Thursday, December 03, 2009

Day 3 Of The Hal Turner Federal Trial In Brooklyn; Defense Calls NO Witnesses, Both Sides Abruptly Rest Their Cases

Hal Turner during his salad days, addressing an NSM rally in Washington, D.C. Note who's standing to HIS left...Bill White, who's also preparing for Federal trial. Ironic, isn't it?

In Day 3 of the Hal Turner Federal trial in Brooklyn on December 3rd, 2009, the big surprise to most observers was that after the prosecution presented their six witnesses, the defense called NO witnesses. The dramatic free-speech defense hinted at by Turner defense attorney Michael Orozco never materialized. Both sides have rested their cases. Also read a much more detailed account published by Daryle Lamont Jenkins on One People's Project; despite DLJ's reputation as an anti, the report is fairly objective.

Note: You can review all posts on the Hal Turner Federal trial HERE, with the most recent post appearing first.

Both the prosecution and the defense will present closing arguments on Thursday December 4th, after which the case will go to the jury. There are already unsubstantiated rumours floating around the Web that the judge may dismiss the case after the final arguments instead of delivering it to the jury. Even if that happens, Turner still has the Connecticut state incitement charges to face, in which he's accused of targeting Senator Andrew McDonald, Rep. Michael Lawlor and Thomas Jones, an enforcement officer at the Office of State Ethics, with comments considered by police to be incendiary. If convicted of inciting injury to persons or property, Turner faces a maximum prison sentence of up to 10 years.

William Norman Grigg, a longtime member of the John Birch Society, discusses the Hal Turner case on Pro Libertate. He describes Turner as just another prefabricated fascist in an assembly line of FBI provocateurs, comparing him with infamous FBI snitch David Gletty, who organized an NSM rally in Orlando, FL in 2006. Grigg also believes the NSM to be an FBI-controlled false-flag operation; to further support his contention, he refers to a recent mainstream immigration reform rally in Phoenix in which NSM operative J.T. Ready shows up...brandishing a Hitler poster. One of the ralliers attempted to seize the poster, triggering a physical altercation. Even more interesting is that Phoenix New Times antiracist blogger Stephen Lemons gets downright chummy with Ready.

This, in turn, induced ALIPAC's volatile, unstable, and egotistical William Gheen, who desperately seeks absolution from the SPLC, to chimp out and send a hysterical e-mail to Dr. David Duke and Stormfront, virtually "ordering" them to stay out of his organization's business. What better for the Feds than to use "white nationalist" provocateurs to sow division and dissension within the immigration reform movement, as well as to make legitimate white nationalists look like fools.

I wonder if Bill White ever dreamed that when he was standing beside Hal Turner at that NSM rally, that he was standing beside a world-class snitch. I also wonder if Turner has anything to do with White's own legal troubles.


K. A. said...

Is Hal Jewish? He has the "look"
his trip to Brazil was paid for by FBI, apparently, and he as to spy on WNs there. Wisely the millionaire WN down there refused to meet with Halvin due to Erich not making the trip.
AA can you put the trial log on a single page when possible at the end of it all? Great photos too.
You were right WNs made allowances for Hal because he spoke, sometimes, of issues of concern to WN, all the while he was a serpent. Is this a great country or what?
If the enemy wins, in the end, then we can be sure that America will become such a craphole that the winners will probably abandon ship.

Anchorage Activist said...

If you click on the label "Hal Turner Federal trial" at the bottom of the post, you will get all the posts about the trial simultaneously.

LARS said...

Great job AA.
thank you for your objective view point.
my eyes have been opened with the hal turner case.
as i have said all along america needs a BNP style organization.
we will never get it because the enemy is simply waiting till we all die out.
our children will never fight. they don't know what it is they are supposed to fight for.
america has been brainwashed thoroughly through movies, teleevision, radio, newspapers, textbooks.
by the way, have you noticed how many jewish sportscasters there are now? ebery show has at least one pretty boy jew.
personally i throw all of my time and money supporting BNP.
my strategy is that we have save britain first. their defeat is imminent now that the eu is in charge.
after we save the UK then we can turn that success to face the u.s. and hopefully rescue the fat americans from their tv's and ipods.

Anonymous said...

Turner's lawyer, Michael Orozco, has just announced that he (Orozco) is Hispanic. This to convince the world that Turner is not a "white-supremacist." According to Orozco, Turner's wife has a Jew doctor and Turner managed the political campaign of a Jew, Murray Sabrin. Didn't Turner's wife, Phyllis, post on here a few times, trying to beg for funds? By the way, Turner posted a cool half-million in cash as bail. Turner, also, told Bergen Record reporter Mike Kelly that he had NEVER been for the white race and that he never opposed Jews but that he did so to gain "ratings" and FBI cash. If he is not a Jew, he certainly acts the part.

Philip Anderson said...

Just a note, but that rally picture is from Lansing, Michigan.

apollonian said...

"I wonder if Bill White ever dreamed that when he was standing beside Hal Turner at that NSM rally, that he was standing beside a world-class snitch. I also wonder if Turner has anything to do with White's own legal troubles." -AA, WhiteReference, text, this blog

* * * * *

Observe The Mormon, AA, Pretending To Making Points With Real White Folk Of USA
(Apollonian, 4 Dec 09)

I've already observed upon AA in previous blog, "Day 2...," 3 Dec 09, comments. Observe AA, a MORMON, pretends he's one of the white people of USA--who must necessarily be loyal to the Christianity of original USA founders. And observe Mormons ARE NOT Christians anymore than Jews are Christians. (This foregoing about Mormonism might well be considered "ad hominem" irrelevance, regarding case of Hal Turner, but I don't think it's entirely irrelevant.)

