Sunday, November 08, 2009

White Dissident South Africa Sucks Blogger Uhuru Guru Arrested On Trumped-Up Charges Dating Back To 1993, Now Released But Under Further Legal Threat

Under the incompetent black majority government of the African National Congress (ANC) in South Africa, justice is inefficient at best and vindictive at worst. Uhuru Guru, the nickname of a White dissident who opposes the black majority government in South Africa and who posts regularly on the South Africa Sucks blog, was arrested on November 4th, 2009 on a 1993 "fraud charge" warrant. A massive contingent of police from no less than five different specialist units, ranging from Organised Crime, Cyber crime, vehicle theft, etc; raided his home and confiscated all his computer equipment. They initially pulled every trick in the book to prevent him from getting him to court for bail. After being detained for 26 hours, he was then released after the Senior State Prosecutor referred to the fact that the case was nineteen years old and not properly investigated and refused to put it on the Court roll. But he may still be subject to prosecution. This incident is also being discussed on The Right Perspective; a TRP interview with a Boer expatriate is available HERE.

One media source - the Beeld - picked up the story, but it's in Afrikaans. It is discussed in this post. The Beeld apparently claimed that Uhuru Guru was charged, his case then postponed, and then was released on bail, based upon input from the South African Police Service (SAPS). However, none of these events apparently happened; instead, he was handcuffed at Linden SAPS, taken to the court cells and then merely released from the cells at court and told to leave. Third World justice. An English-language story is available at the FTO website.

In this November 8th post entitled "An incredible tale of betrayal", Uhuru Guru tells the full story. Here's an excerpt:

I was wrongfully and maliciously arrested on charges dating back to 1993, and detained with hardened criminals for about 26 hours. They released me without even bringing me before court - the chief prosecutor at Randburg court refused to even place the case on the roll, so baseless and frivolous were the charges of “fraud and theft”. My legal representatives were awesome, in spite of the tremendous behind the scenes conspiracies to keep me in detention. After scrutinising the docket, a magistrate agreed with my attorney and advocate that the case has no merit and ordered my immediate release - without even putting me in the dock, or requiring me to apply for bail.

The fact that I was arrested had absolutely nothing to do with the search & seizure warrant which enabled police from no less than 5 specialist investigating units to kick down my door in a manner reminiscent of Gestapo or ZANU-PF thugs style modus operandi. The warrant was issued on the basis that I am being suspected of 1) crimen injuria; and 2) contraventions of the Electronic Communications Act, inter alia hacking, disseminating viruses, launching “Denial of Service” (DDOS) attacks on websites etc.

All of my equipment was seized, including numerous PC’s and servers, and in excess of 500 CD’s & DVD discs. I was informed by the superintendent leading the raid that this equipment will be scrutinised by the Organised Crime, Cybercrimes units (as well as the NIA probably) after which they may or may not bring indictments against me. Whether this will happen in the next week, after several months (if at all) is unclear at this stage. Judging from the wrongful arrest, plus the fact that I am innocent of these spurious allegations of hacking etc. I do not expect any indictments but it was clear that the investigating officers were eager to throw the book at me, so I welcome and look forward to a possibly upcoming trial so I can prove my innocence.

The seizure of all his equipment constitutes economic warfare against him, since it could impinge upon his ability to make a living and pay for a legal defense in the future.

But what really sticks in Uhuru Guru's craw is that this ops appears to have been initiated and orchestrated by a long time “friend” of his, who supposedly possesses impeccable “conservative” and “right wing” credentials. This individual had an extremely close friendship with Uhuru Guru, yet the individual turned into a Judas Iscariot. But what may have precipitated the breakdown of the friendship is the fact that Uhuru Guru chose to take on this man to task for his endless treasonous public attacks on people like Dr Dan Roodt, attorney Paul Kruger and so many other pro-White ’stryders’. The situation escalated and many vitriolic emails were exchanged as hostilities got out of hand. Three weeks ago he circulated an email in which he stated that he hoped “God would forgive him for the hell he was about to unleash on my [Uhuru Guru's] family”.

And apparently that "hell" was unleashed on November 4th. Monitor South Africa Sucks for future developments.


apollonian said...

Yeah golly, gee whiz, this is sooooooo horrendous (really) about this guy in . . . South Africa. But what exactly is homeless, un-employed guy like me supposed to do or say?

I was once told white folks were fairly smart, but I've been having second thoughts lately. White people would rather be "MORAL"--it makes one feel better, I understand.

Anonymous said...

Uhuru Guru sounds sympathetic at first, but when you read his site he spends more time bashing rebellious White youth as trash for being National Socialist - or at least for using NS symbols. I'm afraid the Afrikaners really aren't worth much sympathy - they would fight for England but roll over for Negro rule and Communism without a whimper - they remind of Whites in America.