Friday, December 04, 2009

Day 4 Of The Hal Turner Federal Trial In Brooklyn; After Closing Arguments, Case Delivered To Multiracial Jury, Deliberations Already Bogging Down

Post updated 4:40 P.M. with information from One People's Project, whose representative attended the trial. I also decided to remove the photoshopped image, since it had served its purpose, and replace it with the original photo.

On Day 4 of the Hal Turner Federal trial in Brooklyn on December 4th, 2009, attorneys for both sides delivered closing arguments, after which the case was delivered to the jury. For the first time, we get a media report on the demographic breakdown of the jury; reports that the jury consists of five White men, two White women, two Black women, two Latina women and one Asian man. And already, serious differences within the jury have arisen; less than three hours after receiving the case, the jury has already declared itself "hopelessly deadlocked", although they've been directed by Judge Donald Walter to resume deliberations.

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Assistant U.S. Attorney William Ridgeway, who delivered the closing argument for the prosecution, said Turner’s blog posting that the federal appeals judges “deserved to be killed” was “undoubtedly a serious expression to inflict injury.” Ridgway also stated that there is no right to threaten violence against people, and that the judges received that threat merely by virtue of doing their jobs.

Nishay Sanan, who represented the defense, countered by comparing Turner to such shock jocks as Howard Stern and Don Imus. “Giving your opinion is not a crime,” said Sanan of Turner’s blog posting that the judges “deserved to be killed.” Sanan also reminded the court of the evidence that his client once was a paid FBI informant in investigations of neo-Nazis and white supremacist groups, and stated that in return for his services, Turner only got betrayal.

Interesting how a supposed "white nationalist blogger" like Hal Turner entrusted his defense to a racially non-White defense team, isn't it?

The trial, originally expected to last as long as two weeks, was reduced to only four days when the prosecution called only six witnesses and the defense none. The three 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals allegedly targeted by Turner — Richard Posner, Frank Easterbrook and William Bauer - had been engaged to testify for the prosecution, but were never called upon. New Jersey Governor-elect Chris Christie and U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman were subpoenaed to testify for the defense, but that effort also fizzled. During a press conference, Gov. Christie said he never issued a letter to Hal Turner nor made a general, blanket decision promising Turner that he would never be prosecuted for the inciteful things he says.

And now the jury has already run up against a brick wall in deliberations. One People's Project reveals that the Asian juror had earlier identified himself as being particularly knowledgeable about the First Amendment. But Judge Walter felt that he presented no issues during the course of the trial, and chose to keep him on. This leads me to believe that the Asian juror is the most likely person to be hanging the jury. Turner has gotten some support nationwide from First Amendment activists, so the difficulty in deliberations is not surprising. The stakes are high; if Turner is convicted, he could face a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. And Turner still has the Connecticut state incitement charges to face.

There's also late word that if the Federal jury in Brooklyn hangs, a re-trial could take place as early as June 1st, 2010.


Anonymous said...

It is good to see that you (one of the few) refer to Turner as a "supposed" white-supremacist; however, wouldn't it be even more accurate to use the adjective "faux"? Anyhow, Turner claims that he was never on our side and that it was all a hoax, which seems right, considering his Mexican and Indian lawyers.

Kyle said...

Agreed, no need to PhotoShop the sad facts

apollonian said...

Real Treason Being Covered By Pharisaic Protests Against Hal Turner
(Apollonian, 5 Dec 09)

"Anon" at 2:31 pm: u cowardly scum, why don't u give ur citation to effect Hal Turner was not on "our side"?

And "supremacist" is a pejorative appellation designed to prejudice the non-whites (and a lot of cowardly whites); all that's necessary for cause of white Christians is simply idea of separatism and the natural law, including US Constitution which defends rights of people to discriminate and freely associate among other things including free expression.

The real truth is that it's all gentiles and Christians against Jew-led and master-minded ZOG-Mammon empire-of-lies, and Christians and gentiles are justified for their self-defense against these Judeo-conspirators, criminals, murderers, and frauds--and all we Christians and gentiles really need in first place is spread of the real truth about things.

So Hal Turner was "hired" as an informant to criminal activity--which is really PERFECTLY LEGITIMATE THING, in itself, assuming the law is just. For patriots and Christian soldiers DON'T NEED to be conspiring or plotting violent, criminal acts, generally speaking--again, all we need do is speak truth against ZOG-Mammon murderers, criminals, and frauds.

So what then was Hal Turner REALLY INVOLVED in?--answer is he simply conveyed info to FBI as to Jew provacateurs (WHO ELSE?--think about it) who were attempting to inveigle him within their own illegal activities.

For what legitimate, real white patriots would otherwise divulge such sensitive and compromising info to anyone else whom they didn't know?

This then is the incredible irony which is MOST LIKELY amazing truth: Hal Turner was effectively "informing" upon Jews and their suck-along accomplices who are the real CRIMINALS which infest the white and Christian patriot movements. And it's only too bad we don't have more info on the actual specific facts for the "fruits" of Hal Turner's activities.

Thus we have Mormon anti-Christs, who preach man can become God, like AA here on WhiteReference, attempting to make pt.s with the dumber folk among white people, to effect he, AA, is such a forthright "white" patriot, this AA implying however deceptively that Jews are white (see his previous blog, "White Nationalist...," 23 Nov 09).

For it's AA's intention to sell-out to Jews at the appropriate moment, never doubt--as we note fm his own writing and blogs (again, see previous WhiteReference blog, "White Nationalist...," 23 Nov 09). Thus the real treason is being covered in this case by self-righteous protests against Hal Turner's otherwise un-wise association w. FBI.

What a putrid laugh: It's bad for Hal Turner to work for FBI--BUT IT'S OKAY FOR AA AND WhiteReference TO COLLABORATE W. JEWS, PRETENDING JEWS ARE "WHITE," ETC.--again, see previously cited blog text.

CONCLUSION: So comrades: consider for urselves the REAL TREASON, and the real hypocrisy, that's being contemplated, planned, and perpetrated by who is now protesting, so self-righteously, Hal Turner's working for FBI. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian