Thursday, January 28, 2010

Anti-Racist Thugs Led By Former FBI Agent Jeffrey Imm Browbeat Dulles Westin Hotel Into Chasing Away The 2010 American Renaissance Conference

Update January 31st: This story continues to grow; all posts on this story now available HERE, with the most recent post displaying first.

An organized campaign of intimidation and misinformation by a motley group of anti-racist thugs has regrettably succeeded in browbeating the Dulles Westin Hotel into chasing away the 2010 American Renaissance conference, sponsored by Jared Taylor's New Century Foundation. This information has been put out by One People's Project, who in turn learned of it from a group called Responsible for Equality And Liberty (R.E.A.L.)

Amren Conference organizer Jared Taylor attempted to keep the meeting location secret in order to prevent this from happening. But somehow word leaked out, and the anti-racists began a nonstop campaign of telephone harassment of the hotel. But even before the Westin Hotel had been selected, the Dulles Airport Marriott, which was the first choice, was similarly targeted by anti-racists, leading to them also chasing away the conference.

By the way, the Amren Conference is still on, from February 17-19. You can read the agenda HERE; headlining the speakers are British National Party Chairman and MEP Nick Griffin, Jared Taylor, and American Indian spokesman Dr. David A. Yeagley, the great-great-grandson of Comanche leader Bad Eagle, who calls himself “the sole voice of conservatism among Indian Intellectuals” (his writing can be found at Taylor will let conference attendees know the final location around 48 hours before the event.

Front and center in the anti-racist harassment campaign is the group Responsible for Equality and Liberty (R.E.A.L.). Note how they put equality ahead of liberty; this implies Marxist influence, since traditional Americans have always considered liberty most important. In this post, R.E.A.L. smears and misrepresents American Renaissance; here's the critical excerpt:

The American Renaissance/New Century Foundation website provides a cacophony of White Supremacist hate commentaries mocking Black Americans based on their IQ, arguing that the genetics of Black Americans make them intellectually inferior, and railing against “the color of crime” with comments attacking Blacks and Hispanic individuals. It warns its readers about “Transition to Black Rule” and attacks Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Its focus is exclusively on a white supremacist perspective on race with books and articles entitled: “Why Race Matters,” “Racial Heresies of the 21st Century,” and “Race and the American Prospect.”

This is a completely distorted picture of American Renaissance. The courtly, scholarly Taylor does not "mock" blacks, promotes racial separatism rather than supremacy, and enforces the highest standard of civil dialogue on his website. But the anti-racist misinformation campaign is skillfully promoted, and when you find out who speaks for R.E.A.L., you will understand why. R.E.A.L.'s spokesman is Jeffrey Imm, who identifies himself in comments appended to this Occidental Dissent post as a former FBI agent. So now we have the FBI trying to control both ends of the field -- the racists and the anti-racists. Mind you, this is the same FBI who paid Hal Turner $150,000 to function as an informant and honeytrap for five years, then threw him under the bus when he got into trouble over his Internet posts. Jeffrey Imm describes R.E.A.L.'s goals in the following comment (read after the jump):

#7 Jeffrey Imm on 27 Jan 2010 at 11:51 pm
Responsible for Equality And Liberty (R.E.A.L.) is not an “anti-white” web site as described above. I and many of its members are white. It is a pro-freedom, pro-equality, and pro-liberty web site. In addition, we are not a pro-anarcho-communist site, but strongly object to Communist totalitarianism and violent anarchist movements. We also are focused on being against hate, which our group’s slogan reads “Love is more powerful than hate, Love Wins.” Our love for our fellow human beings includes respect for their diversity, and respect for their equality in America and around the world. Our love our fellow human beings is focused on supporting their universal human rights and dignity.

This is in contrast to Occidental Dissent which states as its mission “Occidental Dissent is a White Nationalist website. We support the creation of a Jew-free, racially exclusive White ethnostate in North America.”

We are not simply “angry protesters” as described above, but we are consistent and uncompromising in our defense of our universal human rights. In fact, we did not demand that the Westin cancel the American Renaissance event, but specifically made it clear to the Westin the racialist hate that was associated with the American Renaissance group, as well as its frequent supremacist members among the Stormfront and other hate groups. This is the same Stormfront whose members have been defending the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum terrorist Von Brunn’s terror attack 6 months ago in Washington DC. This is also the same American Renaissance group that is being watched by law enforcement agencies. We felt that the Westin had the right to know about this.

Many of our supporters live in the Washington DC area. The attack by Von Brunn was an attack on our home, no different than Jihadist terrorism. We deserve to let our neighbors here in the DC area know what is going on. And just like we will oppose Jihadist hate, we will also oppose racial supremacist hate.

What we planned at the Westin, and what we continue to plan wherever the American Renaissance ultimately holds its events is to pray for those who support its hate. Because we believe that Love Wins, and we will pray for those whose hearts are burdened by the hate of racial supremacism to lose the burden of that hate from their hearts. We are a secular group. However, in the interests of peace and love for our fellow human beings, we will pray for those who support white supremacism.

To those who want to meet here, yes, you should know that I will also let others in the Washington DC area know about the hate associated with the American Renaissance group. White supremacist terrorist Von Brunn attended events with Nick Griffin (a scheduled 2010 AmRen speaker), and with David Duke. We have seen in our streets the influence such hate has.

To those who want to meet with us, you are welcome to do so. We have numerous public events in support of our universal human rights, as we did at the National Press Club last month. We have events at the Lincoln Memorial, the Capitol, the Washington Monument, and in the streets of Washington DC. We have events in Chicago, in NYC, and soon in Philadelphia. We are not hiding, we are and will continue to be right out in public. We were at the National Press Club again today - opposing Communist hate.

Not only will we continue to challenge racial supremacism, we will continue to challenge Nazism, we will continue to challenge Communism, we will continue to challenge oppression against religious freedom, we will continue to challenge hate against women, we will continue to challenge those who refuse to acknowledge “honor killings,” and we will continue to challenge Jihadists. I led a nationally televised protest against Hizb ut-Tahrir in Chicago. I spoke in front of Fort Hood terrorist Nidal Hasan and his fellow supremacists at George Washington University. We will continue to challenge those who promote terrorism and hate.

As per Psalm 23, we will “fear no evil.” We do not believe the answer to hate is more hate. We do not hate those who hate, but we urge them to drop the burden of hate from their hearts and rejoin the brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity in shared defense of our universal human rights for all.

To those of you who seek to meet me, I hope we do meet. Because I believe in our universal human rights for all of us, and I hope that someday you come to realize that is in your interest as well. Love Wins. You have my hopes and my prayers that you will find this to be true in your hearts.

In comment #8 of the same post, Jeffrey Imm proudly owns up to his FBI background, although he claims that he does not represent himself as a member of the FBI. This, of course, is the same FBI which murdered Vicki Weaver at Ruby Ridge, participated in the incineration of dozens of men, women, and CHILDREN at Waco, and has participated in the politically-motivated prosecutions of citizens such as former U.S. Senator Ted Stevens, a prosecution so biased and mishandled that Attorney General Eric Holder disavowed it, causing the trial judge to set aside the conviction. Over $1,000,000 taxpayer dollars flushed down the drain. Fidelity? Bravery? Integrity? Maybe back in J. Edgar Hoover's day, but not under the series of hacks who've headed the organization ever since.

Jared Taylor is sometimes criticized within the White nationalist community for his philo-Semitism. But I don't exactly see a bunch of his Jewish associates riding to his rescue. So it's up to us to express our outrage over the harassment campaign directed against American Renaissance and our support for Taylor's efforts. Jared Taylor helps to lay a solid intellectual foundation for White nationalism and is ideally positioned to deliver an effective message to what we call the "valuable intellectual properties". An attack on one White nationalist leader must be considered an attack on all of us.


Anonymous said...

Any White organization that amounts to anything must have a legal resource to sue anti White organizations for the libel, slander and interference with their civil and constitutional rights. The ADL was assessed a 10 Mil judgment several years ago for slandering a White couple in Colorado - it can and should happen again. I'd like to see that Pig Imm under a deposition for several hours.

larry said...

"somehow word leaked out!"
Yeah, right!
and somehow hal turner ended up in court.
somehow david duke ends up living in a luxury chalet in austria
somehow don black ends up with a boat full of ammo and guns headed to the right wing in cuba
somehow benny hinn can wave his hand and a room full of followers collapse
for the uninitiated, allow me to explain the "somehow."
there are no legitimate "white" organizations.
run. don't walk. run away from any group espousing "white nationalism."
they are all corrupted. everyone of them. they are all honey traps meant to lure in the weak minded and entrap them or misdirect them into illegal deeds and then snag them.
again i say, RUN, DON'T WALK AWAY!

Anonymous said...

For Larry: I found The Nationalist Movement to be pretty sane, safe and successful.