Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pro-White Activist Jimmy Marr Presents Seminar On The National Socialist Movement At The Pacifica Forum In Eugene, Oregon

While Hunter Wallace and Alex Linder are ripping each other to shreds in cyberspace on Occidental Dissent and on the Vanguard News Network Forum, some real-world activism was taking place in Eugene, Oregon. Not surprisingly, the National Socialist Movement was involved.

On December 11th, 2009, Jimmy Marr, whose prior claim to fame was being forced to give back his "NO ZOG" license plate to the state of Oregon, appeared at a Pacifica Forum gathering to give a seminar on the National Socialist Movement. Entitled "The National Socialist Movement: An Inside View of America’s Far Right," it was intended to provide a more balanced perspective on the NSM's mission and activities. There was no mainstream media publicity; the most detailed report has been posted on the SPLC's Hatewatch blog.

After opening up with a reading of some pertinent Biblical passages, Marr showed a video of the November 7th NSM rally against illegal immigration in Phoenix, AZ, followed by a slide show of the unprovoked Hispanic Brown Beret assault on NSM activists rallying in Riverside, CA on October 24th. The music accompanying the slide show was the track “You Asked for It” by the white power band Prison Bound. Marr did not hesitate to do his duty and name the Jew; he blamed Jewish supremacism for U.S. immigration policy, which he sees as diluting the white gene pool. “You’re goddamn right I object to Jews,” he exclaimed during the question-and-answer session. “They’re traitors!”

About 40 people attended the presentation, including a dozen regular Pacifica Forum attendees and their families, at least as many students (including student body officers there to observe), three observers from the Anti-Hate Task Force, a few university professors and staff, community members, and several people who appeared to be affiliated with NSM. Campus security officers were also present for the event. Fortunately, we also have a short after-action report posted December 13th on New Saxon by a representative of NSM Oregon (I broke it up into paragraphs and cleaned up a couple of typos):

This is the update I promised everyone on the lecture. On 12/11/09 at the University of Oregon in Eugene a group called The Pacifica Forum was giving a lecture. One of their members a supporter of the NSM Jimmy was giving a lecture and called me about a week or so after the Arizona March that I asked him to attend with us to see if I could get him a video of that event and one from So-Cal from their border patrol to their recent protests. He then informed me he wanted to hold this lecture on the NSM and how the NSM is taking a stand.

So on 12/11/09 some of the Portland members made their way down to Eugene to attend. There wasn't any protesters or antis outside. As the lecture started they found out that inside this lecture were about 5 Antifa type people sitting in front of them. They had no mask or did they try to disrupt this lecture.(Only 5 means not enough of them) Jimmy gave a powerful speech and after the speech open the floor for debate. Some jews tried to argue their made up facts but Jimmy shut them down each time. The Oregon unit that attended said without a doubt it was great and I should have a video soon to forward to the

I would personally like to thank all of Pacifica Forum and Jimmy for having us as a topic and not being afraid to speak out and stand with us through this tough fight.I would also like to thank my Northern Oregon Unit who drove through some really bad icy weather to attend this lecture. Everyone keep up the good work!!!!!!!!

Of course, the usual suspects were crying the blues after the event. The event provoked an outcry from some community members. “Friday night was really wretched,” said Michael Williams, who has monitored Pacifica Forum for six years. “It was a lot like attending a Nazi rally.” Also upset is the local Anti-Hate Task Force, which has met to discuss its response to the meeting. The group is encouraging the university to take responsibility for events that occur on campus. Pacifica Forum is not affiliated with the university; instead it meets in the student union under a policy that allows retired university professors — including Orval Etter, the group’s founder — to use campus space at no cost.

For many years, Pacifica Forum was exclusively a left-wing discussion group, drawing negligible criticism. Then they decided to take free speech more seriously and invite a wider variety of opinion-makers, to include prominent Holocaust revisionists and other far-right "extremists". All of a sudden, both the SPLC and the ADL are on their case. But Pacifica Forum and the university plan no censorship; Charles Martinez, the university’s Vice President for Institutional Equity and Diversity, said that even if the university were to rescind that policy, outside groups would still be able to rent space from the university, which does not attempt to screen them based on ideology.


apollonian said...

Truly Inspiring Christmas News Fm Comrade Marr, Hero And Outstanding Patriot
(Apollonian, 26 Dec 09)

Great story by AA of WhiteReference, and what excellent news it really is--A TOTAL WIN-WIN for whites and Christians--huge, miserable loss for Jews and their suck-alongs, confirmed then by complaints on part of SPLC. What a great Christmas this turns out to be.

Further then, it's additionally encouraging to know there will be video of this outstanding event, and I can't wait to see it. This was unmitigated triumph engineered by Jim Marr, I'm proud to say and observe.

