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Day 2 Of The Hal Turner Federal Trial In Brooklyn; Is Turner A Domestic Terrorist Or A Free Speech Activist?

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On Day 2 of the Hal Turner Federal trial held in Brooklyn on December 2nd, 2009, two different portraits of Turner were painted in opening statements. While Assistant U.S. Attorney William Hogan characterized Turner as a domestic terrorist, Turner's lawyer Michael Orozco countered that Turner was merely exercising his right of free speech when he wrote on his blog last June that three federal appeals court judges deserved to be killed for upholding a ban on handguns in Chicago. He characterized the trial as a witch hunt.

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Hogan spoke for an hour and had to be cut off by the judge. During that time, he downplayed Turner's importance to the FBI, He stated that Hal Turner was kicked out as an informant because he stepped over the line, and added that the FBI was not in the business of instructing Hal Turner what to write on his blog. Hogan further stated that his postings against the three judges went far beyond mere political rhetoric and is not protected by the First Amendment.

Orozco only took 30 minutes to deliver his statement, saying that it was about the right to criticize judicial officials. He said that although Turner was a productive informant, he was basically an entertainer. “Mr. Turner was nothing but a shock jock, a radio personality whose hand was guided by the FBI,” Orozco said.

Afterwards, a string of FBI agents took the stand to testify about Turner’s blog and his work as an informant. In several cases, Turner, smiling widely, stood and waved to agents he recognized, including the agent who arrested him, and another who supervised him as an informant. One of the agents identified was Mark Wallschleager

Another was Amy Pickett, now the third highest ranking FBI agent in the bureau’s New York City field office. She said Turner was never told he could use violent threats when she supervised him as an informant when she worked with Newark-based Joint Terrorism Task Force and knew him by the code name, “Valhalla.” Pickett said Turner’s information was considered valuable by the FBI. But she said he quit briefly as an informant when the FBI asked him to remove threatening statements from his blog.

Meanwhile, Governor-elect Chris Christie said that US Attorney Paul Fishman, who holds Christie's former job, has also been subpoenaed by Turner’s lawyers. On Tuesday, Christie was subpoenaed. He said that he forwarded his subpoena to Fishman’s office. “They’re going to interact with the court in Brooklyn [about] whether or not my testimony will be appropriate or required and so I leave it to them to handle,” Christie said. “Whatever the appropriate thing to do is, I’ll do. Beyond that, because I’m under subpoena, I should probably not talk about the substance today.”

The fact that Hal Turner was under FBI control has not escaped the notice of Kingston (NY) Mayor James Sottile. Back in October 2005, Turner led a Rally Against Black Gang Terrorism in Kingston after a white student, Robbie Hedrick, was brutally assaulted by a supersized black thug at the local high school. An estimated 40 white activists were offset by 200 antis, and the resultant police protection cost the city $80,000. So because the FBI is assumed to be involved, Sottile wants them to reimburse the city for the expense. He is supported in his request by Kingston Police Chief Gerald Keller and Kingston Alderwoman Ann Marie DiBella.

An FBI spokesman said in an e-mail that the bureau had not yet received the mayor’s request. “To the best of our knowledge no such request has been received at FBI headquarters,” said Special Agent Bryan L. Travers of the FBI’s Newark NJ branch. “All requests of that nature are handled by the FBI headquarters and evaluated and resolved based on their own merits.”


apollonian said...

"We tolerated him, and even laughed at him, because he was promoting our message.

"Little did we know that the FBI was telling him to say such things. Little did we know that his first - and only true loyalty - was to the Feds. Now he may be the most hated man in the history of the White Nationalist movement, and it is richly deserved. For the sake of free speech alone, I don't want to see him go to jail, but if he gets off, he better just retire." -AA,, "Day 1 of The Hal Turner Federal Trial...," 3 Dec 09

* * * * *

Hal Turner, Heroic Shock-Jock Persecuted From Both Sides By ZOG And Half-Baked Charlatans And Wannabes
(Apollonian, 3 Dec 09)

Yeah, right AA, regarding ur above quotes, but I must say u do us a service, indubitably, as u collect and gather all this detailed journalistic material which I, for one, found soooo informative and entertaining as we observe Hal Turner struggling so heroically against the powers-that-be.

U like to speak w. the royal "we" I notice, but u're NOT a Christian, AA (merely a Mormon), and thus u're nothing but a WANNABE for the people of USA, white Christians--maybe u're white though--I don't doubt u are that.

AA, u need to get a clue comrade: non-Christian so-called "white nationalists" are a GROSS JOKE--nothing but the very fringe of the general dissident movement to present ZOG-Mammon empire-of-lies. In fact, u're nothing but the fringe of the fringe, comrade--u really need getting a serious clue.

Hal Turner was most brilliant entertainment and a great fountain of information and analysis--MOST OF ALL, he was a magnificent PROVACATEUR, and this is so often very essence of culture and creativity. Hal Turner was and is a great artist, a true master. Yes, he was a little greedy for that filthy gov. lucre, and ended selling himself far too cheaply, I daresay.

Hal Turner's blogs were my very favorite "hang-out" whereby I could get in my own little provocateur's show on my own, such as it was, perfectly free-of-charge, though I so appreciated the opportunity given to me, I sent Hal small donations several times--and I still feel like I got a good deal.

