Thursday, December 03, 2009

White Revolution Chairman Billy Roper Interviewed By The Daily Beast; Introduces The Nationalist Party Of America

Update January 6th 2013: Since this post, both White Revolution and the nationalist Party of America have been disbanded.

While visiting the White Revolution website, I learned that the organization's chairman, Billy Roper (pictured at left), was recently interviewed by The Daily Beast. Roper's input was incorporated into an article entitled "Stopping the Next McVeigh" by James Verini, which was published on November 7th, 2009.

Verini's interest in this subject was quickened by the twin rallies mounted by the National Socialist Movement in Phoenix, Arizona and Austin, Minnesota during the weekend of November 7th. According to Verini, law enforcement officials are having apocalyptic visions of "Tim McVeigh II"; they believe the upsurge in visibility is more than anecdotal, as they claim that levels of agitation among extremist groups are the highest since McVeigh’s attack in Oklahoma City in 1995.

Verini contacted two individuals. The first was James Ambrose, an Idaho truck driver who founded the Idaho Citizens Constitutional Militia in 2008. The ICCM is listed in the “militia contacts” section of the website “A Well Regulated Militia", and his email is listed on ICCM’s site. Ambrose, 34 and unmarried, is a veteran of the Army, in which he served as an artillery specialist, though not in Iraq or Afghanistan. (He was stationed in Korea and Fort Bragg.) He says the ICCM now has 40 members, about half of them veterans.

But of even greater interest to the White Nationalist community is the second person contacted, Billy Roper. Although Verini characterized White Revolution’s website as "somewhat rambling and hysterical", he acknowledged that Roper is "almost unnervingly articulate in conversation". Roper also discussed his newest political creation, the Nationalist Party of America. Here's the segment on Billy Roper:

There were “two reactions among people of my political stripe,” to Obama’s election, he told me when I reached him on the phone at his home in Arkansas, which was not difficult; his number is listed on White Revolution’s website. “The first was panic. The paranoid mind-set was that we’d all be rounded up and put in a gulag. The other reaction was that this will be a wake-up call for people.” Roper situated himself in the second camp. “People are going to become increasingly disenchanted with Obama’s America.”

And that is why Roper is running for president in 2012, which he called a “last-ditch election year” for America. His Nationalist Party of America has completed its platform and is already raising money. “We don’t anticipate winning or even being a spoiler for either party,” Roper admitted, but he intends to add to the debate. He says he is especially excited about the health-care proposals. They focus on HMO reform. [Ed. Note: Those proposals are outlined on NolanChart.]

“For years, white Americans were just concerned with watching sports and drinking beer and being consumers,” Roper said. “They were like bad puppies. Obama is like the rolled up newspaper smacking their butt. And now they’re baring their teeth. We’re at the stage kind of like the original 13 colonies around 1760. We’re at that awkward stage of the revolution when it’s too late to work within the system and too early to shoot the bastards.”

But Roper observed that any violence against the president would be counterproductive. “Harming Obama would be one of the worst things that could happen to our cause,” he said. “It would lead to the entire weight and power of the government coming down on our heads.”

The Nationalist Party of America promotes genuine reform. Billy Roper wants to replace most current forms of taxation with a national sales tax of 23 percent to fund the federal government and restrict states to levying a state sales tax of no more the 5 percent. He promotes zero tolerance on illegal immigration and a reduction in legal immigration to manageable levels, with no chain migration. He supports corporal punishment for petty criminals and the death penalty for pedophiles with corroborative DNA evidence. He wants to bar homosexuals and illegal aliens from military service.

But, outside his health care reform package, the most intriguing part of the NPA platform is copyright reform. The practice of defining intellectual property using the same ground rules as real property is becoming a nuisance at the very least, and a real nightmare for some. There are endless squabbles between bloggers and media outlets over "fair use". The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has been terrorizing housewives and college students with legal action for innocently downloading a few tunes. Consequently, Billy Roper wants to re-visit this whole realm of "intellectual property", proposing wholesale copyright reform, patent reform, trademark reform, abolition of the DMCA and related subsequent provisions within copyright law, and outright separation of intellect from property. No other candidate or party has the guts to address this thorny issue.

