Friday, December 11, 2009

Australian Patriot Brendon O'Connell Accuses Former VNN Poster Mike Mazzone Of Being An ADL Operative Or A Police Agent

Self-professed WN and self-proclaimed cocksmith Mike Mazzone accompanied by his chippy du jour

An anti-Zionist activist in Australia who's being officially persecuted by the Australian government is accusing a former Vanguard News Network Forum member, Mike Mazzone, of being a possible ADL operative and/or a police agent. Although the evidence presented is circumstantial, it is voluminous, and the accuser has some credibility.

Brendon O'Connell, an Australian patriot who was arrested in May 2009 and charged with racial incitement for speaking out against Zionism, and who could face 14 years in prison, makes the accusation in this post on his personal blog. First, he claims that the Argue With Everyone (AWE) forum under the direction of its webmaster, Kevin Kneupper, is an ADL honeypot. Then he launches into his accusations against Mazzone.

He first identifies the AWE poster "SaintHitler" as being closely involved with Kneupper, acting the role of a "kosher Nazi" on Kneupper's ADL honeypot forum. Then he identifies "SaintHitler" as Mike Mazzone. That's right, "the" Mike Mazzone from Palatine, Illinois, who turned out to be one of the creepiest posters in the history of VNN Forum, always bragging about being a world-class "dancemaster" and "cocksmith", and winding up his tenure at VNN by endlessly spamming the forum with YouTube links until Alex Linder finally cut him off.

Later he posts the following statement about Mazzone:

"SaintHitler" is an American Jew named Mike Mazzone. He lives in the suburb of Palatine just outside of Chicago. "SaintHitler" is a "proud supporter" of the Jewish Internet Defense Force. He boasts of a desire to "rape and torture" women and has regularly posted images of hardcore pornography on Argue With Everyone. "SaintHitler" holds James Linton and Steve Johnson in high regard. He says he is a "Steve Johnson fan". Jim Kerr's expose of Johnson is a "must read".

Below is a screenshot of one of "SaintHitler's" posts, where he identifies himself as a proud supporter of the Jewish Internet Defense Force (JIDF):

O'Connell also posts the following statement:

Please note the "successfully targeted for entrapment by Federal Agents provocateur". When you realize that Mike Mazzone is playing the role of over -the-top "kosher Nazi" at a political forum run by a lawyer (Kevin Kneupper) who works for the McKool-Smith Law firm which boasts of a "proud relationship" with the Jewish run Anti-Defamation League, you can begin to draw some legitimate speculative conclusions. We can then link Mazzone to James Linton, who boasted that he could have me found by his next door neighbor who works in the Australian equivalent of the FBI - the Australian Federal Police. Are we beginning to connect some dots?

And O'Connell posts yet another damning statement:

Mike Mazzone appears to like making himself known all over the world wide web. He posts his name and location quite openly. He is a member of a political forum called "Argue With Everyone" - a forum run by a lawyer who works for a law firm that boasts of a "proud relationship" with the ADL AND links directly to U.S Government institutions and Mike Mazzone posts as a crazed "neo-Nazi" under the alias of "SaintHitler". Mazzone has directly threatened to rape, torture, "gut", and hang by a "meat hook", an American female friend of mine.

For good measure, Mazzone posted a picture of a murder with a human body hung on a meat hook - (screenshots not yet available). His depravity on that forum is beyond belief, and the owner of the AWE forum, Kevin Kneupper, has done nothing despite receiving dozens of complaints. But why would Kevin Kneupper want to ban Mazzone from his forum? Mazzone works for him and the ADL. Mazzone is also a member of White Nationalist Forums such as Vanguard News Network, where he is to be found plugging Ron Paul of all people.

Of course, although Mazzone did whore himself extensively for Ron Paul, who led us on but then let us down, Mazzone has long since been banned from VNN Forum. Nevertheless, the allegations presented by Brendon O'Connell are sufficiently specific and damning that they warrant precautions on our part. Consequently, I would urge White activists to avoid getting involved with any activism involving Mazzone.

Whitelaw Towers tells us that not only are the Australian political police continuing to push the original charges against O'Connell, but in November 2009, he was raided once again by the Western Australian police's ‘State Security Investigation Group’. He has been charged a second time under Western Australia’s odious racial vilification laws, and now faces two lots of 14 years imprisonment. The Australia First Party has spoken out in O'Donnell's favor HERE.

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This doesn't surprise me. The National Socialist Movement in America is loaded with feds.