Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 5 Of The Bill White Roanoke Trial: Bill White's Defense Team Exposes Canadian Gadfly Richard Warman As An Agent Provocateur For The CHRC

December 15th, 2009 was the day that notorious Canadian human rights gadfly Richard Warman walked into a Roanoke courtroom to lower the boom on national socialist activist Bill White - and may have also walked into a trap cunningly set by Bill White and his defense team. Warman ended up being induced, under oath, to confess his activities as an agent provocateur for the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC).

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WSLS Channel 10 news video embedded below:

Warman was one of the primary targets of Bill White's activism. On pp 13-15 (as indicated on the document) of the 19-page indictment, White is accused of posting Warman's home address on the Internet and sending him a copy of National Socialist Magazine. He also allegedly republished an article about the firebombing of a Canadian political candidate's home, and urged someone to do the same to Warman. He's also accused of urging people to kill Richard Warman.

However, Richard Warman has a very checkered past himself, which the defense quickly brought out during Warman's four hours on the stand. Although Warman claimed to be "terrorized" by Bill White's activism, Warman admitted under cross examination that he said in a 2005 speech that it was fun to bring legal action against white supremacists under Canada’s human rights act. Warman also said that if he found someone to be particularly annoying, he might move them up on the list a bit. But Warman tried to cover his tracks by saying that “those were two rather weak attempts at humor to keep the audience’s attention.”

Defense attorney David Damico also questioned Warman about his practice of using false names to participate in online discussions among racists in Internet chat rooms. Warman said he was trying to gather intelligence, although he finally conceded that the Canadian Human Rights Commission once said the practice diminished his credibility. Ezra Levant, who is NOT a white nationalist, revealed back in September that Warman himself has been under investigation by the CHRC for hate speech. More details about Warman's use of false names on WN discussion forums to induce illegal activity are published on the Richard Warman website.

Additional abuses by Richard Warman are posted on Dr. David Duke's website as well as on Voice Of Deseret, the latter which shows that Warman hasn't just targeted "racists", but also conservatives.

The expected impact of Warman's testimony is that it could increase the chances of a hung jury, or perhaps an outright acquittal. Jurors are likely to compare the track records of both Bill White and Richard Warman, and wonder why White is being punished for doing the same things that Richard Warman is allowed to do.

During the afternoon hours of the trial, former South Harrison Township (NJ) Mayor Charles Tyson also gave testimony. Tyson said he received a late-night phone call and a subsequent e-mail from Bill White that left him "petrified". White allegedly told Tyson that no black man should govern whites, and that he was going to put a Nazi sign in his front yard.

More background on Richard Warman is necessary to explain why he is considered of such great concern, not only to white nationalist activists, but also to other free speech activists as well. Canadian free speech activist Paul Fromm has further researched and published the impact of Richard Warman on Canadian Human Rights Tribunal cases. He has tracked the cases heard by the CHRT, and provides a statistical sketch of their results on the Freedom-Site, operated by the Canadian Freedom Resource Center. The information is current as of November 2007:

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal

Active and Past cases: 46
Cases the tribunal ruled on: 37
Total complaints received by CHRC: 100

- 0% of respondents have ever won a section 13 case before the tribunal.

- 100% of cases have Whites as respondents

- 98% of cases have poor or working class respondents

- 90.7% of respondents are not represented by lawyers

- So far, $93,000 has been awarded in fines and special compensation since 2003.

- 35 respondents have lifetime speech bans (Cease and Desist) orders and if not followed the victims could face up to 5 years in prison.

- 72.4% of complaints specifically identify "jews" as victims.

- 48.8% of all cases are by
Richard Warman

-- Every Decision on Section 13 case (Active and Past cases), in PDF format.

What permits Richard Warman to initiate these witch-hunts? In this previous post, I presented a brief explanation of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, which was designed to prevent the public communication of hate. This section has been the source of constant dispute, since the very definition of "hate" itself has been disputed. Here's the text of Section 13 itself:

Hate messages

13. (1) It is a discriminatory practice for a person or a group of persons acting in concert to communicate telephonically or to cause to be so communicated, repeatedly, in whole or in part by means of the facilities of a telecommunication undertaking within the legislative authority of Parliament, any matter that is likely to expose a person or persons to hatred or contempt by reason of the fact that that person or those persons are identifiable on the basis of a prohibited ground of discrimination.


(2) For greater certainty, subsection (1) applies in respect of a matter that is communicated by means of a computer or a group of interconnected or related computers, including the Internet, or any similar means of communication, but does not apply in respect of a matter that is communicated in whole or in part by means of the facilities of a broadcasting undertaking.


(3) For the purposes of this section, no owner or operator of a telecommunication undertaking communicates or causes to be communicated any matter described in subsection (1) by reason only that the facilities of a telecommunication undertaking owned or operated by that person are used by other persons for the transmission of that matter.

R.S., 1985, c. H-6, s. 13; 2001, c. 41, s. 88.


