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National Alliance Sacramento Coordinator Jim Ring Fires Back At Reform Group Who Want To Unseat Chairman Erich Gliebe

The National Alliance has fired back unofficially at the reform group who seek to replace Chairman Erich Gliebe because the organization has basically been on a treadmill since the previous chairman, Shaun Walker, got railroaded by the Feds. The Alliance's Sacramento Unit Coordinator Jim Ring delivered the response, posted on the Resistance Forum. He states that the chief reformer, nicknamed "Earl Turner", was expelled from the National Alliance for cause. Ring's response is cross-posted below:

"Earl Turner,"

You really surprised me. Never after meeting you would I have thought you and your wife be people to do something as despicable as what you have done.

If you really had any concern over the Alliance you would have addressed your concerns to the Chairman directly or to myself or one of the other leaders of the Alliance. That's what honorable men do.

But, in actuality, you had no concern for the Alliance whatsoever other than to attempt to cause trouble for the movement of Dr. Pierce due to that high probability that you entered into the organization with malice aforethought.

This is obvious due to the fact that your so-called concerns for such a short duration of membership were nothing but the rewarmed shenanigans of the 2005 mutineers. (You and their committee, voting and parliamentarian nonsense...) You just tacked on some of your own lies and concoctions to dress it up a bit. Your accusation directed toward the Chairman at the last conference is an outright lie. As you know, I was there also.

I've known the Chairman for almost 20 years now and if there had been anything to your complaints and rumors as well as those creatures from 2005 I would have addressed them directly myself long ago in a forthright manner.

Erich Gliebe has suffered much abuse at the hands of the cowards who like to hide behind the skirts of the hobbyist and federally trolled forums. Sooner or later, however, their cowardice still betrays them as it now has you and now they can post away as open enemies of Dr. Pierce's cause. In your case it turned out to be sooner than later fortunately for us.

There certainly was a problem with leadership previous to 2005. However, the results were the dismissal or defection of men unfit to be leaders in this National Alliance; weak men who have no understanding of the Leadership Principle; men who put their faith in votes from the lowest common denominator and coalitions and committees.

We no longer have that problem. Something very good came of it all. As we no longer put up with so-called leaders of this ilk; now we concentrate on rooting out trouble makers such as yourself.

We need leaders and members who have proven themselves with service and sacrifice. The Chairman in this regard surpasses all his detractors.

And as for you. Although you were not a leader, as even a member, you don't even rate. You should be ashamed of yourself.

That's all I want to say. I've got work to do.


Jim Ring
Sacramento Local Unit Coordinator

Five other National Alliance members posted their support of Ring's position on the thread. But it is rather odd that Ring would state there was a problem with leadership prior to 2005, since the chairman at that time was...Erich Gliebe. That's not exactly a ringing defense of Gliebe (no pun intended). Gliebe, who replaced the late Dr. William Pierce, subsequently turned the top spot over to Shaun Walker, but then took it back after the Feds forced Walker to resign so he could qualify for bail after his 2006 arrest.

In response to Ring's reply, a person nicknamed Bjarni posted the following on Stormfront (view the entire thread HERE):

Same old familiar Gliebe attack tactics, just using a new stooge.

Whoever "earlturneralliance" may be, his claims about Erich Gliebe's inept leadership abilities are obvious to even the most casual observer. Once a vibrant organization that made news headlines on an almost weekly basis because of their growing membership's public activism, it has now fallen into insignificance and is rarely heard about outside of the scandals and decadent behavior of its leader and his porn-star wife who are going through what will be a very revealing divorce procedure.

Jim Ring refers to the "Leadership Principle". Yawn, I've heard it all before. What Jim doesn't "get" is that that principle applies to men who LEAD their followers towards victory, not just sucking their dues money out of them so that Gliebe doesn't have to work for a living.

Jim Ring also takes an indirect shot at Stormfront, since this is where "earlturneralliance" posted. He calls us "hobbyist and federally controlled". Hobbyist? This comes from a guy who belongs to an org that sells Third Reich swastika flags! C'mon, Jim!

He makes a more direct shot at those of us who demanded that Gliebe step down back in 2005. I was one of those who did so in a telephone call to his house. I was booted out of the NA for bringing my concerns directly to Gliebe. Yet, Ring foolishly wonders why "earlturneralliance" didn't do the same.

But it appears that Erich Gliebe may have been influenced somewhat, and gave a tacit acknowledgement during his December 19th American Dissident Voices broadcast:

But now I'm starting to wonder whether or not all of these facts and ideas we go through here on this program are really having the impact I want them to have. Week after week, we lay out the facts -- the truth -- about our race's perilous position in the world today. But too often, those facts don't stir the people they are meant to stir.

It's as if you are standing alone in the middle of a gigantic underground cavern, and you shout something into the empty darkness, fully expecting the sound of your voice to echo through the chamber for a few seconds. But instead… there's nothing. No echo. No stirring in the space. No rustling of cave bats or any other creatures. It's as if you weren't even there or, if you were there, that you had been standing silently the whole time, the in-and-out of your breath barely noticeable, even to you. That's how White racialists feel sometimes; we're out there broadcasting the message of hope and purpose, and there's no response from our kinsmen.

Now, we DO get positive feedback from these broadcasts and from the other outreach programs of the National Alliance, and we DO reach new people who later become activists in the White Racialist Cause. But it isn't happening nearly fast enough for me or for any dedicated racialist who truly understands what our race is up against.

There might be several reasons for that. One might be the quality of the broadcasts themselves. I'm not an orator by nature. In my professional life -- before I met the late Dr. William Pierce and began working to promote the ideals of the National Alliance -- I was a pugilist: a boxer. I worked my way up through the amateur ranks and was undefeated in my professional bouts before I broke my elbow and decided that my time here on Earth would be better spent fighting for my race than other individuals in the ring. That means that I spent years of my earlier life hitting other people in the head until they fell down and didn't get up.

So when I first began doing these broadcasts, I didn't have any real credentials for writing speeches or doing a radio broadcast once a week, other than a great desire for our race to free itself from the chains that now bind it and which are trying to snuff out its creativity and spark forever. And most National Alliance activists are in the same sort of boat; they are contributing to Our Cause, but they aren't salesmen or journalists by trade. They are just honest people who want more than anything for our great people to have the freedom to live according to its own bent. That's it.

But is an honest heart alone enough to move an organization forward? Apparently not, according to the reformers. The National Alliance still remains on a treadmill, while other organizations such as the Nationalist Coalition, European Americans United, and the National Socialist Movement continue to grow. When an NFL football team remains on a treadmill too long, what happens? They get a new coach.

It is hoped that this can be resolved the "White" way, without a public and bloody fight. We already have enough fragmentation, and do not need a third spinoff of the National Alliance.

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