Thursday, January 28, 2010

April Gaede Attacked By Both The Southern Poverty Law Center And The Montana Human Rights Network Because Of Her Pro-Family Activism

If a White activist is being targeted and attacked, it means that person is obviously effective. And few have been more effective at promoting -- and exemplifying -- the pro-White message than April Gaede, a wife and the mother of three daughters, including the famed pop duo of Prussian Blue.

This week, April Gaede is paying a price for her effectiveness as two entities in the anti-racist cartel have trained their rhetorical guns upon her. First, the Southern Poverty Law Center takes her to task in this post for starting a matchmaking service for racially-conscious Whites. Gaede announced her intention in this Stormfront thread:

I would like to see more couples and babies.

I am willing to act as a go between, researcher, matchmaker, older sister and guide for any WNs who are looking for a WN spouse. Only email me if you are serious about finding a spouse or long term partner. You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire and send photos. Your information will be kept secure.

I have many references throughout WNism as well as from this board who will vouch for my sincerity and my loyalty to our cause, the 14 words, and the future of our race.

Despite the investment of time and effort required for Ms. Gaede to launch this service, she is generously refusing to charge for her services at this time. What better evidence of her personal commitment to the Cause can be cited? The SPLC commentary is, as usual, an inchoate and hysterical mix of fact and fiction. Ironically, they fail to explain why it is O.K. for Blacks, Latinos, Jews, Mormons, Catholics, etc. to have exclusive matchmaking services, but not O.K. for Whites.

Until you remember that "anti-racist" is code for "anti-White".

Ms. Gaede also appeared on the Alan Colmes radio program to discuss her matchmaking initiative; more information in this other Stormfront thread and in this VNN Forum thread. Thanks to Voice Of Reason, we have an embeddable, commercial-free version of the interview, posted below:

Not wanting to be left in the dust by the SPLC, the Montana Human Rights Network has also launched their own attack upon April Gaede...but over a different issue. MHRN is unhappy about the fact that Ms. Gaede has been promoting the cause of the Hope Pregnancy Ministries to raise funds for their organization. Her appeal is posted on this other Stormfront thread.

MHRN smears Hope Pregnancy Ministries by claiming that they "set up fake medical clinics - which aren't staffed by medical professionals, but instead are created as lures to persuade pregnant women not to have abortions". This is an outright lie; according to their website, Hope Pregnancy Resource Center "provides education, mentoring, and material resources to women from the time they find out they’re pregnant through the first 18 months of their child’s life", and further state that "each woman is counseled on her options and given accurate medical information regarding her choices. In a loving, nonjudgmental environment, patients are allowed to express their hopes and fears, and encouraged to carefully consider all their options before making this life-changing decision".

And like typical anti-racist progressives, they consider Hope Ministries just as "guilty" as April Gaede, employing the Marxist principle of collective guilt. To "prove" their innocence, MHRN imperiously demands that Hope publicly denounce white supremacy and donate any money raised by Stormfront members at the behest of Ms. Gaede to the Montana Indian Education Association (I guess Indians must be MHRN's "minority du jour" this week).

Once again, I repeat: "Anti-racist" is code for "anti-White".

You can help counter MHRN's psychological terrorism against Hope Pregnancy Ministries by sending your best gift to:

Hope Pregnancy Ministries
1281 Burns Way
Kalispell Montana 59901

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