Tuesday, December 01, 2009

People's Republic Of Wisconsin Becomes 32nd State To Recognize Juneteenth As Official State Holiday

Wisconsin became the 32nd U.S. state to officially recognize Juneteenth as a state holiday when Democratic Governor Jim Doyle signed SB170 into law on December 1st, 2009, despite the fact that Wisconsin was never a part of the Confederate States of America. Thus June 19th now becomes an official legal holiday in Wisconsin. The official designation will not affect the number of paid holidays given to state employees.

Doyle was joined by Reverend Ronald Myers, National Chairman of Juneteenth Day, and Mac Weddle, the executive director of the Northcott House and local president of Juneteenth Day, for the signing at Northcott Neighborhood Center in Milwaukee. "Milwaukee has long celebrated Juneteenth Day and I am proud that Wisconsin is moving forward to recognize this important holiday across the state,” Governor Doyle said. “Juneteenth Day marks a historic milestone in our nation’s history and celebrates the freedom that unites all Americans.”

Legislators specifically lauded for their efforts in making this bill possible include Senators Spencer Coggs (D) and Lena Taylor (D), and Representatives Tamara Grigsby (D) and Leon Young (D). All Democrats. All black.

But Juneteenth celebrations in Milwaukee have a checkered past. In 2007, a man was pulled from his car and beaten and a police officer injured while trying to break up a large-scale fight after the festival let out. It was the second year in a row that police in riot gear were used to disperse the crowds. Violence is periodically reported at other Juneteenth celebrations around the country.

In addition to Wisconsin, the list of states conferring holiday status upon Juneteenth include Kansas, *Texas, *Florida, Oklahoma, Delaware, Alaska, Idaho, Iowa, California, Wyoming, Illinois, Missouri, Connecticut, *Louisiana, New Jersey, New York, Colorado, *Arkansas, Oregon, Kentucky, Michigan, New Mexico, *Virginia, Washington State, *Tennessee, Massachusetts, *North Carolina, West Virginia, *South Carolina, Vermont, Nebraska, as well as the District of Columbia. Former Confederate states are denoted by an asterix, so you can see the commemoration has spread far beyond the former Confederacy.

Some object to the holiday as a glorification of black ignorance, while others claimed there were already occasions enough on the calendar to recognize the African-American experience, including Emancipation Day, celebrated on January 1st, the day Lincoln's proclamation went into effect. And with Martin Luther King's Birthday established as an official forum for discussions of race, some still question the need for another black holiday. But apologists for the holiday say Juneteenth appeals to many Americans by celebrating the end of slavery without dwelling on its legacy. Juneteenth, its celebrators say, is Martin Luther King's Birthday without the grieving.

Assuming, of course, that one actually "grieves".

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