Friday, December 11, 2009

Dissident National Alliance Members Organizing An Effort To Remove Chairman Erich Gliebe

Update December 23rd: National Alliance official posts a response to this group; updated post HERE.

An effort is being launched by reform-minded members of the National Alliance to remove Chairman Erich Gliebe from office. This effort is being discussed on this Stormfront thread and on the EarlTurnerAlliance blog. It is not being discussed on the NA's Resistance Forum, which is rigidly controlled by Gliebe.

It appears they want to replace the executive leadership model with the more collective leadership model employed by European Americans United. It's interesting that this effort has become public just two weeks after the release of former National Alliance Chairman Shaun Walker from prison, but I doubt that he's involved in this effort, because he still has three years probation left. The following statement was posted on Stormfront:

I want to discuss the cancer that is eating away at our Alliance, Erich Gliebe. It is time for us as National Alliance members to make some hard decisions and the changes must start from the top. Erich has had some deep personal problems that we all know about and has become ineffective as our chairman. Erich may have had his heart in the Alliance at one time but I think those days are over. We need new leadership without all the baggage and when I talk about leadership. I talk about trustful leadership of high moral character that is uncompromised by money, lust, greed and continually poor decisions. We need new leadership, not a chairman but a board of directors. For whom are not in the public eye and able to make the tough calls without having their picture made public or derogatory comments made about them. This board should be made up of good members in good standing. All having the best interest of the Alliance as priority. Members willing to put their own needs, personal feelings and ambitions aside. Decisions made on behalf of Alliance business should be made as a vote among the board members and not left to one man to make all the calls on behalf of this great organization.

In this new age [that] the world has pushed us into, it is time for new change and new tactics and new leadership within the National Alliance.

I have been contacted by many other members about this issue. They have brought this to the attention of others in return and we have decided that this is our best course of action at this point. I am not attempting or suggesting to overthrough [overthrow] leadership as was done in the past. I am seriously concerned about the future of Alliance as a whole. This is my plea for what I see as the only course of action that will save it.

Now we know this will upset Erich and we are sorry for that! We hope there will not be retaliation on his behalf as he has done in the past. I ask him not to. We would like Erich to understand our concern.

Proposal one: Erich Gliebe steps down as Chairman and CEO without retaliation, and be relieved all records, files and property that belongs to the National Alliance. All of the above will be immediately given to the business manager only. And Erich Gleibe understands he will not release any information on members to anyone other then the business manager.

Proposal two: A financial audit and asset and property inventory be performed by the business manager to assess the remaining assets of the National Alliance. This audit is to be made available to the remaining members upon request.

Proposal three: A new board of directors comprised of five volunteering members. They are to be elected and charged with returning the National Alliance to its former state and ensure its future success. A board of directors that agrees by majority upon all decisions regarding the National Alliance. Board members must understand that they will be removed if found to be of poor moral character or acting outside the interest of the National Alliance and its mission.

Proposal four: After the audit is complete, all items that Erich Gliebe has been found to have liquidated or sold for his own personal use or debt, Erich Gliebe shall be held accountable for the return of such assets or its monetary value.

We as members, will give this proposal one year. Decisions must be made by the body of the Alliance as a whole. At the next Leadership conference in the fall of 2010 it will be brought to the table and voted on by the members in attendance.

Thank you for any consideration.

The election methodology is spelled out more specifically on the EarlTurnerAlliance blog. The individual makes it clear that if a majority of National Alliance members vote to retain Erich Gliebe as Chairman, the decision will be respected.

What we are asking now is for members to contact other members and inform them of what is about to take place and that is the vote, in regards to if Erich Gliebe stays as chairman or if he is to be dismissed.

Once the word is out in full force and all members are aware of the upcoming vote, we will set a date and time for the vote to take place. We will use the National Alliance Office and man the phones for a call in vote. The vote will consist of your membership number and if you vote for Erich Gliebe or against him. No names will be used, just the member numbers. The business manager will verify from the members list if the member is in good standing before the vote is counted.

Once the votes are counted the results will be posted for all to read. If Erich Gliebe is found to retain his position then so be it. If Erich Gliebe if found to have been dismissed then he will be removed from the Alliance.