Anonymous said...

Warman is not on trial. The object is to get Bill White convicted.

Anchorage Activist said...

Warman's credibility is very much on trial. The object is to get a fair and just verdict for Bill White. We don't imprison people just because we don't like their politics.

apollonian said...

Facts Favor Bill White Who Courageously Confronts ZOG
(Apollonian, 15 Dec 09)

Remember the entire trial regards whether Bill White communicated a "real threat"--which is highly un-likely given Bill White's savvy and expertise for knowledge of the law. White certainly wanted and tried to "psyche" and perhaps intimidate people, but he certainly had understandable reason for his attempts to "persuade" which were obviously perfectly legitimate, esp. given circumstances. Only a horribly prejudiced jury would rule against White, surely, esp. under oppressive circumstances of tyrannical ZOG-Mammon empire-of-lies.

And we already know the Jew-dominated gov. wants to terrorize Bill White, along w. white people and all gentiles in general which is well-proven by the Chicago judge dropping charges against White. Remember further, real "threats" have to be "credible" which they aren't by White as White is closely watched by numerous agencies, Fed. and private, esp. by the Jews, foremost terrorists and criminals world-wide.

Thus here we see Bill White fighting desperately in an un-even struggle against ZOG-Mammon, ZOG now attempting to "psyche" stupid goyim into imprisoning one of their very own, Bill White, who did his very best and who has now been required to spend much funds defending himself, aside fm the imprisonment and torture he's had to endure.

The judge should have thrown out these charges fm the very first, but of course the judge himself works for ZOG naturally.

So now we see how Bill White did his best against the corporate bill-collector, Jennifer Petsche, and now the professional provocateur and persecutor, kike Warman. Bill White should be awarded a great prize and medal for heroic bravery--but of course, that's precisely why he's being so persecuted for his temerity to challenge ZOG.

What this entire Bill White episode demonstrates most and best is the critical necessity for building a grass-roots resistance to ZOG, this by the tried and true method of CHRISTIANITY, appeal to the sentiment and the people, including the people's tradition which they've so much forgotten in their hubris amidst all the (now waning) "prosperity" of the putrid, stinking Mammon empire-of-lies, dominated by Jew criminals (a redundancy) who cannot abide the truth, calling the truth, "hate."

And this Christianity must be understood as something explicitly, necessarily, and ABSOLUTELY anti-semitic (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13), semitism understood itself as Talmudic Ritual Murder (TRM)--which will happen as time passes and "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler continues evermore fatally against interests of stupid, still over-populated goyim.

The more facts are brought before jury of white people (Jews not understood as "white"), the only proper "peers," and the longer jurors are allowed to mull it all over in their minds, surely the greater the chances of White's being acquitted.

CONCLUSION: Note it wasn't wise of White to challenge ZOG so openly and blatantly--he should have known ZOG wouldn't hesitate to break the law w. present illegal prosecution--but the more facts that come out, the better it is for everyone. If White loses, nothing changes, but if White wins--like Hal Turner has in his first trial--then it will be excellent victory for the people, truth, and Western civilization. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Vonbluvens said...

If Bill goes to jail, we can blame people like Mike Burks and Justin Boyer. Bill is the next Jesus.

Gary said...

We need to watch our friends. The Jew like Burks and coward like Boyer, are among our ranks. Read Burks' blog http://mburks81.wordpress.com. What a kike!

Mr. Schwartz said...

Bill deserves jail time. I hope they lock me upp with him for fun anal sex.

Anonymous said...

Bill White is no hero. He is the Benedict Arnold of the pro-White movement along with Hal Turner.

Kyle said...

check out the Thor's Hammer Bill was wearing!

If anybody's looking for that style of jewelry, I recommend carvedmetal dot com or odin dot org (just found out of it yesterday)

Anonymous said...

Why do you term White a "National Socialist"? If just taking somebody's word for what they claim to be was valid, Hal Turner would be a "white-supremacist"! White is not even a "neo" National Socialist. Do you really think you can place him in the ranks of Rudolph Hess? Joesph Goebbels? Horst Wessel?

I mean, come on, the man is a proven fraud and cheap thrill seeker. On those grounds, alone, he deserves to be found guilty.

apollonian said...

Assertions Require Substantiation
(Apollonian, 16 Dec 09)

First, I'd like to note an insufficiency in my above essay: "And we already know the Jew-dominated gov. wants to terrorize Bill White, along w. white people and all gentiles in general which is well-proven by the Chicago judge dropping charges against White."

Above quote meant to note even the prejudiced judge understood the trumped-up charge against White was tooooo outrageous--and that's why it had to be dropped.

Otherwise, "anon" at 9:06 am, just above, u ignorant scum, if u want to seriously assert an argument, dumb-ass, u need to give reasoning, substantiation, and references, stupid punk.

U really need to have ur face crushed--then u might start thinking better, brainless moron. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian