Thursday, December 17, 2009

Eight White Teachers In Peoria, Illinois School District 150 File Civil Rights Lawsuit Alleging Chronic Anti-White Racial Discrimination And Abuse

The Illinois National Socialist Front (INSF) alerts us that eight White public school teachers in Peoria's School District 150 have filed a civil rights lawsuit against the district, alleging systemic anti-White racial discrimination and abuse. The suit was filed on December 16th, 2009. At first, the only media source was from WMBD Channel 31; now the Peoria Journal-Star has finally picked up the story. Discussion on the Vanguard News Network Forum.

The suit says, in part "[district officials]... created, promoted, tolerated and subjected PLAINTIFFS and other white employees to a racially hostile work environment, subjected PLAINTIFFS and other white employees to disparate work conditions because of their race, and discriminated against PLAINTIFFS and other white employees because of their race." The suit alleges two counts; race discrimination, and retaliation.

The suit comes as the district faces a possible walk-out by teachers because of stalled contract negotiations and a multi-million dollar budget deficit. District 150 says it has not seen the lawsuit, and does not comment on pending litigation.

Read the 12-page suit documents HERE. In case the PDF link is lost, some of the information is also cross-posted below:

Plaintiffs: Tammy Williams, Patricia Smith, Jennifer Dougherty, Richard Trau, Bonnie Wilson, Cathy Behrll, Kit Zinser, Geraldine Warner

Specific Location: Trewyn Middle School, Peoria (in all cases). Schoolbug indicates the school is 82 percent black.

-- Board of Education, Peoria Public School District 150 (three of the seven members are black)
-- Ken Hinton (black), Superintendent
-- Cheryl Ellis (black), Former Principal of Trewyn Middle School
-- Eric Thomas (black), Current Principal of Trewyn Middle School
-- Charles Warr (black), Current Assistant Principal of Trewyn Middle School

Count 1: Seventeen different examples of discrimination against and abuse of white employees by blacks are cited. Because of similarities between some complaints, not all are replicated below. The unique complaints are paraphrased and posted below:

-- Plaintiffs repeatedly told they did not have the skills to teach black students because they are white.
-- Plaintiffs routinely excluded from a number of school activities because they are white.
-- Plaintiffs criticized and reprimanded for their attire, while black employees not held as accountable.
-- Plaintiffs routinely assaulted and injured by students with little disciplinary action taken, although the same assaults against black employees vigorously prosecuted
-- Plaintiffs reprimanded for tardiness, while black employees not similarly reprimanded.
-- Plaintiffs required to attend certain staff meetings that black employees are not required to attend.
-- Plaintiffs told they need to develop a thicker skin and learn black culture when black students swear and use vulgarity towards white teachers.
-- Black employees provided free food from the cafeteria while plaintiffs were required to pay.
-- Plaintiffs forbidden to eat in front of students while black employees are permitted to do so.
-- Black teachers and staff hired and assigned solely on the basis of race rather than competency.

Count 2: Six examples of retaliation cited, all posted below:

-- Delaying reimbursements for extracurricular activity.
-- Refusing to provide plaintiffs with school supplies.
-- Taking away classrooms, programs, job assignments, and educational opportunities.
-- Interfering with sick leave and refusing to provide substitutes when a plaintiff was to be absent.
-- Openly accusing plaintiffs of being troublemakers because of their opposition to illegal conduct and other protected activities.
-- Taking actions to punish plaintiffs and make their working conditions intolerable.

The plaintiffs seek a jury trial and appropriate damages, the amount of which are not specified.

Such problems experienced by Whites teaching in Black-dominated schools is not exceptional. Read this July 2009 post about Charles Jackson's experiences teaching in a Black school.

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