If Erich Gliebe is removed, members will be asked to submit names for the positions of the five board members, we will the use the same method to elect the board members.

Reaction on Stormfront is universally sympathetic, and I can understand why. While I have never had any dealings with Erich Gliebe, it's obvious that under his leadership, the National Alliance is stuck on a treadmill in caretaker mode. The most active member is Robert Ransdell, the Cincinnati Unit Coordinator. He and his troops have been distributing flyers, maintaining an Adopt-A-Highway stretch outside of Florence, KY, and confronting Holocaust cheerleaders when they come to Cincinnati. In addition, Ransdell writes most of the news stories for Natallnews. In short, he's been a one-man dynamo carrying a disproportionate share of the load, and he would be a worthy successor to Erich Gliebe.

In 2007, Francis Playfair documented his take on the decline and fall of the National Alliance HERE. Additional problems brough to light by the Kevin Strom tapes are documented on Hadley's blog. And of course, there are problems with Erich Gliebe documented on various anti-racist sites like the SPLC and Searchlight, but they intermingle truth and fiction so thoroughly that their output is fundamentally untrustworthy. Here's a report from the Fall 2009 SPLC Intelligence Report to get an idea about what the other side is saying about Gliebe.

What these reformers need to do to ensure success is to convince Robert Ransdell to go along with them. If they can bring him on board, Gliebe's history. The National Alliance has had enough of caretaker leadership; it now needs innovative leadership to effectively exploit the unique outreach opportunities afforded by the election of Barack Obama.


Anonymous said...

National Socialist Movement members should take note of this. Jeff Schoep has about destroyed the NSM along with Satanist Chairman Herrington and both need to be given the boot.

Philip Anderson said...

I really don't think this is legit. This has Jew, Fed, and professional anti-racist written all over it.

Anchorage Activist said...

Philip - Too many name players have weighed in positively on this. Not only has Freya, a primary player on Stormfront, expressed support, but David Pringle has also posted support on the Stormfront thread. We will have to wait and see how this evolves.

There's also been some serious heartburn about Erich Gliebe expressed by a number of proven WNs, to include April Gaede and Will Williams.

Anonymous said...

I wish them the best of luck. I think the National Alliance is probably the lone group who could be a viable "BNP" style party for Americans, at least in the near future. No other group really has the foundation for it.

Lynette Moore said...

As it stands, this Fed is allowed to continue his account on Stormfront. I have warned others about him trying to infiltrate other WN orgs, but apparently, without "proof" and only by my word it isn't good enough. Let them find out their own way who he really is. But there are many folks that support me and will be keeping an eye on this man. My loyalites are with the NA, but they are also with the many good WN men and women I have personally met on SF. It is no secret that SF is less than sympathetic to the NA but I did this not only for the NA but for other WN orgs this man may try to infiltrate.

Lynette Moore

Anonymous said...

One basis that needs to be understood. The National Alliance LLC is a business and like any business is bound by harassment laws. You posting stuff or spreading rumours about this guy could make you and the National Alliance subject to these laws. If you are a member you are considered a share holder by Virgina law. Also that gives you the right to question and remove the leadership of the company, without fear of retaliation or harassment. Just a thought from a business man who has been there.

Anonymous said...

Looks more like Freya14 has gone under the Gliebe mind control. Erich told me so. So it must be true.

Anonymous said...

erich gliebe has been a great person in all of this i deffinitly do not envy his position of power. all u people need to worry about filling in your shoes in what u should be doing for the exsistance of the white race. when you do that then you will move up a position just like erich did. soo all u could stop doing the nigger thing (you are hateing on erich). erich has dealt with alot of stress not only fron a leadeership position but from a national socialist who is in a high position and you people join the clubs, or do ur weekend retreat of the movement, but have no idea what it is like to have the media and all the other haunting people who try to ruin ones life in every part of your exsistance. i love erich for the person he is and the difference he has made so be real white men and except who your are, what your role is in this and serve your leader, and race right. you all are jsut going to talk about takeing erich's position, u are speaking like the nazi solders who tried to kill hitler, follow the way things are and work your way up when u are given the position u do different, by the way if u are all so freaking smart y not help the cause and just give erich some ideas, he is always open to them. i will always love erich for all he is. -jean