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Day 3 Of The Bill White Federal Trial In Roanoke: VNN's Alex Linder Gives Technical Testimony, Leonard Pitts "Cries Himself A River"

On Day 3 of the Federal trial of national socialist activist Bill White in Roanoke, Virginia, attention was focused on the second of White's alleged victims: Syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts. Pitts merited special attention from White after he (Pitts) wrote that flippant, contemptuous, and disrespectful 2007 "Cry Me A River" column after the barbaric details of the Christian-Newsom atrocities came to light as a result of the VNN-led Rally Against Black Crime in Knoxville on May 26th, 2007. WSLS Channel 10 story HERE.

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But first, Dave Wilson, the senior editor for administration from the Miami Herald, testified. Wilson is the boss of columnist Leonard Pitts, who was allegedly threatened by Bill White. Pitts, whose column is syndicated and published nationwide, including in the Roanoke Times, allegedly started receiving e-mail threats from White in June of 2007. In response, Wilson testified that the Miami Herald set up armed security at Pitts’ Maryland home, where he works, during that month. He also testified that he personally received two e-mails from someone going under the name R. James which he felt were direct threats to Leonard Pitts. The prosecution is trying to prove that R. James is in fact Bill White. R. James is actually believed to be a troll or a police agent who once posted regularly on the Vanguard News Network Forum, urging people to commit illegal acts.

In cross-examination, White’s attorneys suggested that Pitts’ column about black-on-white crime was intended to stir things up, suggesting that Pitts is "no shrinking violet" in the rough-and-tumble world of political discourse, a premise to which Wilson agreed.

But because Bill White also posted prolifically on VNN Forum under several separate usernames (in succession, not simultaneously), VNN editor Alex Linder was called to testify, and did so by teleconference so that the Feds would not have to pay to fly him to Roanoke. Beginning on page 4 of this VNN Forum thread, Linder stated that it was no more than 15 minutes of pro-forma questions verifying that he owns the forum and keeps the records of Bill's user names and that kind of thing. White's lawyer Damico cross-examined, asking whether admins/mods could go in and change posts, which of course they technically can. Nothing really in dispute as far as he could see. Linder also stated that the subpoena demanded he produce IPs for Bill's usernames, which he did. He gave them IPs for two Bill White usernames, "ANSWP Commander" and "billwhite." And he gave them the IP info for "R. James." He also had to provide the registration information for these usernames.

Then Pitts took the stand, testifying today that his blood ran cold when he realized he was being targeted by a neo-Nazi leader. "I feel like I have been violated," cried Pitts. Pitts said he viewed the e-mail as a threat –- and became even more concerned after he realized that White had posted his home address and telephone number on a website frequented by fellow white supremacists. "He is essentially inviting them and daring them to commit violence," Pitts testified.

On cross examination, White’s attorney suggested that Pitts was trying to be provocative and draw people to his work. In response, Pitts said,"My job is not to worry about getting people to read my column...My job is to write the best column that I can ... and after that it’s out of my hands." After Pitts testified, his 19-year-old daughter took the stand — backing his testimony about how fearful her family became after White wrote her father an e-mail addressed to "N----- Pitts".

Cry me a river, Pitts. In your column, you presumed that all whites are equally privileged because of the lifestyles of the white elite, who actually move to suburbs and gated communities to get away from your people, yet impose forced diversity and multiculturalism upon the rest of us. You ignore the fact that thousands of white Americans lose social standing and even employability every year because they oppose affirmative action and white-bashing. You have failed to effectively and consistently call your racial community to account for their disproportionate misbehavior.

Yeah, Pitts, cry ME a river, punk! When Bill White jacked you up, I enjoyed it!

Meanwhile, Bill White continued his practice of listening intently to testimony and taking notes, periodically conferring with his defense team. His wife, Meghan White, attended the trial during Day 1, but because she's expected to testify at some point, she was instructed to leave the courtroom, and has not returned.

More information to be posted later when available and if meaningful.

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