Saturday, December 12, 2009

How To Use Holocaust Revisionism Effectively By Challenging The Singularity Of The Holocaust

Over on Occidental Dissent, Hunter Wallace has opened up a discussion about Holocaust Revisionism. He assesses the strengths and weaknesses in the subject as well as the presentation employed by many. On the one hand, he finds himself bored to tears by some of the more nitnoid details, like how many holes were in the shower heads at Auschwitz. He also questions whether or not it is "our fight", considering it took place over in Europe. On the other hand, he reaffirms its relevance to White Nationalism, and notes that the subject has attracted interest among libertarians and constitutionalists who have noted the free speech implications to the suppression of Holocaust Revisionists.

Most importantly, he finds the Holocaust to be irrelevant to engaging in “practical politics.” The Holocaust can end up being a distraction to a pro-White candidate running for elective office. So he suggests that Holocaust Revisionism should not be a plank in a pro-White political platform. Validating this thesis is the fact that our most successful pro-White candidates, Dr. David Duke and John Ubele, did not address the Holocaust during their respective political campaigns. You will also note that Billy Roper does NOT include a Holocaust plank in the platform of his Nationalist Party of America.

To better grasp the wisdom of this approach, we need to identify the critical attributes of the Holocaust, which are the demographics (how many died), the methodology (how they died), and the singularity (a unique genocide). The first two are difficult to sell to the American public, since the moment you claim that less than six million died, Organized Jewry shrieks "Anti-Semite!!!", and the second requires you digest and assimilate a multitude of technical facts that might well prove beyond your grasp, bogging you down.

The third issue is the most promising. The soft underbelly of Holocaust theology is the singularity. Organized Jewry believes their Holocaust is unique, unlike any other. The implication is that genocide against Jews is worse than genocide against others, which also implies that Jewish life is inherently more valuable than non-Jewish life. And this is the foundation of Jewish supremacism.

So instead of getting bogged down and burning up political capital arguing numbers and technology, we attack the singularity of the Holocaust by illustrating how it’s been weaponized to promote political orthodoxy. We show how perfectly law-abiding people have lost their jobs and their freedom for merely disputing facts about the Holocaust. We invite people to ponder why, if the Holocaust story is so inerrant, people are being oppressed for disputing it. We tell them that the truth requires no statutory protection; it can stand on its own merits. This approach can win constitutionalists and libertarians over to our Cause.

Then to win the “values voters” over to our Cause, we ask another question. We ask, “Why do we have 25 museums in the United States to memorialize the alleged six million foreign Jewish victims of a 65-year-old Holocaust, but no museums to memorialize the 50 million American victims of America’s ongoing Holocaust Against The Unborn?”. It also wouldn't hurt to relate how Jewish groups have been browbeating Christian denominations into changing their doctrines to accommodate Jewish sensibilities, not only in their persecution of Mel Gibson over "The Passion of the Christ", but also the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors' 15-year guerrilla war against the LDS Church over the Mormon practice of proxy baptism of the dead.

It also wouldn't hurt to question why, if the six million figure is so inerrant, that there are still less than three million names in the Yad Vashem Memorial database. Surely after 65 years, we would know by now how many Jews died in the Holocaust, wouldn't we?

This approach puts the Holocaust Industry on the defensive, inviting them to expose their own hatred and intolerance of us in the same fashion that Dr. David Duke provoked the Jew Michael Hart to expose his own anti-Gentile bigotry at the 2006 American Renaissance conference.

If people are expecting steak, you can't assuage their hunger by offering them liver.


apollonian said...

Jews Are Liars By Very Religion, Foremost Enemies Of Mankind
(Apollonian, 13 Dec 09)

AA, ur first mistake is imagining u understand correctly anything about large circumstances of holohoax--see,, and for expo/ref. For u and those at Occidental dissent are mere accommodationists to Jew psychopaths, which phrase, of course, is redundancy. U need to snap out of it and "get smart," comrade.

Jews are murderers by religion, beginning w. the truth itself. But u're just determined u can use their Jew money, obviously--that's why u work so hard to make excuses for Jews, hustling to accommodate them and collaborate w. them. U must cease this grievously sinful activity of urs forthwith.

For Jews are liars, and holohoax is just another of their lies--all of it--there are absolutely no details about holohoax that are true. Jews murdered gentiles, including, and esp. Germans--this, after having murdered thousands of Boers during the war fm 1898-1901 in S. Africa (Jew money-power behind British imperialists), at least a million, I understand, Armenian Christians in Turk republic around 1915 (see, and millions of Russians and Ukrainians in 1920s and 30s.

U get it, AA?--Jews are murderers--and Gentiles merely try to defending themselves; that's first thing to understand which u won't face and figure out as u're so disgustingly desperate to get that Jew money, obviously, as u revealed in ur blog of Nov 23, "White Nationalist Scribe...."

So what u do now, this blog herewith, is attempt to PATRONIZE Jews and their flunkies who credit holohoax--a losing proposition in first place. For it should be Automatically understood by all gentiles Jews are liars, and everything they say is lies, including holohoax.

And u don't even understand the large circumstances, as I say, as u fail to realize Jews are fading, losing, receding for their acceptance by any gentiles in present CYCLIC conditions of hist. according "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. US Dollar is steadily collapsing, and Jews are desperately looking for any refuge in the coming storm of anti-semitism, which negative anti-semitism will unite all gentiles (enough, anyway). Jews are not long for this world--and neither are those who sympathize with such Jew psychopaths--U OUGHT TO GET A "CLUE."

If u really knew anything AA, or if u had any real white man's honesty, u'd understand those who accuse others of murder bear burden of proof. Science itself requires sense perception for proof of any proposition. Jews have never proven, ever--they merely assert their lies and then attack ad hominem the opponents' motives, morality, etc.--that's why people hate Jews so justifiably.

Germans lost WWI and were literally starved by allies into signing the Versailles Treaty--they weren't in any position to aggress anyone--they were always on desperate defensive, esp. in face of looming Judeo-Soviet Murder Inc., funded by Jew-controlled British/USA empires.

So AA, u're very last sort of person who should attempt persuading any white folk, u're soooooo fundamentally wrong-headed and -motivated. Those whites who sympathize/collaborate w. Jews are traitors, and will be ruthlessly EXTERMNINATED--that ought to be ur top consideration, I'd say.

CONCLUSION: And "white nationalists" are largely simply attempt by Jews to cultivate collaborators/accomplices, so many of these WNs (as BNP for example case-in-pt.) pretending Christianity is mere variation of Judaism--like the traitor Alex Linder/VNN ( For the only real patriots in USA are led by Christians against foremost Jew enemy. Never forget USA is Christian country, AA, and u owe allegience thereto. Now go, and sin no more. This has been yet another warning to u; u will have NO EXCUSES. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

I don't see "singularity" as a viable approach. The so called Revisionist - i.e. - honest scholars - have done much and sacrificed much to expose the Holohoax as well as the numerous fraudulent stories that have come to light. By simply taking the position that, "So what, shit happens and your ordeal is no worse than others have experienced" concedes the underlying Jewish lie of the so called "Holocaust". I think one can still be jailed for just minimizing the so called event anyway. The "Singularity" approach sounds COINTELPRO . It reminds me of the argument that spinless weenies have employed to go along with government (Jewish) control of the internet "Gosh, if we work with them we can make sure our core values are incorporated into the new regime, wouldn't that be great ?" No.

Hadding said...

“Why do we have 25 museums in the United States to memorialize the alleged six million foreign Jewish victims of a 65-year-old Holocaust, but no museums to memorialize the 50 million American victims of America’s ongoing Holocaust Against The Unborn?”.

This will mark you as a nut with many people. What percentage of the White population sees abortion the same way as Eric Rudolph?