AA, u're just a joke urself when u talk about "white nationalist movement"--which is just idiotic, as one can truly say THERE'S SIMPLY NO SUCH THING, period--just a few dumbasses who write-in and post on Linder/VNN ( blogs, Linder a brainless, stinking satanist, of all idiotic things.

And who exactly are u, AA?--a Mormon--and what is a Mormon?--Mormons are certainly NOT Christians, as Mormons believe any human can be God--LITERALLY. Of course u Mormons don't tell people that (about humans evolving into Godliness), do u? What a joke, I swear. Linder/VNN himself is originally a Mormon or connected therewith, as I seem to vaguely understand, I believe.

I note another blogger, at ("The Traitors...," 30 Nov 09) also thinks he can jump on a good man (like Hal Turner) when he's down, this "orion" guttersnipe calling dear old Hal a "traitor" in a recent blog--but I called him out--which he even published in substantial part, the pt. being HE HAS NO PROOF Hal Turner is or was "traitor" to anyone or anything of any signficance.

For u see, it's a judgment call as to whether it's wise to accept money fm FBI--it brings u to their attention in the first place--and it obligates u to their stipulations WHICH CANNOT BE ESCAPED, and can, as we see, change in an instant.

[---------see below for parts 2 and 3 to above entry--------A.]

apollonian said...

[---------here's part two to above entry------------A.]

* * * * *

The essential pt., again, is whether Hal Turner is a traitor, and the question is WHAT IS THE EVIDENCE?--THERE IS NONE, period. On the contrary, Hal Turner is being horribly persecuted for the exercise of his free speech regarding the deserving of Fed pigs (judges) to be offed and summarily executed. But that's okay--those filthy pigs are going to die sooner or later, it doesn't really matter.

One should ask oneself (once again, as I've noted over and over and over): WHAT COULD HAL TURNER HAVE POSSIBLY DONE TO "BETRAY" ANY REAL PATRIOT?

For we patriots do not need any criminal activity. The absolute most productive thing to do in way of assassinations would be to removing the leaders of "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists. But even these JC leaders can STILL, even at this late time, well be handled in way of good Pastor Carlson of simple, forthright means of free speech.

There's nothing Hal Turner COULD POSSIBLY have done to "betray" any true patriot--why? and how?--because simply, the only proper thing to be done presently is to convey that vital INFO and analysis, that's all, once again.

The only scum who could possibly be involved in real criminal activity would undoubtedly be JEW PROVOCATEURS--or those being paid by Jews, that's all.

And that's what un-questionably was going on: the FBI was picking up and arresting JEWS (of lower-level, sociologically, no doubt) and their little gentile suck-alongs, and the ADL and especially SPLC queers were up in arms about it, most of all, there can be no doubt--as we see it was SPLC topmost in agitation for FBI to arrest Hal Turner, as we know fm the records.

And Hal Turner can well still come back most brilliantly--regardless of AA's presumptuous advice to "retire." AA only needs rather desperately a "leg" to "standing upon," truly. For again I note THERE IS NO "WHITE NATIONALIST MOVEMENT"--a gross figment of the imagination of a wannabe like AA who's not even one of the people--not even a Christian. I laugh. Who are u really fooling, AA?

[-----------see below for part three to above two parts--------A.]

apollonian said...

[--------here's part three to above two entries---------A.]

* * * * *

For the real ROOT of any true dissident "movement" is that essential Christianity and esp. then its anti-semitic nature, identity, and meaning. And this Christianity must be aimed most immediately at the close accomplices to Jews, the afore-mentioned JCs, most significant of Jews' allies and cohorts in crime.

So AA, in summation, I say u do good work for ur basic rendering of facts and details, BUT U'RE PATHETICALLY "ALL WET" when it comes to analysis--U TOTALLY "MISS THE BOAT," not only absurd, but downright comical for ur presumption and child's wishful-thinking.

U AA, know NOTHING about any real dissident movement against ZOG-Mammon--u being WAY behind the proverbial "curve." For the most effective voice against Obama/Soetoro and the CFR-Bilderberg faction/wing of ZOG-Mammon is none other than Jew-lover Alex Jones ( who has now developed an incredible following, all by himself overwhelming any other "patriot," w. possible exception of D. Duke (

U urself, comrade AA, are now on record (see, "White Nationalist...," 23 Nov 09) as being willing to compromise with the Jews--merely in order to get their money (though u don't have wit to admit it, even to urself). So how are u any better than Hal Turner who is much less guilty of the same temptation?--u gross hypocrite--u ought to be ashamed, I swear to God.

Thus we see in all of this Hal Turner episode, AA, it's U, COMRADE, who comes out looking absurd and pathetic for ur hypocrisy and gross ignorance--like about "the white nationalist movement," just a total pile of purest bullshit--which u're dumb enough, evidently, to take seriously.

Like I say: Hal Turner can easily come-back--if only he does it right this time, and cultivates that basic Christianity--it's all he needs to do. Hal has already shown he can be a great star on the video camera.

CONCLUSION: AA, u need to start seriously getting a life, comrade. U're good with the basic journalism techniques, for which u should be genuinely credited, but ur analysis of things suck due to ur gross DELUSIONS, comrade. U're not even a Christian, yet u pretend to being some kind of "authority" or observer of significance. U're just another example of how-not-to-be, and what-not-to-do and -say. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian