate in an interview that violated the Court's Order.

This morning Jones has left two telephone messages at my home, calling from 503-807-8706 according to my caller ID, stating that he has listened to my monologue on the cancelled interview with him which I posted on my website last night. Listen hear: Jones goes on in the telephone message threatening to sue me for libel.

And Mr. Hart and Ms. Grill, I request that you advise your client to not contact me again in any way whatsoever. I have nothing to say to him again, ever.

Yours Truly,

Jimmy D. Giles
Radio Free Mississippi
173 Pear Lane
Pearl, Mississippi 39208
(601) 939-2950

Makes you wonder who the real informant is, doesn't it? Dan Jones does has legal troubles of his own; in October 2009, he was indicted and arrested for allegedly mailing a hangman’s noose to the head of the Lima, Ohio, chapter of the NAACP (sometimes referred to as the National All-African Communist Party).

Nevertheless, the latest admission by Bill White takes some of the pressure off of Dan Jones' shoulders. One must understand that at the time White made his initial accusation, he was being confined under rather strict regime and his information was being filtered. Hopefully Dan Jones will consider this in his own reaction.

Bill White had ten days after his conviction to make a decision about whether to appeal the four guilty verdicts against him. Since he was convicted on December 18th, this means the suspense date for the notification of intent to appeal was December 28th. From White's letter, it appears that he is appealing.


Anonymous said...

Neither Glenn Miller, the federal-informant, nor Bill White, the narcisist, nor Hal Turner, the agent-provocateur, speaks for us. The nerve!

Anonymous said...

You could fill a midwestern classroom with the cowards who have ran from the white case. Dan Jones wasn't one of them. Good luck, Dan!

David Hanes said...

Yes the FBI is scared of Bill. They just mopped the floor with him. Now Dan Jones is a good guy. Last week he was a FBI informer. Bill is insane. I hope the blacks make him into an ass sandwhich.

Kyle said...

Put Bill & Jim's opinion aside. Forget whether Dan Jones WAS ever an informant, if he was actually court ordered not to use the internet, but then asked Jim to do something and hide that fact, isn't that at least stupid & illegal?

Dan might've done nothing to hurt Bill, but he had no reason to use the internet if it was an order not to, plus he didn't need to call Jim with the tone of asking for trouble.

Karen Evans said...

This is why you can't believe anything Bill White says. One day a person is anti, the next day that person is pro. Maybe Bill White should be given a dart board to decide these issues.

David Hanes said...

Bill White's ass will be a dart board for black inmates.

Anonymous said...

I can't figure out who is the biggest fraud to the pro-White movement: Glenn Miller or Bill White?

Anonymous said...

Jim Giles is also an odd bird - I vote for COINTELPRO for him - I listened to one of his interviews with a Tim Wise, who apparently makes a living attacking the White race as "privileged" with the logical undertone of White's thus being obligated to "pay" for this "privileged status". The whole interview was softball and non confrontational, the questions bland and answers uninformative.