Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Day 1 Of The Bill White Federal Trial In Roanoke, Virginia Focuses On Jury Selection; Some Jurors Already Excused For Bias Against "Neo-Nazis"

Day 1 of the Federal trial of ANSWP Commander Bill White in Roanoke, Virginia focused on jury selection. The fundamental question to be resolved during the trial: Did Bill White's online posts amount to "true threats," as defined by federal law, or did his words stop short of "inciting or producing imminent lawless action," and thus fall under the protection of the First Amendment? The Roanoke Times is providing dedicated coverage of the proceedings HERE.

Roanoke Times blogger Dan Casey earlier weighed in on the challenges of selecting a jury in this case. The first wave of 66 prospective jurors was called and quizzed beginning at 9:30 A.M. EST. Twenty have now been excused either because they said they could not give White a fair trial due to his racist views or because they had plans or medical conditions that prevented them from serving over the next two or three weeks. In particular, nine of those excused said they disapproved so strongly of White's neo-Nazi views that they could not render a fair verdict. On the other hand, many more of the jurors said that although they had heard or read about the case, they could keep an open mind.

Jurors are being quizzed in depth as to their views on white supremacy, Adolf Hitler and swastikas. One man said he had a swastika tattooed on his left leg (he was ultimately excluded). Some jurors, particuloarly the Black jurors, visibly recoiled at the word "nigger" which White uses regularly in his online comments. The problem is that the word "nigger" will come out frequently as the prosecution makes its case. WSLS Channel 10 now reports that jury selection is complete; an all-white jury of 10 men and 4 women have been chosen. Twelve are primaries and two are alternates. However, the fact that the jury is described as "all-white" does not preclude the possibility of the presence of Jews; Jews are considered white by mainstream society.

After the jury was selected, Roanoke NAACP dominatrix Brenda Hale complained, "I just cannot fathom how they ended up with an all-white jury. How can you have equal justice in the courtroom when you don't have a representation of the overall community?" But unlike cases tried in Roanoke's state court, the panelists for this Federal case came from a wide swath of Southwest Virginia that is predominantly white, rather than just from the city.

Various news stories are referring to the seven charges levied against Bill White. As put forth in this previous post, the Federal charges faced by White in Roanoke include using his website to make threats against a half-dozen or so targets, including the so-called "civil rights attorney" Richard Warman in Canada, the nationally syndicated black newspaper columnist Leonard "Cry Me A River" Pitts, and an insignificant small-town black mayor in New Jersey. Specifically, he is charged with five counts of communicating threats in interstate commerce, one count of communicating an extortionate threat in interstate commerce, and one count of witness intimidation. He is accused of "targeting" individuals with whom he disagreed from 2006 to 2008 for racial reasons. The 19-page indictment can be read HERE.

If found guilty of communicating threats in interstate commerce, White could face a maximum punishment of five years in prison for each count of the indictment. If found guilty of communicating extortionate threats in interstate commerce, White could face a maximum punishment of 20 years in prison. If found guilty of witness intimidation, White faces a maximum punishment of ten years in prison. Each of the aforementioned charges also entails a potential fine of up to $250,000.

Bill White faced similar charges in Chicago, but the judge dismissed the case on July 21st, 2009 before it could go to trial. In the Roanoke trial, the judge has not ruled out dismissing the case at some point, but he feels the government deserves an opportunity to make its case. To quote Judge James Turk, "I think the indictment is sufficient to go to trial. It may not be sufficient to go to a jury." The outcome may well depend upon whether Bill White is willing to concentrate on defending his actions and linking them inextricably to the First Amendment rather than making some of the vainglorious political statements he's made in the past. It would be smart if Bill White chooses not to testify himself during the trial.


Anonymous said...

This is going to be funny. I would love to see the faces of black jurors when the word "nigger" is used. That's what White gets for using it instead of using proper language that decent White people sould relate to. May this jury find him guilty before Christmas and make the pro-White movement happy this piece of White trash is gone forever. they need to put Phil Anderson (his buddy) in jail too. The bitch.

Hooch said...

"""That's what White gets for using it instead of using proper language that decent White people sould relate to."""

What words do "decent White people relate to"?

Porch Monkey, Spear Chucker, Outdated Farm Equipment, Tribesmen, Coons, Jungle Bunny, Yard Apes, Shitskins, Darkies?

Nigger is a word most of them call eachother on a daily basis dumbass.
Sounds pretty tame to me.

