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Vanguard News Network Observer "Walter Kurtz" Reports From The Courtroom In The Bill White Federal Trial In Roanoke

To compensate for gaps in media coverage in the Federal trial of national socialist activist Bill White in Roanoke, Virginia, a longtime member of the Vanguard News Network Forum has decided to sit in on the trial and record his observations. He posts under the screen name of Walter Kurtz, and his posts are scattered throughout this Vanguard News Network Forum mega-thread.

The purpose of this post is to get all of his posts on the trial orgnaized into one place. He starts posting his observations of the trial on page 11 of the thread, beginning on Day 4 of the trial (December 14th):

Posted on December 15th, in reference to testimony given by the two black women on Day 4 (Dec 14):

Here's what the mainstream media (MSM) conveniently leaves out of its reporting the testimony by negro woman Tiese Mitchell while on the witness stand:

Tiese Mitchell and four other residents of a Section 8 apartment complex in Virginia Beach, Virginia, filed a lawsuit with HUD against their White landlord, a "Doc" (Mr.) Henry. The suit alleged that Mr. Henry's lease covenant stating that residents of his Section 8 housing must adhere to "Quiet Time" between 10 PM and 6 AM, was unfair, and that Mr. Henry allegedly made racial remarks to some of his negro tenants. This is where Bill White came in. Bill mailed each resident (approx. 30, both white and negro) of that apartment complex a letter from him and one of his National Socialist glossy magazines. The letter that Bill mailed was addressed to "Whiny Section 8 Nigger" and referred to the negro tenants as "slum niggers", etc, who amounted to nothing more than societal leechfucks, etc.

Well, Tiese Mitchell and Tascha Riddick (sp?), the next negro witness and the three other complainants in the suit against Mr. Henry, won big money awards. Although Tiese was unemployed with two or three chilrens and no "baby-daddy" to speak of, and didn't pay a dime in rent at the section 8 house (government, read, you the taxpayer, paid it all), was awarded $27,000. Tascha was awarded $22,000, which was about five times her annual salary as a hotel-room janitor. Tascha paid all of $20 per month in rent for her section 8 house. Tascha admitted that her sister Angela is a convicted drug dealer and is suspected of dealing drugs in that section 8 housing complex, which was another bone of contention between Mr. Henry, the landlord, and the negro residents. Both Tiese and Tascha are currently seeking to reap more windfall money gains by filing lawsuits against Bill White, alleging they were "scared" by Bill's letter and magazine.

So, in essence, Bill White's reference to the tenants at Virginia Beach as societal leechfucks was indeed borne out by the testimony itself from the two black women government witnesses, heh-heh. It makes one wonder why the government called these negroes to the stand, it certainly didn't help their case against Bill White. If this is the best the government can do, I don't see how the jury can come to a guilty verdict on any count, especially as Bill White has hired two top-notch attorneys in Ray Ferris and David Damico.

Edit to add: The negro witness Tiese Mitchell kept repeating that she was so "scared" by Bill White's mailings because Bill had a "big organization wif lots n' lots of members". His organization "be so big".

Posted on December 15th, in reference to NA member Douglas Hantske's testimony on Day 4 (December 14th):

This witness [Hantske] testified that he had had no previous contact with Bill White regarding the distribution of fliers in Leonard Pitts neighborhood. This witness had long ago been told by FBI Special Agent David Church that he had broken no laws in the literature distribution. FBI Agent David Church is also the chief FBI agent in charge of this case against Bill White, and gave some testimony today as well.

BTW, Roanoke Times reporter Laurance Hammack, is quite the personable feller. Does his uploading from a notebook computer in the courtroom itself while the trial is underway.

Posted on December 15th, in reference to the two black women who testified on Day 4 (Dec 14), and also in response to a prior comment about the possibility of an all-White jury letting Bill White "walk":

From my observation of the all-White jury, I'd say that's a possibility. They all appear to be intelligent, even the few women, heh. And, especially during the sad testimony given by the two negro women Tiese Mitchell and Tascha Reddick, I sensed the jury felt the same revulsion as I did. In fact, it seemed the whole courtroom was attuned to the typical leechfuck, welfare-breeding, attitude of those government witnesses... (the remainder of the post is not relevant to the case)

Posted on December 15th, in reference to FBI agent David Church's testimony on Day 4 (Dec 14):

The first FBI agent to testify on Monday, David Church, really didn't come off as an attack dog for the government. Instead, he appeared to only be going through the motions and giving monotonous, uninspired testimony. He made a feeble attempt to portray Bill White's words and actions as "threatening" , but, IMHO, was not successful. Upon cross-examination, Bill White's attorneys made mincemeat of Church's testimony. All said, I don't believe the jury was swayed either way by David Church.

