Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2009 Gallup Poll Shows Jews The Most Liberal Religious Group In The United States, Mormons The Most Conservative

On January 12th, 2010, Gallup published a story entitled "Mormons Most Conservative Major Religious Group in U.S.". This is the result of a series of 350,000 Gallup Daily tracking interviews conducted in 2009, including 5,819 interviews with Mormons, intended to measure how seven different major religious groups in the United States graded out on their adherents' political orientation.

Although the story focuses on Mormons, showing that 59 percent of them identify as conservatives, further split between 43 percent conservative and 16 percent very conservative, it also reveals that Jews are the most liberal religious group in the United States. Overall, 43 percent of Jews identify as liberal, further split between 32 percent liberal and 11 percent very liberal.

A companion Gallup story from October 2009 further supports these results. In a poll described at that time, 66 percent of Jews leaned Democrat and only 27 percent leaned Republican, while 63 percent of Mormons leaned Republican and only 20 percent leaned Democrat. In addition, while 64 percent of all Jews expressed approval of Obama's job performance at the time, only 32 percent of all Mormons expressed approval.

But although the story focuses on Mormons, this blog is focused on "naming the Jew", when it is germane to the issue. So it is the Jewish angle which is explored in this post. The results of the poll tend to explain the following:

(1). Post-election polls show that 78 percent of Jews who voted in November 2008 chose Barack Obama.

(2). Of the 44 Jews in Congress, 43 are Democrats as of January 12th, 2010.

(3). Jewish domination of the American mass media, accomplished by influence rather than numbers, results in the national news media showing a distinct left-wing bias with the exception of the conservative-oriented Fox News Channel, which is considered by many to be merely controlled opposition. Fueling the latter suspicion is the fact that all the national media take the same party line when it comes to Jewish interests; questioning the existence of Israel or the veracity of the Holocaust is generally forbidden on all national news media outlets.

(4). Jewish domination of the entertainment industry, proclaimed and celebrated by Jewish L.A. Times reporter Joel Stein as recently as December 2008, has resulted in the coarsening and corruption of our culture through promotion of socially-destabilizing practices such as homosexuality, rampant miscegenation, multiculturalism, and excessive profanity in dialogue. In addition, the entertainment industry has worked ceaselessly to marginalize and ridicule the traditional culture and family values which helped catapult this nation to unprecedented power and prosperity.

(5). Jewish domination of the financial industry. While the percentage of conservative Jews in this segment may be higher, the effects upon the American population have been no less deleterious. Jewish domination of this segment resulted in the promotion of debt as the new American "coin of the realm". This industry promoted a stunning array of trick mortgages, on the surface appearing to increase home ownership, but beneath the surface, increasing the number of debtors - and profits from those debtors. They also monetized one of the most dangerous financial instruments in existence - derivatives. The financial giants then showed their gratitude by paying their executives windfall bonuses, and when their corporate financial positions became too precarious, proclaimed themselves "too big to fail" and got taxpayer TARP funds to stay in business (with the exception of Lehmann Brothers). To appease an increasingly restive population, a scapegoat in the person of Eugene Madoff was chosen to symbolically "pay for the sins" of the financial industry.

(6). Jewish domination of the civil rights industry. Jews have been disproportionally involved in the black civil rights movement; two of the three civil rights workers found dead in Philadelphia, MS were Yankee Jews. The NAACP was presided over by Jews from 1911-1975. They've now branched out to include involvement in other civil rights movements, to include gay and tranny rights. But their involvement isn't merely to upgrade the condition of the so-called "victims", but also to bring down the majority group. This is done through an increased array of "nondiscrimination" ordinances and hate crime laws, which tend to be applied disproportionately against Whites. The Jewish premise is that if Whites get bogged down struggling for their existence, they won't have enough time left over to "Holocaust" the Jews again. Divide and conquer.

But considering that Jews only make up 8.4 percent of Congress and 1.7 percent of the American population at large, they're obviously getting considerable outside help in imposing this agenda. And where are they getting most of the help? From within the white community. Christian Zionists who raise $9 million for Israel during A Night To Honor Israel. Public officials who fire workers for belonging to a pro-White organization off the job. Corporate HR wankers who openly engage in preferential hiring and promotion of non-white workers under the guise of "affirmative action". Official promotion and statutory protection of Jewish and other civil rights history. Anti-racists who witch-hunt white conservatives as "racist" for the sake of organizational self-perpetuation.

DSCI Pastor Martin Lindstedt has a nickname for all these "whites" who engage in active measures against the White community. He calls them "whiggers"; his premise is that being a whigger is not just a state of dress, but also a state of mind. Any white who deliberately oppresses whites is a "whigger", in his purview. But although I still disagree vigorously with Lindstedt's opinion about VNN Forum and Alex Linder, Lindstedt may well be right about the whigger issue. Sometimes we as WNs are so desirous to bring other whites around to our way of thinking that we are too solicitous of whiggers.

We need both a carrot and a stick. The carrot is for those lemmings who are genuinely uninformed and unawakened through no fault of their own. The stick will be for whiggers who knowingly "sin against the light".


David Hanes said...

Jews own Hollywood. Oh no! Blame Adam Sandler.

apollonian said...

"White Nationalism": Jew-Sponsored Attempt To Detract From Christian Unity Against Jew Enemy
(Apollonian, 13 Jan 10)

Interesting cultural analysis u give, AA; problem is it's mis-leading and woefully inadequate. For note "liberal" and "conservative" are mere buzz-words, "liberal" originally meaning freedom and liberty, now meaning the very opposite (fascism). "Conservative" merely means staying the same as previously. Problem now is if we stay same, it means staying locked within Jew communist dictatorship.

And Mormons are a very strange group of people who believe, as I'm given to understand, that humans can become God--Mormons ARE NOT Christian. And that's the fundamental cultural conflict, Christian vs. Jew, Truth vs. lies.

Hence AA, ur cultural analysis is very superficial at best, covering only externals, not getting to the real substance. For Jews make use of subjectivism and false moralism featuring "good-evil" fallacy/delusion/heresy by which to mis-lead hubristic, corrupt, Mammon-worshipping gentiles.

Another thing u leave out, AA, is Jews are simply Talmudic criminals (see RevisionistHistory.org, TruthTellers.org, and Come-and-hear.com for best Talmudic expo), constituting a literal criminal gang, most sublimely organized and collectivistically inter-connected, who've taken over corrupted, perverted, HUBRISTIC, Mammon-worshipping "culture" in CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, consisting of over-populated fools, dupes, suckers, inferiors, and weaklings, sad and tragic off-spring and descendents of original conquerors and heroes.

Thus we see again, life is truly tragic, as Greeks originally taught, humanity horribly susceptible to sin, as Christians teach.

Jews then are mere parasitic disease-of-opportunity who definitively control things by means, first of all, of their COUNTERFEIT scams known as fractional-reserve money and banking, like present US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see RealityZone.com and TheMoneyMasters.com for expo/ref.

And "white nationalism" is evermore exposed as a Jew-sponsored attempt, as for example, Linder/VNN (VanguardNewsNetwork.com), to detract fm most fundamental Christian vs. Jew conflict, Jews enabled thereby to pretending they're "white," ISOLATING white folk against everyone else (instead of isolating Jew criminals), distracting and diverting attn fm primary Jew enemy, pushing rather white vs. non-white, when all peoples are oppressed first and most by Jews, and all peoples can and should be united by means of Christian ideal of truth and honesty.

CONCLUSION: Once again WhiteReference is found wanting, failing to give the accurate, substantial analysis identifying Jew oppressor and enemy of God and mankind, totally ignoring the fundamental conflict btwn Christian vs. Jew, and utterly failing for analysis of substance, Christian TRUTH founded in Western objectivity vs. Jew lies founded in subjectivity and moralistic heresy leading to cultural corruption founded in fraud, esp. COUNTERFEITING which then controls and affects literally everything else in detail. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

larry said...

white nationalists in america have no chance of recovery. the reason is simple, there are no coherent leaders who are not convicted felons, former drug dealers, recovering alcaholics, wife swappers or known tattle tales.
in fact the white race in america has no one to turn to.
the american people have become so "conditioned" to racial suicide that soon whites will actuall pay for their own deaths thinking it will save the planet.
in every white nation on earth the leaders are demanding white racial suicide. actually hand over their birthright to foreigners who neither deserve or erned it. why?
simple, israel is under a curse from God. all 12 tribes have been dispersed to the four winds never to be united until Christ returns.
White nationalists mistakenly think that because whites are Israel that God will help them. he won't because america and Britain were formed beause of a promise God made to Abraham.
Israel is both under a curse and a BLESSING! they are cursed because they disobeyed God and blessed because God had to fulfill His promise to Abraham.
Think! what was the glue that held all the white nations together for almost a thousand years? CHRIST!
As whitey became rich and rebelled against God AGAIN! this time rejecting Christ God completed the curse having fulfilled His promise to Abraham!
America could repent and turn to Christ again, but because Christianity has been turned into a cartoon by oral roberts billy graham pat robertson benny hinn paula white and others, americans don't even have a way to find Christ today.

Anonymous said...

Don't know what the Devil worshiping Mormons are considered so "conservative" - Niggers and Spics run the organization.