Saturday, January 02, 2010

Florida Sheriff's Deputy Wayne Kerschner Fired From Job Over Membership In The United Northern & Southern Knights Of The Ku Klux Klan

An Alachua County, Florida sheriff's deputy who worked as a detention officer was fired from his job on Wednesday December 30th, 2009 because of his membership in a Klan organization, despite the fact that there were never any problems between him and black employees or inmates. Primary media story published in the Gainesville (FL) Sun; other stories published by WCJB Channel 20 with video, Newsnet14, and the Sydney Morning-Herald. Discussion thread opened on Free Republic, where some members wonder whether a Latino officer would have also been fired for belonging to the National Council of La Raza.

Wayne Kerschner was fired on Wednesday following a 10-month internal investigation. The investigation revealed that Kerschner applied online for membership to the United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (UNSKKKK) in December 2008, paid $30 a month for access to a members-only website, and that the group did a thorough background check that included his credit history before allowing him to join.

The FBI was first tipped to Kerschner's involvement in the Klan by the wife of a Florida Klan leader, whom Kerschner identified as a Fruitland Park police officer. From there, a detective who is a member of the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force then notified the Office of Professional Standards about Kerschner's possible involvement in the Klan, prompting the investigation in which Kerschner was interviewed by several officers. Kerschner became interested in the UNSKKKK through his wife, Shanda Lynn Kerschner.

Kerschner gave some details into how he was inducted into the Klan in a process called "naturalization". He said he was blindfolded during the ceremony and was touched on the shoulder with a sword after taking an oath. Kerschner also said he had traveled to Klan rallies in other states, specifically two rallies in Tennessee.

Kerschner told investigators the Klan never asked him for information about the jail or the sheriff's office and that he never let his membership interfere with his job. He said he would never get involved with anything criminal and wouldn't ever jeopardize the sheriff's office. He further explained that he viewed the Klan as a religious or political organization. "I don't let it interfere with my job," he said, according to the report. "I don't let it interfere with my personal judgment call on anything like that. I mean, I think I am a pretty dang fair officer."

But in the final analysis, his explanation didn't matter to his boss, Alachua County Sheriff Sadie Darnell, who contends Kerschner violated a policy that prohibits employees from knowingly being a member of any subversive or terrorist organization except when necessary for the job and then only with the approval of the sheriff. "It was jarring to find out that someone in our agency was involved with an insidious organization," said Darnell. "Termination was warranted. I want the action to send a message that this is offensive behavior and is not acceptable at all." She also stated, "It affects our credibility and integrity with the community, especially the minority community".

Afterwards, Wayne Kerschner expressed regret that he joined the UNSKKKK, although he did not recant his belief that the organization is legit. Kerschner can appeal the termination, although the success of an appeal would hinge upon whether he knew that the UNSKKKK was specifically considered a forbidden organization by name. It is obvious he did not believe this to be the case, but as Sheriff Darnell herself said, it is not acceptable nowadays to have an employee with that ideology.

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Wayne said...

This is Mr. Kerschner, I stumbled across your webpage. Both my mother and fathers decendants are from Germany.I am a White
Christian of the Methodist faith. I have taken a stand for my beliefs and have been castigated because of it. God Bless the UNSK