While Billy Roper is an experienced activist well-versed in the power of political persuasion, he might do well to review this recent TOQ Online interview with Dr. David Duke, who put forth 11 tips for White activists who run for elections. Of particular interest is number six, where Dr. Duke states, "Make your program true to our principles, but focused on issues that will get you votes, not cost you votes. Issues that will separate you from the crowd and give the most people strong reasons not to vote for you", and "Go with issues that have the most support among our people that are consonant with our views". Also noteworthy is number seven, where he states, "It is vital that one does not sell out our basic concepts, yet at the same time present our views in way that is appealing rather than unattractive or disingenuous. It is tightrope that you must learn to walk if you take part in the political process".

What makes Dr. Duke's advice particularly worth considering is...he actually won an election.


LARS said...

americans will NEVER accept nazis.
period. end of story.
you can jump up and down and call me names and whine and comlain. but america will never accept nazis. never have never will.
what america needs is a BNP type organization run by NON-CONVICTED FELONS!

Anchorage Activist said...

LARS - read the NPA platform again; there's nothing "Nazi" about it. It actually sounds more like a Pat Buchanan platform. Of course, Roper would have to explain his involvement with White Revolution on the campaign trail, but using David Duke's rules of thumb, he could gain credibility.

Billy Roper said...

I appreciate the positive article about our new party and campaign, and encourage anyone interested in either helping us to build the party by joining, or volunteering, or running for public office in their area under the NPA ticket, to please contact me. Thank you!

-Billy Roper

Anonymous said...

Mark Potok is saying that Roper is basically nothing. No job, no money, no organization, etc. With no love for Potok, nonetheless, if he is accurate, why would anyone want to follow Roper? I mean, other than a blurb on some website, being labeled a nazi and getting a rap on the door from the feds, what could associating with Roper accomplish? If somebody wants to run for office, fine, they don't need Roper.

Anonymous said...

Nationally syndicated columnist Jim Oliphant has written that Roper has been financed by Achmed Huber, a half-Arab, half-Jew, living in Switzerland. Maybe we can hear from Roper if this is true or false. And, just who is financing Roper and for how much? Any tax returns, financial statements, election commision reports available?

Anonymous said...

I personally just don't understand all the hate. I have friends of many races, and I don't trust people just because their color is the same as mine. I risked my life to fight for the freedoms of all of those innocent and not strong enough to protect themselves because God gave me an inner strength to do so. I don't have hate for Roper just sorrow. Someone with such intelligence could really be an asset to America if used for all races and innocents. I also think that all people who kill innocent people no matter what color should die. I am black, and have a melting pot of races in my family and love all of them! There are just as many ignorant blacks, whites, spanish, asian etc as people that are on our planet. I was having a discussion with a friend of mine who believes in aliens (off the subject right...just hold on) he said it doesn't surprise him that aliens are not showing themselves- they probably think why would we reveal ourselves to the inhabitants of earth...they can't even get along with themselves just because they are slightly different in shades of skin. Those humans live on the same planet and can't get along - they are not ready for us aliens from another solar system.
Now, listening to this I thought… I see what you’re does make sense in a weird way. (just food for thought- getting back to this blog; we really need to work together. I am strong and not weak by any means, but my heart hurts for the individuals of our many varieties of races who'd rather keep the company of someone who looks just like the extent that Roper has.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do have a full-time job, like most White men I go to work almost every day to pay the taxes that millions of nonWhites on welfare depend on. I do not receive a salary either for being Chairman of White Revolution, or as a political activist and candidate. I file my taxes every year just like most citizens, and my campaign finance reports are current and on file with the Arkansas Secretary of State's office.

For a digression, if there are extraterrestrials out there watching us, it means that they have successfully evolved, both in terms of technology and mastering their own environment, to reach us, which is something we can never aspire to if the group natural selection process which nature uses to promote the true diversity and specialization necessary for the continued evolution of our species is undone through multiracialism. So, if they're watching, they're probably more "racist" than I am. LOL

-Billy Roper
Write-In Candidate for Governor of Arkansas, 2010, on the way to 2012.

Anonymous said...

Nazis fought communism which was the USA's deadly enemy. I have no objection to nazis, and yolu seem to have no objection to communism.