Should he have called them African Americans even though it would be extremely rare that any of them were actually born in Africa?

You sound like a real dipshit.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping that this case shapes up as "poetic justice," meaning that White gets convicted for what he deserves, not for the reasons the feds have brought him up. In other words, he needs to spend the next ten years in the slammer for embarrassing the white cause, doing the bidding of Morris Dees to make us look bad and, most of all, being a communist dressing up like Hitler (the ultimate fraud).

I mean, here is an anarchist who was tossed overboard by the anarchists for being too bonkers. Yuck, the First Amendment does protect his threats and ravings, but so what? He deserves to be busted for being a liar, fraud and, especially, bearing false witness. Maybe, then, they'll think twice before ponying up another one.

Anonymous said...

The phrase "Phoney as a 3-Dollar Bill" takes on new meaning!

Vonbluvens said...

Bill White is a liar. He has been put in his place here at and here at

I will have a Merry Christmas if Bill is found guitly!

apollonian said...

apollonian said...

"Hooch" The Ignorant Jew Is Back Again
(Apollonian, 16 Oct 09)

It's "Hoochie" the Jew, back again to prosecute the Jew strategy of making gentiles fight one another.

"Hoochie" Jew of course doesn't let on he's Jew, but we know he is by his actions and words.

"Hoochie" Jew told us awhile ago he "doesn't know anything" about Jew Talmud, and I told him to get familiar, giving the Jew son-of-a-whore numerous citations.

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[For most excellent exposure of the "Hooch" Jew, see WhiteReference blog for 30 Oct 09, "Congratulations...." A.]

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt said...

I neither like nor trust Bill White.

That said, I don't think Bill White is guilty of anything except relying on the CONstipation and Bill of Goods in running his lying mouth.

I think it would behoove us all to pray that Bill White isn't jailed on the flimsy bullshit charges filed against him. After the 9-11 false-flag operation the line moved, shifted by ZOG and its rats, of whom Bill White may be one and Hal Turner and TraitorGlenn Miller certainly are. Frankly, I am not worried about Bill White being a rat because I've never wanted anything to do with the lying back-biting bastard. So since nobody with much of a mind ever trusted him, then it is doubtful that Bill White is a rat as Bill White doesn't have any friends to rat out.

I asked John Gerhardt is anyone on the Old Resistance prison ministry was going to help him. Gerhardt said that we had a lot of better people to save and Bill White shit on the Order and sided with TraitorAlex Linder and TraitorGlenn Miller. And thus I have no problem with Bill White floundering to safety on his own.

That said, having been in the belly of the ZOG-beast, I have some admiration that Bill White hung tough and didn't rat out anyone -- not that Bill White has any friends to rat out. Too many piss-pot rabblushunaries talk shit about how tough they are and then fold like a noodle when ZOG applies the screws. From what I see, Bill White didn't do this. So Bill White has my reluctant respect, even though, as said before, I don't want anything to do with him and neither do a lot of the Old Resistance.

The Resistance is a network, not a hierarchy. Bill White was never anything other than a piece of shit annoyance to a lot of people, but he was a functioning node in the network of information. So I will reluctantly pray for his getting free and hope that the goofy lying bastard learned something from his long imprisonment, particularly about what goes around comes around.

Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinski Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

Anonymous said...

I think that White will be convicted on the extortion charge, but let slide by the all-white jury on the free-speech charges. Remember, he threatened a bank employee to try to get some kind of preferential treatment on a bank loan. So, it is a win-win situation for us, if he is convicted. First, free speech remains free and a freakzoid extortionist (not to mention liar, back-stabber and traitor) gets his just deserts.

Vonbluvens said...

I miss Bill White. I wish he liked me.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the hunch was correct:
The feds are first up putting on the threat against the bank employee over a loan. That is not considered "political" speech, but just plain old extortion. That is what they will nail White on, so far as my "crystal ball" tells me.

By the way, "Appolonian" on here appears to be another Semitic Frank-Colin type. I hope he is next on the chopping block.

apollonian said...

Ignorant Scum Ought To Be "Chopped"
(Apollonian, 10 Dec 09)

By golly, but we ought to "chop" all the ignorant morons, like "anon" at 9:49, who can't even spell words which are right in front of their very stupid faces, I say. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Hooch said...

Yep, that's right. Apolo is next. The only reason he wouldn't be is if he is in an entrapment scheme just like his best buddy Hal was.