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Former National Alliance Activists Shaun Walker, Travis Massey, And Eric Egbert No Longer POWs; All Now Released From Federal Prison

On his website, former National Alliance Chairman Shaun Walker disclosed that he was released from Federal prison at 5:00 A.M. on November 27th, 2009. This information has also been verified by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. A further check of the BOP database reveals that his co-defendants were previously released as well; Travis Massey on July 24th, 2009, and Eric Egbert on October 21st, 2009. Thus closes out one of the more sordid chapters of Federal judicial railroading in recent history. There have been no known mainstream media stories about the release of these men.

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While the three, upon advice of their defense counsels, chose not to take the stand in their own defense during their April 2007 trial in Salt Lake City, Shaun Walker provides a detailed account of the actual events HERE. Walker provides a shorter version of events during a March 2009 interview with independent journalist Roy Armstrong:

The trial lasted 4 days – it was a simple case. The bar witnesses talked about the drunken Keith Cotter and how he was pushed out of the bar the bartender. Keith then beat up the bartender with one other person after the bartender stepped outside to push him out of the bar. The bartender didn’t need any medical help and in fact went snow skiing the next morning. It was a simple assault, or mutual combat (both guilty). But, the bartender did have the legal right to remove a drunk. [Ed. Note: The State of Utah never filed assault charges in this case.]

The political problem was this. Inside the bar, several people were passing out National Alliance cards and stickers, which created an argument by people that were strongly against the NA (antifas in Europe). I didn’t even witness the fight. Yet, under conspiracy laws, I didn’t have to, to be just as guilty.

The entire case is based on perjured testimony by Keith Cotter. He said we planned the evening, to attract new members to our secret 4-man conspiracy. He actually said in court that we wanted to beat up people, to gain a violent reputation, so other people would want to join us – absurd. [Ed. Note: Brad Callahan was another informer who testified against the Shaun Walker Trio.]

The second fight occurred two months later. Keith Cotter got into a fight with either 1 or 3 people. Cotter said in court it was against two Whites and one non-White, who might have been an Indian. Since nobody knows who any of these people are, no one knows for sure. Eric Egbert and myself were not there, therefore had no idea it happened. Travis was there and said the other guy was drunk and started the fight with Cotter, which Cotter won. But, if Cotter says the other guy started the fight, then he doesn’t get out of prison. Crazy.

All three of us co-defendants were advised by our legal counsels not to take the stand. Not because we had anything to hide but rather we would be politically prosecuted by the federal prosecutors based upon our beliefs.

Without ever even knowing the names, the Feds determined by magic, that this “victim” suffered from an aggravated assault with serious bodily injury.” Keep in mind that never in the grand jury indictment or trial did anyone every say “aggravated assault” or “serious bodily injury”.

After conviction on day 4 of the trial, we were immediately handcuffed in court after the guilty verdicts were read, taken to the county jail, and sentenced four months later. The federal guidelines recommended a 24-month sentence. The prosecutor asked to have the charges thrown out because he said it was an “aggravated assault with serious bodily injury case” which is a more serious charge. The judge went by the prosecutor’s request and I received an 87-month sentence. I couldn’t eat for two days; my wife and mother cried. The sentence shocked me. After two days, I considered that I was still White and they couldn’t take that from me. So all was good again.

Yes, Keith Cotter was rewarded well for his “testimony”. Cotter was facing life in prison and was released from prison months after my sentencing hearing.

All three men subsequently appealed their convictions. On April 14th, 2009, the 10th Federal Circuit Court of Appeals found that there was no evidence of serious bodily injury, not enough eyewitness evidence to show the man who was beaten would have needed medical care, and he could not be found after the attack (the second "attack" at the Port O'Call in 2003). They also ruled that the "enhancement" of Walker's sentence for being in a "leadership role" was presumptive and invalid, opining that it did not appear that Mr. Walker exercised any more authority than any other member of the group, and concluding that the mere fact of Mr. Walker's leadership position in the (National Alliance) did not indicate he held a leadership position with respect to the so-called "criminal enterprise". They remanded the case back to the original district court in Utah for the re-sentencing.

Consequently, on July 22nd, 2009, U.S. District Judge Dee Benson reduced Walker's original sentence from 87 months to 37 months, and Travis Massey's sentence from 57 months to 30 months. In response, Eric Egbert promptly filed a motion to get his sentenced reduced as well, and on September 2nd, 2009, Judge Benson ordered that Egbert's term be reduced from 42 months to 33 months.

Shaun Walker also revealed during the Armstrong interview that while in prison, he received occupational training in three different areas. During his first year, he worked as a plumber. Then he spent a year in vocational training to be an automobile mechanic according to A.S.E. standards. He also enrolled in the leather shop. So despite the fact that the Federal felony collar would ordinarily hinder his employment, the first two skills are in sufficiently great demand that a prospective employer might be willing to take a chance on him. Walker also disclosed at the time that, after his release, he would still face six months in a halfway house and three years of probation. As a convicted felon, Walker is restricted from guns, ammunition, voting, etc., although he can run for any federal elective office.

Neither Travis Massey nor Eric Egbert have chosen to release any information about their current whereabouts or their future plans; their privacy deserves respect. All three of these men showed themselves to be stand-up guys, refusing to roll over or to renounce their beliefs. They've taken major hits for the Cause, and if they choose to refrain from future White activism, they've clearly earned their "retirement".

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Anonymous said...

Shaun Walker is an honest and decent man who was set up as a Patsy for a crime he was never guilty of. Kevin Strom was victimized the same way. And now Edger Steele is going through the same treatment.

The white lemmings just never get it and prefer to sit back sticking potato chips in their mouth while watching their favorite TV sports games while our nation, culture, and leaders die.

The worst of our white people have grown complacent, fat, dumb, and lazy and they deserve every anal pore reaming that the non-whites have given them.

But Shawn Walker never deserved such treatment. I wish him the best in living as a "free man" in what can now only be called America the Conquered.