Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why White Nationalists Should Not Support ALIPAC; William Gheen Slams Dr. David Duke And Stormfront

Many mainstream advocacy groups who share some of our goals (if not necessarily our racial goals) prefer to distance themselves from the white nationalist community, out of the mistaken notion that this tactic will counter criticism from the Anti-Hate Cartel. They perpetuate the popular conception that "racism", in and of itself, is a bad thing.

These groups will distance themselves in two ways. Most frequently, when challenged about "white racist" involvement in their organizations and activities, they will simply disavow any connection with "white racists", and take it no further. We can live with this; it's merely a tactical step backward into a more defensible political posture.

But some do take it further. Some of them won't merely disavow us, but actually turn and deliberately attack us. They not only demand we stay out of their activities, but threaten us with legal action if we even promote their existence and activities. One such person is William Gheen of ALIPAC (Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee. Gheen has employed this tactic in this past; back in July 2006, Gheen tried to legally strongarm a now-defunct unit of National Vanguard in North Carolina into removing excerpts and links to ALIPAC material posted on the Vanguard unit's website.

And now Gheen has done it again. In an open letter to Dr. David Duke and Stormfront, which was posted on this Stormfront thread, Gheen not only imperiously demands that Dr. Duke and Stormfronters stay away from Tea Parties, but also threatens Stormfront with legal action if Stormfront doesn't quit promoting ALIPAC events and material on the Stormfront website. Gheen also slanders Dr. Duke, implying that Dr. Duke works for the ADL and the SPLC.

But most disturbing is the following statement by Gheen: "Take our event materials down right now and get away from our events on November 14 or I swear before the nation I will do all in my power to file lawsuits against you for damages and redirect as much of my time from fighting against illegal immigration groups and direct my attentions to fighting you".

Note the implications of Gheen's statement. He says he will redirect his efforts from fighting illegal immigration to fighting David Duke. This means he considers a single white civil-rights activist like Dr. Duke to be a greater threat to America's sovereignty that 12 million illegal immigrants. Either William Gheen is an insufferable egomaniac, or, as has been suggested on Voice Of Deseret and Occidental Dissent, he could be a false flag agent who uses ALIPAC merely to generate public outrage, but always just manages to stop short of "critical mass". In other words, a political prick-teaser.

Gheen is also apparently motivated by the fact that the SPLC has officially declared Mr. Gheen himself a "hater". Perhaps he thinks he can get Morris Dees to change his mind, give him a pat on the head, toss him a couple of Scooby snacks, and grant him "papal-style" absolution from racism if he publicly dissociates himself from us. But when has that ever happened? Name one instance where the SPLC has actually removed anyone from their list of "haters". In fact, the SPLC has gone in the opposite direction, casting their nets far beyond their original target groups to include mainstream immigration reform advocates like Lou Dobbs and Dan Stein. Obviously, Gheen is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

For white nationalists to continue supporting or promoting ALIPAC after its capo de capi tutti, William Gheen, has deliberately attacked, threatened, and smeared us twice would be like asking Channon Christian to vote for Lemaricus Davidson to be mayor of Knoxville. We would be supporting one of our oppressors. If you send money to ALIPAC, you might as well send money to the SPLC as well; at least you know that the SPLC is the enemy. Gheen attacked us because he thinks he can get away with it. We must convince him that he will pay a price for attacking us. Only when people start paying a political price for deliberately attacking us will we be taken more seriously as a political force.


William Gheen said...

Yes, if you are a David Duke or Stormfront supporer, DO NOT SEND us your money. We don't want it. We have asked several times for you to stay our of our affairs and we are done asking. I don't care about what the communist liars at the ADL and SPLC have to say about me or ALIPAC anymore. I oppose them for what they are doing to further exacerbate illegal immigration in America. Now we are going to oppose Duke and Stormfront for your efforts to help illegal immigration by trying to force your way into our functions. When your Neo Nazi supporter pushed down one of our veterans and Sr. citizens at our Tea Party Against Amnesty in Phoenix, you just cross the line. Go throw your own events and stop trying to force yourself upon people that want no association with you or face the piper for your own actions.

Communists and Nazis are not welcome at our events, don't post our events, don't support our events, don't support us, don't support me, get lost, take the hint!

William Gheen
President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

Anchorage Activist said...

If you really are William Gheen, I would remind you that the neo-Nazi who allegedly "pushed" one of your supporters says he was defending himself against physical attack. A person has the right to proportional self-defense.

I would also remind you that Dr. David Duke and Stormfront do not represent the entire pro-White movement. The NSM members who showed up at your event in Phoenix acted unwisely; they should have left the Hitler poster and the swastika at home and simply blended in.

The problem we have with you is that you refuse to make a distinction.

I have no intention of promoting your events in the future; you are not worthy of the publicity. However, if I feel like showing up at a Tea Party, I will show up - and I don't need your permission. I would, of course, respect the venue and only promote the central issue - illegal immigration.

Thanks for posting a response to my concerns nonetheless.

apollonian said...

Just Another Cheap Thrill For Jews To Promote In-Fighting Among Gentiles
(Apollonian, 17 Nov 09)

AA, I submit ur analysis isn't complete. For Gheen obviously gets Jew money--like Dave Duke does too--that's the long and short of it. Jews love to keep gentiles in-fighting.