The same was true for the second FBI agent to testify, Paul Messing, out of the FBI's Richmond office. When pressed by White's attorneys, Messing admitted he had read very, very little of White's columns or magazine's and even less of White's internet radio broadcasts, even though he was the FBI's chief forensic analyst and that was essentially his job. His testimony looked so weak, that apparently even he was aware of his shortcoming, and at the very end of his testimony, blurted/opined out that Bill White's mailings to the Virginia Beach negros appeared "threatening", in his opinion. In response to this desperate attempt to sway the jury under cross examination, Bill White's lawyer emphatically stated that Messing's opinion hadn't been solicited, heh.

This reporter's summary of the two negro women's testimony and the monetary award amounts they received from their HUD lawsuit against their Virginia Beach landlord, was posted last night by yours truly. And unlike the Roanoke Times reporter or the WSLS10 reporter, poor old Mr. Kurtz gets no compensation, heh. Pass the Kleenex, please.

Posted on December 15th, in reference FBI agent David Church's testimony about Richard Warman on Day 4 (Dec 14):

WRT Richard Warman: On Monday, FBI chief case agent David Church, was compelled to admit during cross-examination, that Richard Warman is indeed a "paid, professional complainer" to the Canadian Human Rights Commission. That is, Richard Warman actually gets paid for bringing cases to the attention of the CHRC. Credit to Bill White's attorneys for that admission.

Posted on December 15th, in reference to proceedings on Day 4 (Dec 14):

Judge Turk appears to have no dog in this fight. A fairly equal number of sustain and overrule objections from both sides. Seems to be genuinely interested in what witnesses testify to.

However, at one point in the deliberations on Monday, the Judge attempted to issue an instruction in an exchange with the female Chinese government lawyer Chung, only to be overspoken by her. IOW, they were both speaking at the same time, but she managed to overspeak him by raising her voice, which I thought was very peculiar, as most Judges normally don't like when petty lawyers try to get the upper hand.

Posted on December 16th, in reference to the two black apartment complex residents who testified on Day 5 (Dec 15):

...the cross by David Damico was particularly effective. With both sheboons, he started out by asking how much money they had received in their previous HUD discrimination lawsuit, and followed by asking if they intended to win big money again with their current civil suit against White. Especially damning was this exchange between lawyer Damico and the first sheboon:

Damico: "How much money did you get from your HUD lawsuit?"

Tiese Mitchell: "Do I has to answer that question?"

Judge Turk: "Yes, you must answer the question."

Sheboon: "$27,000"

Posted on December 16th, in reference to the audio of Bill White played for the jury on Day 5 (Dec 15):

That audio was a bit much, mainly due to Bill's overuse of the n-word.

WRT poor organization on the gov't part: the defense was able to show that none of the gov't witnesses, including the two FBI agents and the two sheboons, were able to pinpoint anything in Bill White's letters, magazines or internet broadcasts that was inherently or obviously threatening. Defense even showed that none had even read one of his magazines completely from cover to cover, nor had they listened to any more than the one internet radio show that was entered into evidence. I can only guess that the FBI agents felt no need to do their homework because they assumed that the one or two pieces of evidence would be more than enough to sway the jury. I believe they made a faulty assumption and the jury was not swayed in the least.

This post will be updated with more observations from Kurtz as they become available.


Anonymous said...

This BLOG can gleefully cheer Bill White and his defense attorney on all they want. The bottom line is Bill White is going to be found guilty because the System is throwing enough crap at him that something will stick. A Court has nothing to do with the truth. It's all about theatrics in the court room and WHOA if arrogant and big mouth White gets on the stand. That will kill his case.

apollonian said...

Accurate Reporting Is God-Send
(Apollonian, 16 Dec 09)

Wooooohoooo, shit-hole punk, "anon," at 11:04 am, above, is psyched by the outstanding journalism and reporting by WhiteReference and "Walter Kurtz"--excellent work comrades.

Pt. is now we have most excellent view of what's really going on during this trial--I hope Bill White is cheered and entertained, and I hope we can get him out soon, after he wins this case--he's suffered far too much, and don't doubt, there will be pay-backs coming in due time. ZOG-Mammon's money is getting evermore worthless by the day--and then "worm" will begin to decisively "turn." Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Although some have claimed that White is Jewish, I do not believe he is. However, he ACTS Jewish. Didn't he say that he was raised in a Jewish neighborhood? Slum-lord. Pompous. Self-centered. Know-it-all. Condescending. Pretentious. Self-delusional. Impostor. Money-grubbing. Self-effacing. Misrepresenting. Sanctimonious. Liar. Fraud. "The Jews and their Lies" pretty much has to take in White. When he gets convicted, it will be "the chickens coming home to roost."