Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 4 Of The Bill White Federal Trial In Roanoke: FBI Agents Testify, Virginia Beach Apartment Complex Residents Complain That White Scared Them

On Day 4 of the Federal trial of national socialist activist Bill White in Roanoke, Virginia, attention was focused on a number of other alleged "victims". Informational testimony was also given by others deemed germane to the case. General media stories from WSLS Channel 10 and WDBJ Channel 7.

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First up was Douglas Hantske, a National Alliance member who lives in Leonard Pitts' home state of Maryland. Hantske first disavowed any connection between the National Alliance and Bill White's American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP). Hantske hinted that he targeted Pitts' neighborhood with a literature drop after obtaining Pitts' address from White's website. The National Alliance Maryland Unit's own website, which is a bit dated, is available HERE.

Next up was David Church, the lead FBI agent in the investigation of White. Church previewed the case against three other entities allegedly threatened by White, to include a group of apartment tenants in Virginia Beach, Kathleen Kerr, who is a university administrator in Delaware, and Canadian "human rights" lawyer Richard Warman. On defense cross-examination, Church testified that Bill White told him that his Internet postings and e-mails were “outlandish” and meant to be political satire. He said White also told him that he never intended for anyone to get hurt, but was “simply mocking” people with whom he disagreed, usually over matters of race.

But Church still still considered White’s mailings to more than a dozen Virginia Beach apartment tenants and emails to Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Leonard Pitts to be threatening, and a second FBI agent, Paul Messing, a computer analyst who spent weeks going through White’s stored computer hardware and software gathering potential evidence, agreed with Church.

Then Tiese Mitchell, one of the residents of the Virginia Beach apartment complex earlier referenced, gave testimony. She said the letter she received from White scared her so much that she packed her things in 15 minutes and fled. Mitchell said the language of the letter – combined with the realization that White knew where she lived – frightened her so much that she quickly packed her belongings and took her two young children to stay with a relative. A second black resident, who was not identified by the media, also testified against White. Arousing White's interest in this situation was the fact that these apartment complex residents, who are black, had filed a housing discrimination lawsuit against their white landlord. Both women ultimately settled out of court, Mitchell for $27,000, and the other for $22,000.

Background Note: The reason Kathleen Kerr was targeted by Bill White is obvious. Kerr was the director of residential life at the University of Delaware back in 2007, when the school came under fire for a forced diversity brainwashing program which defined all whites as racist and said that no non-whites could ever be racist. Residential assistants at the school enforced the program and reported back to Kerr.


Vonbluvens said...

Bill White is a God. If he goes to jail I will die of a broken heart

Mr. Scwartz said...

If White goes to jail I may commit a crime in Roanoke so I can be his cellmate and anal rape him daily.

Anonymous said...

It appears White is going to prison. Thank goodness. The whole pro-White movement should rejoice that this asshole is gone. All we need is for Schoep and Anderson and Drake to get in jail and the NS cause will be cleansed (take Pluss too).

Vonbluvens said...

Don't blame Bill. He is the 2nd coming of Jesus