Note then Jew parasites understand there's problem w. killing the "golden goose" upon which they've thrived. So Jews will fund scum like Gheen, esp. as Gheen is such a hysterical suck-up.

CONCLUSION: AA, note also, this may just be another back-handed and typical attempt by Jews to puff Duke by means of this stinking queer, such as Gheen, the hysterical piece-of-shit. This Gheen-Duke opposition is mere tempest-in-teacup. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

In fairness to ALIPAC, I think it was unwise for Mr Duke to post an entire press release from them on his own blog. He could have made a post mentioning the protests but sticking to the central issues, and not name-dropping. He knows the reputation he has, and that most people only see him for his public image, and are thus going to respond with hostility - that kind of response is a routine. Also, with as many spooks and cretins the adl/splc types have in various organizations, it's bound to raise questions, making people suspicious and hostile. That's in part why they do it, maybe more so than the "intelligence gathering" aspect(most of which they just make up out of thin air anyways).

I have nothing against either former Representative Duke or ALIPAC, but a dispute like this between the two helps noone. No need to be friends or anything, but that doesn't mean either side needs to "pay a price". It won't make anyone take either of you more seriously. It's best forgotten w/ lessons learned, and left well-enough alone in my opinion.

ps. Apollonian is a psycho loon but he'd be right that a dispute between the two is just cheap thrills. I didn't read the rest of his retarded garbage, just the title. I usually don't even get that far with his comments.

apollonian said...

Check Out New Videos
(Apollonian, 17 Nov 09)

Hey thanks much "anon," at 1:22 pm, u piece-of-shit. Be sure to ck out our videos jointly created by myself and comrade James at GentileAlliance.org. Last two, "G-20" and "True Christ. Pt. 2" still need some work, but the previous four are outstanding, beginning w. "Decline of the West." Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

M said...

Mr. Gheen certainly sounds like a formidable opponent--of "nazis". As for ALIPAC, and its fiery stance on illegal immigrants, one may as well send a donation to La Raza in Mr. Gheen's name. Masters of misdirection like him have no business taking money from any White person. What a piece of trash.

Harry L. Hughes III said...

"When your Neo Nazi supporter pushed down one of our veterans and Sr. citizens at our Tea Party Against Amnesty in Phoenix, you just cross the line."

What a joke!

I was standing next to the man when he was attacked by the tea party goer. The attack was unprovoked. He's lucky all he got was pushed down on his ass.

We went to a tea party today. . . . And got kicked out! http://vandal49588.blogspot.com/2009/11/we-went-to-tea-party-today-and-got.html

Click the channel 3 link on my blog ans see the video of the attack by one of those so-called legal civilized anti-illegal immigration people. You just had to be there.

Hillbilly Hootenanny: Nativist Jabronis Occupy the Arizona State Capitol for Yet Another Hatefest http://blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com/bastard/2009/11/hillbilly_hootenanny_nativist.php#more

I rarely agree with the liberal press, but I made an exception this time.

Hooch said...

"""Apolo said...AA, I submit ur analysis isn't complete. For Gheen obviously gets Jew money-"""

I agree with Anon. Apolo is a psycho loon. I can just see it now. The radical left taking video footage of this dipshit protesting illegals with a big swastika on his chest.... and the headline, Tea Baggers are Mostly Racists just as Nanci Pelosi said.

So "Racists" want the illegals gone because they hate Mexicans. And if you want the Mexicans gone than you must be a "Racist" too. That would really help this county get the beaners out.

Hooch said...

"""They perpetuate the popular conception that "racism", in and of itself, is a bad thing."""

And anyone who thinks they are going to "rebrand" the term "racism" and make the public think it is a "good thing" should consider taking a few marketing 101 courses. You will be doing nothing but wasting your time and this is one of the primary reasons that the "movement" never goes anywhere. A lack of successful marketing education.

Philip Anderson said...

Another black on white bus beating in the St. Louis area.


apollonian said...

apollonian said...
"Hooch" The Ignorant Jew Is Back Again
(Apollonian, 16 Oct 09)

It's "Hoochie" the Jew, back again to prosecute the Jew strategy of making gentiles fight one another.

"Hoochie" Jew of course doesn't let on he's Jew, but we know he is by his actions and words.

"Hoochie" Jew told us awhile ago he "doesn't know anything" about Jew Talmud, and I told him to get familiar, giving the Jew son-of-a-whore numerous citations.

So "Hoochie" Jew, u piece-of-shit, u still don't know anything about Talmud do u?--u stupid Judaic filth. Get ur ass off this blog which is for white people, not kikes like u, u idiot. Can't u see it says "white reference"?--dumbass. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

* * * * *

[For most excellent exposure of the "Hooch" Jew, see WhiteReference blog for 30 Oct 09, "Congratulations...," comments section. A.]

4:19 PM

Hooch said...

Apolo the nigger spammer is back again.

Anonymous said...

The $PLC lists FAIR as a "Hate Group". Vdare is a hate group. If you support old time America you are HATERS.

Oath Keepers also trashed pro-Whites, folks who think America was better as a White Christian nation.

Glenn Spencer and American Patrol are a "hate group"

Tea Party people will wake up one day, but that will be TOO LATE and maybe those who HATE the White preservationists are really on the other side.

Revelation 3:16
So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

YouTube- Tea Party Protesters Assaulted by Illegal Alien Amnesty Supporters in Ft. Lauderdale