And observe AA, a Mormon, wants to make accommodations with Jews, as BNP of England. So who actually is more in accord w. real interests of Christian white folk of USA?--Hal Turner or AA? (Actually, I believe Hal Turner has indeed gone on record, having expressed sympathy for English BNP.)

Again, note there's serious problem of logic: for what would Turner be "snitching" on?--would that be illegal activity?--what else?

And how would such illegal activity become known to Turner UNLESS it was volunteered by someone?--and who would this idiotic someone be, as he volunteers such incriminating info to someone, like Turner, not well-known to himself?--would it be a provocateur?--and who would they be, most likely?--JEWS (or their close accomplices among well-paid gentiles).

[---------see below for part two to above entry---------A.]

apollonian said...

[-------here's part two to above entry---------A.]

* * * * *

So it just might well be that Turner's info was actually exposing Jews. For again, the only truly helpful activity of patriots is INFO--not criminal or violent activity, excepting only self-defense.

Regarding Bill White's "legal troubles," so far as we know, they are not caused by Hal Turner--how could they be? In fact, Bill White's problems are similar to Hal Turner's, in all truth, it cannot be denied.

And if Bill White is in trouble due to "snitching" of Hal Turner, what would that say about discretion of White who pretends to being "leader"?--not very wise of such "leadership," surely.

The point is not necessarily to excuse Hal Turner for consorting with FBI. My pt. rather is to defending the excellent things Hal Turner did do (like providing me, urs truly, mighty Apollonian, with outstanding forum)--which was gaining publicity for general anti-semitic activity, promoting the rights of gentile citizens for free speech--esp. expressions of anti-semitism--ENCOURAGING PEOPLE to assert their right to free speech and anti-semitism.

15,000 dollars a month is tremendously tempting money which is capable of doing a lot of good, which good Hal Turner accomplished, regardless of whatever else he might have done--WHICH WE DON'T KNOW anything about, do we?--after all, Feds had every opportunity to providing all the facts at the trial.

CONCLUSION: AA deserves credit, as I note, for journalistically covering the Hal Turner story in all details, much as possible, with all the excellent research and references he presents. Note however, AA also presents an analytic which is tremendously flawed and prejudiced in my judgment--thus AA really acts as a lawyer against Hal Turner--which is certainly his right. I however, intend to doing my utmost to presenting an equally lawyerly-type defense of Hal Turner for the genuine GOOD I contend Hal Turner has accomplished (which good I know about definitively, first hand). Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

It seems that this forum bends over backward to let people have their say -- such as Appolonian, as much as a nuisance as he seems to be. However, since he openly sides with the rat Hal Turner, and is otherwise so obnoxious, would it be a good idea to somehow ban him? It might make the posting experience in general a lot better.

apollonian said...

Rather Ban Ignorant Scum
(Apollonian, 4 Dec 09)

No, don't ban the mighty Apollonian: he informs the people by means of truth and Christian honesty, obviously; rather WhiteReference should ban ignorant scum like above poster at 10:48 am WHO CAN'T EVEN SPELL WORDS RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS STUPID FACE. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

apollonian said...

Jew-Friendly BNP Is Mere Fall-Back Make-Shift For Jews
(Apollonian, 4 Dec 09)

Ha ha, hee hee, ho ho ho--who is it we know who speaks in such phrases like, "posting experience"?--yuk, yuk, yuk. AA, u ought to have more respect for ur readers. And don't doubt u desperately need criticism comrade; u're actually lucky u have the mighty Apollonian.

Thus we see how Jews, behind the scenes, attempt to create their fall-back positions by means of such as the Jew-friendly BNP.

AA, u should be more honest--at least w. urself, comrade. The fundamental cultural principles are Jew vs. Christian, that's it; there's nothing else--u need to get a life and face the reality.

Crunch-time for Jews and accomplices is coming quickly and decisively with collapse of US Dollar and Federal Reserve COUNTERFEITING instrument--see and for expo/ref. on Fed fraud.

U, Linder, the people at Occidental Dissent, and Majority Rights, and SpiritWaterBlood, among others still, are all, in ur only slightly differing ways, working for the Jews to divide Christian loyalty and spirit--keeping people CONFUSED.

Note it isn't necessary that u people (afore-mentioned) co-operate too closely or even that u all know what one another is doing; u may even think of the others as rivals or competitors, or even enemies--but u all get support of one sort or another fm Jews unquestionably. Blogspot blogs are notoriously Jew-friendly and -sensitive anyway, aren't they?

So don't doubt we REAL patriots and Christian soldiers have u under observation, and we understand the basic conflicts cultural and idealistically--it's simply truth vs. lies including then the other dichotomies I've analyzed for u, objective vs. subjective, reason vs. mysticism, and determinism vs. "free" will.

CONCLUSION: The important thing for patriot blogging and analysis is to simplify and reduce the COMPLEXITY of things, never forget. U don't like fact I pt. out about Mormonism and how it is sooooooo similar to Judaism for emphasis upon that perfectly "free" God-like hubristic will, do u? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian