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Denver Police Now Believe Organized Black Gangbangers Deliberately Targeted Whites For Racial Reasons In Mugging Attacks In Downtown Denver

Open Season On Whites In Downtown Denver

Although SPLC Intelligence Project Director Mark Potok continued to stubbornly deny that black-on-white crime in the United States is racially-motivated during a recent interview with Jim Giles on Radio Free Mississippi, the facts seem to state otherwise, according to Denver Police. In the wake of the November 20th, 2009 arrest of 35 black gangbangers in a 24-hour sweep in downtown Denver, police report that the gangbangers targeted whites for racial reasons. Note that this latest story confirms it is now 35 who have been arrested.

KDVR Channel 31 reports that the majority of the group are gang members from either Rolling 60 Crips or Black Gangster Disciples. The suspects targeted only White or Hispanic people to beat up and/or rob. Twenty-eight victims were men. And three were women who were with the male victims. "Without warning, the suspects would attack the victim, usually with a punch to the head, with the intent of knocking him unconscious. Other suspects would then join the assault. And in some instances, rob the victims of their personal items--cash, wallets, credit cards, cell phones, iPods, etc.," says Denver Police Chief Gerald Whitman. They allegedly committed 26 crimes from July 17th through November 17th. In addition, they also allegedly videotaped the attacks and sold the tapes online.

Additional documents released since the story first broke indicate the suspects told police they specifically targeted white men, they called "crackers". They would approach a victim saying things like "it smells like white people" and "i hate (expletive) white people." The suspects told police they felt two black gangs "owned" sections of LoDo [Lower Downtown] near The Bash nightclub around the 1400 block of 19th Street and wanted to beat up white men in that area to teach them not to come downtown unless they "brought their friends for protection.' Links to the arrest affidavits are provided below:

-- 24-page Arrest affidavit #1
-- 17-page Arrest affidavit #2
-- 18-page Arrest affidavit #3

Watch KDVR news video embedded below:

However, the suspects and their cheerleaders are already engaging in damage control. One of the suspects, Ian Curwen, told the Denver Post that just because they say racial slurs, it doesn't mean he or others in his group are racist. To prove he's not a racist, he cites the fact that he married a white woman and has sired two kids. Of course, he fails to explain why his wife and two kids are up in Montana while he's living in Denver. Perhaps she realized what a terrible mistake she made in marrying a black man and found it necessary to get away from him.

And Paula Whitehead, the mother of one of the other suspects, Kavean McCloud, is making excuses for her son. She stated that when Kavean's dad left, then afterwards his older brother left, it left the proverbial "void" in Kavean's life, causing him to look for a substitute father-figure or brother-figure, yada, yada, yada. And she also claimed that Kavean was such a good kid with a bright future, ranked 10th last year in the state for scoring in basketball at Love Christian School, and already "besieged" with scholarship offers. If you think you can stomach it, you can watch the poor mama cry to the media below:

Pathetic, itz! Other media stories from KMGH Channel 7, and this earlier Denver Post article which shows how the mayor and city council are already tap-dancing, trying to cover their asses. Mayor John Hickenlooper is the same clown who allowed Rene Marie to sing an Africanized National Anthem at the State of the City event on July 1st, 2008. Also covered on the Typical Denver Behavior blog. Further discussion available at Stormfront and The Phora and Chimpout.

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