Now then I must further comment that we patriots must remember that Jews still control that great COUNTERFEIT conspiracy/monopoly/operation by which they have INFINITE funds, almost literally.

Hence it's only matter of time before Jews are able to martial these funds to hire lawyers and bribing/extorting officials/bureaucrats to getting any future events of this sort shut-down. Patriots must expect the inevitable and understand why--COUNTERFEIT conspiracy is key, crucial to Jew criminal/fascist operations at core of ZOG-Mammon empire-of-lies.

Underlying this practical criminal enterprise of theirs (COUNTERFEITING, again), is the cultural strangle-hold Jews have acquired by means of hereticalist "Judeo-Christianity" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) which preaches Christ was Jew (hence Talmudist).

Hence then the only next step for comrade Marr is to agitate at and in front of JC places and churches reminding volk Christ was FOREMOST ANTI-SEMITE (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13). Thus do patriots and heroes like Jim Marr unite and coordinate ALL GENTILES, led by whites as appropriate against isolated Jews, Christian soldiers working for liberating, fresh-air of JEW-EXPULSION.

CONCLUSION: Thus patriots, heroes, and all gentiles can unite upon all-pervading idea: CHRISTIANITY MEANS ANTI-SEMITISM first, last, and above every other consideration. Thus Christianity is rationalized and made practical for humanity once again in history, this effort spearheaded and led by heroes and soldiers like Jim Marr. Great journalism once again by WhiteReference. Keep up ur great work comrades. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

larry said...

There is no "white movement" in america.
as hal turner and don black have proven they are all either fbi agents or convicted con men.
if you are serious about saving the white race i encourage you to join the british national party.
america's so called white movement is a total sham. don't waste your money or time.
the bnp is the last best hope of organized "SANE" white people who are NOT nazis, convicted felons or who call for the violent overthrow of the government.
if you think there is you are being deceived. RUN DON'T WALK, RUN FROM LINDER TURNER DUKE BLACK AND THE REST.

apollonian said...

"Larry" Is A Jew--Or Collaborator
(Apollonian, 30 Dec 09)

"Larry," u're just a scummy, stinking piece of shit urself, aren't u?--BNP is financed by Jews--THIS IS THE ONLY REASON IT HAS ANY VISIBILITY in England in the first place.

For problem w. word, "white," is it needs definition, doesn't it?--as practically anyone can claim to being "white," right? And I note it NEVER fails, stupid, ignorant, presumptuous shit like u always turn out to being either Jews themselves or just their paid flunkies.

CONCLUSION: If our nation and its gov. is controlled by ZOG-Mammon empire-of-lies, then what's really wrong w. being "ex-con"? Of course, logic is just one of the problems with lying, scummy shit like u, isn't it? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Larry. You might want to take into account that when Nick Griffin, BNP-head, was in America, he was hosted and financed by the Nationalist Movement. The fact that there is a BNP is due, in good measure, to TNM:

Why be such an ingrate?

On the other hand, when the BNP tried to turn the tables and run the movement in America, via Mark Cotterill, it was a total disaster and Cotterill was deported.

Also, check into Thomas Paine, who said that it is absurd for a continent to be ruled by an island.

larry said...

i agree with your comments.
my point is that because we cannot trust the myriad felons and hucksters posing as "white nationalists," we should at least attach to a legitimate group and achieve a victory somewhere.
BNP is gaining, and IMHO we rational white people should ride their wave.
the current state of america's white movement is putrified and has no chance of success.
we need a "fresh start," so why not learn from the best, BNP.
as far as an island ruling us, well i think we all know what small country located elsewhere already rules us.

Anonymous said...

Haha, Can't disagree with most of that (especially the last line). True, there are the "undesirables" that the news media makes hay over and, indeed, should be avoided, shunned, etc. But, that does not speak for all.

Notice that when Nick Griffin was threatened with legal action, if he did not take in coloreds, he caved in, insisting that he would lose in court.

To the contrary, when faced with similar demands, Richard Barrett fought all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and won.

The BNP has a leg up in running candidates for office, just as you say. Were it not for the sell-out by Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, etc., we would have more viable political apparatus, just now. But, remember, "We have just begun to fight" and "don't give up the ship." Don't forget, either, "When the going gets rough, the rough get going!"

One more thing. They have a parliamentary system, where even a small fraction gets some representation. We have winner-take-all. Ours is much better, however, because when we get in we need share with no one!

So, let's give the heave ho to the charlatans and hucksters, by all means. Keep naming them and toppling them. But, at the same time, shore up our worthy leaders and genuine troopers.

larry said...

well said to all!